Poll: Who Are You Voting For?

Who are you voting for in Tuesday's Presidential Election?

  • Ron Paul (write-in) (43%, 10,255 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (27%, 6,303 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (15%, 3,655 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (7%, 1,616 Votes)
  • I won't vote at all (5%, 1,205 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (1%, 243 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 232 Votes)
  • I'll vote for somebody else (0%, 87 Votes)

Total Voters: 23,596

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  • Messenger

    I am a major fan of Ron Paul’s message. He himself has said it’s not about him, its about the message. Libertarian is not for everyone, but it is for me. I believe in the true goodness of people, and that we don’t need a government to tell us what to do. Sure, we have our differences, but those are usually not “national” issues that need to be resolved by a National government.

    With that said, I will be voting for Gary Johnson. I am disappointed that Ron Paul just dropped out of the race after what the Republican Party did to him. They put on a dog and pony show for him at the convention, but completely ignore his message. What a dishonor. Again, for him, and most of us, it has always been about the message. And for the other atrocities that I’ve seen the Romney campaign pull, I am close to voting for Obama despite the fact that I completely disagree with his policies just to balance out all the RP fans that are voting for Romney.

    I just don’t think that any real Ron Paul fans would vote for Romney. Those RP fans that claim they are going to vote for Romney, in my humble opinion, are either 1) very likely Mitt Romney plants (we’ve seen this already) or 2) people that don’t do their research or think things through and would likely end up voting for Obama anyhow if they happened to accidentally leave their TV on Channel 4 instead of Channel 9.

    You cannot extinguish the flame. Vote Libertarian for president. 8% in 2012, 24% in 2016, and 43% in 2020. 43% will be far above the marks that the Dems or Repubs put up. Three election cycles and we will be headed back to sanity. Start now, maybe we can do it in TWO.


    • Surfisher

      Messenger —

      If Mormon Mitt gets into the White House — he’ll start purges against Ron Paul’s supporters to make comrade Stalin proud.

  • Let’s all vote for Gary Johnson or write-in Ron Paul and then tomorrow night after Barrack Obama wins re-election (Thanks to us), we can pat ourselves on the back and say “Look what we did as a matter of principle.”

  • Kathryn

    Keep voting for the best candidate. Do not worry about what the rest of the country does. You cannot control others. Ron Paul through his integrity has won the respect of even those who disagree with him. He’s a leader. His candidacy has a powerful impact even when he does not when the presidency. I prefer Romney to Obama, too, and I hope he wins. But my vote is for the best candidate. It’s my vote and it is for only the one I want elected: Gary Johnson.

  • Al

    You dont evoke change by staying at home, the rest of the nation has to have its eyes forced open. If you are a true Libertarian then you would use the system to signal to everyone else what is wrong. Imagine if we Ron Paul supporters somehow outnumbered the diehard dems and repubs, and even though they may win the electoral vote, we win the popular vote, what kind of change the people would seek. Staying home does not benefit any of us that wish change.

  • Kathryn

    No way I’m going to vote for ‘Rombama’. After much praying and deliberation, to vote any other way than my values, beliefs and standards goes against my very character. This election is a one-horse race with a two-party horse so no matter who gets elected, the Elite win.

    The ‘powers that be’ have used their powers (mostly the mainstream media) with their lies and corruption to manipulate the sheople into believing their only choice is “one of THEIR boys” and anything else is politial suicide when, in actuality, if we’d WAKE UP, outsmart them and REFUSE to vote for either of them – write in who we REALLY want for president, WE would win.

    Voting for anyone other than someone who represents, defends, supports and shares what those qualities that are near and dear to a true patriot would be a violation of my own integrity.

    People think Romney is the “lesser of two evils.” REALLY?! Where does THAT make sense? I REFUSE to vote for ANYTHING evil & I refuse to allow the Elite to force me to vote for one of “their boys”!

    There ARE those of us who’ve done the research on both these political criminals and a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama because they are ONE IN THE SAME – Rombama! You’ve had 4 horrendous years of the most hideous presidency this country has seen (so far). You just haven’t seen what Romney will do, if elected, which is finish the job.

    RON PAUL ALL THE WAY! Because we have MORE to choose from than the two EVILS.

  • provolone

    As an expat, I refuse to fill out the new tax based voter registration form.

  • Al

    I cannont and will not vote for Romney. You clowns that even think that voting for Romey would be better then voting for Obama need to get your heads outta the sand and stop letting these neo-Con political commentators do your freaking research for you. The man is a liberal plan and simple, his tenure as Mass. governor proves this, replacing Obama with Romney will still give you a socialist minded liberal leader. You don’t believe me lookup what hes done in Mass the proof is in the pudding. I would rather write in Ron Paul and send our government a message then be a brainless clown that thinks voting for the lesser of two-evils is somehow going to change things. You wanna waste your vote on Romney be my guess but Im staying with liberty and writing in Ron Paul.

    • stay home al, by voting you are consenting to a system that is wrong… didn’t you see what happened at the GOP convention?

    • You’re an absolute lunatic…

    • Scorpio48

      Sorry Paul, you ran in the repuklican primaries, only so you would be noticed. Turning your back on your Libertarian roots and not running as Gary Johnson’s ticket finished you in my opinion.

