Ron Paul: No Difference between Obama and Romney

  • It’s all about Rand Paul 2016 now.

  • What about god and pro life ron… take yourself off the republican ballot next election ron.

  • I believe my brother did, and mom wanted to but sadly forgot (and voted for Obama because 4 years of crap is better than a possible 8)

  • obama an mitt are the same other than color.I still wanted to vote ron paul


  • RON PAUL…. I love that man!!

  • You don’t get it do you, by voting you are acknowledging that the system works. If it worked, Ron Paul would be on the ballot.

  • Look at what the GOP threatened to do to his son in PUBLIC if he ever endorsed a third party candidate….Just imagine what they threatened to do to him in private?
    RP is doing what any father would do….right or wrong, he’s protecting his sons future and just endorsing no one.

  • well they count so far as in being a statistic. poll numbers for obama, mittens, and johnson will be broadcasted nationally, and the percentages each brings in will affect the future. write-ins are not counted or acknowledged.

  • I just said don’t vote against anyone. That means not voting for Romney to smite Obama. If Gary Johnson got 5% somehow counted that would make a dent in the mainstream. Im more of a Ron Paul guy myself, if I was American I’d still vote Ron Paul, I would feel a lot better about it.

  • As if any really count.

  • I live in Ohio. I wrote in Ron Paul……The Red & Blue piles of shit are the same…..They both stink….

  • Your vote: not counted.

  • amen on that one

  • me too *hugs*

  • If Paul didn’t endorse him he likely did it as a matter of principle….

  • I did and I would just die if Ron Paul actually bitch slapped them both–he deserves, nay NEEDS to be our Next POTUS.

  • Fuck Ron paul

  • This man was your last hope America. Now you’ll become the new Greece, and since you’re one of the worlds biggest economies, it’s gonna be ugly…

  • Congressman Ron Paul! Wrote in.

  • no option of that in CA. voted for Johnson instead