    • Hey Al, I agree with every word. It’s time we all voted for someone with honesty and morals like Ron Paul. We need to send a strong message to the rest of the world, “We The People” are not going to take it anymore. Corruption and greed and elitist’s creeds don’t include us. I think Ron would even get assassinated because he has not been corrupted and doesn’t subscribe to the elitist’s agenda.

  • robert c maki


  • frenchloveroftheUSA

    Voting for Ron Paul who is even not candidate is betraying him. He fights for ideas, certainly not for worshiping any politician, even himself. Voting for Gary Johnson means that you expect someday that a Libertarian party could win a presidential election. This is foolish. That will never happen, not in the USA, not in Great Britain, not in any established bipartisan political system. All other votes except for Romney means you reelect Barack Obama for four more years. Do you really want a deeper economic crisis, more unemployment, more bankrupcies, more taxes, more regulations? and also less liberty. Don’t you know that economic crisis are one of the strongest opportunity for Power to expand and restrain your personal freedom? There is no other choice than supporting Mitt Romney.

    • french lover, I support staying home. I agree with not voting for paul, but can see voting for johnson. here’s why i would never vote for mitt romney:

      1. he supports the monopoly of money, aka the federal reserve.

      after that doesn’t really matter, because that issue above affects every single one of us more than all the others combined, but because it’s funny:

      2. he is the only governor to allow state-run health care, yet he is expected to repeal obamacare

      that is hilarious to me, a bunch of “conservatives” voting for the only guy to allow what they are trying to repeal…

  • If O’bummer wins and is indicted for to numerous to count offences ,Ron ,wont be able to rest till 2016, because they will have to do it all over again !!!! If Romney wins we can make him another 1 term president ,the man flip flops more than a fish out of water, {gee golly what do they want me to say so that I can get elected } NEVER FORGET THE MANIPULATION DURING THE REPULICAN NOMINATIONS & CONVENTION !!!! But O’bummer will get indicted anyway,so there,

  • I predict that win,lose or draw O’bummer will be indicted along with Mongoloid Biden, not just for Bengazi but other to numerous to name Ofences against this great nation,now I also predict that O’bummer will,cheat,lie,steal,[voter fraud]and no one will know who won till the end of the month or there abouts ,then O’bummer will be declared the winner and get indicted,making the need for the election to be held again, {Ron are you listening } and Ron Paul will be able to win the presidency when they have to do it all over again !!!! Never Forget the Manipulation during the Republican Nominations & the convention !!!!

  • Gershon

    I can not vote. I could not vote in NM because I am too stupid to figure out how (I have a PhD) and that state was so complex, I could not meet the deadline here. But I do not much care. The nation has already been sent to hell and the entrenched staff in D.C. will prevent any real changes. I doubt any will be proposed. Thank G-d, I will not live much longer. Good luck to you young ones.

  • gina

    How do people who admire Ron Paul find value in Mitt Romney who is a proponent of War and Big Oil? I honestly don’t understand. I’m tired of people rationalizing that violence and murder is okay. It’s not.

    • Gershon

      Very many choose the lesser of two evils. Bei mir, that choice is evil.

  • Greg Duhon

    Hey texasbirdgirl i’ve got news for you. A vote for Paul is a vote for PAUL. It’s not a vote for Obama, Romney or anyone else. Wake up! Stop being a fear mongerer. You don’t know what’s good for America. Go post your propaganda on a website where people care.

  • Big G

    I would love to vote Ron Paul but that would be one less vote against Obama!

  • Millard Huff

    Ron Paul was not running so i voted for Mitt Romney did’t want to but better then obama.Anyway i don’t like muslims never did never will very evil people.If you don’t believe me let obama be relected and you will see.

  • Ken

    Any vote other than for Romney at thisw point in time is a vote for socialism. Don’t waste your vote, vote for Mit Romney!!
    He may not be perfect, but he is eons ahead of the Socialist….

  • TexasBirdGirl

    A vote for Paul is a Vote for Obama. There will be no USA in 2016 is Obama wins. Wake up folks. You need to make your vote against Obama count! A Johnson or Paul vote will not count…they CANNOT AND WILL NOT WIN anything. You vote AGAINST AMERICA if you VOTE for anyone but Romney.

    • Ron Paul will be 81 in 2016.

      • Brady

        So what if Ron Paul will be 81 !!!! The Catholics don’t care that the Pope is in his upper 80’s,why should we worry about Ron Paul ? Besides,He probably is the most fit of any Congressmen,riding 20 to 25 miles a day. Get serious !!

  • Dorene Levora

    A vote for Mitt today—and live to vote another day! Simple as that! I wanted Ron Paul to be president, but I’m living in the now, and cannot throw my vote away. Ron is not just a Libertian, but an outstanding man. I’m just worried about survival under Obama if he should win. Who knows how enchanted folks will be with Romney after the first four. When asked what he was going to do, Ron Paul said, “Rest up for 2016!” Unless Romney gets it this time—we have no hope for a future, anyway.

    • Most Paul or Johnson supporters can’t think past their nose…

  • Andy W.

    I am voting for Gary Johnson because I live in Illinois. Obama is going to win the state regardless of whom I vote for, so I am fortunate enough to be able to vote based upon my beliefs instead of being forced to vote for the lesser of two evils. In states such as Illinois where the winner is already a foregone conclusion, a wasted vote would be to one of the two major candidates. Voting for a third party to help build another voice in the future is a real and meaningful vote, and is a vote that I can be proud of.