Ron Paul: No Difference between Obama and Romney

  • They’re so relieved dr.Paul is not in the race.

  • Wow…she did not really listen to what he was saying. It went right over her head. She must not understand a thing about economics and the consequences we might soon face? It is a defining moment about to happen in the next year or so and neither candidate talked about it. Millions of us get it now…just too bad she still hasn’t.

  • They didn’t want him to screw up their circle jerk. but now they are glad to use him for ratings…

  • Ron Paul tells it like it is !!!


  • Ron Paul planted the seeds of the Authentic Tea Party movement which initially addressed many valid concerns. It was then hi-jacked by the likes of Sarah Palin , Glenn Beck and Fox and turned into an unsophisticated Obama bashing party which wasn’t even Bashing Obama over his policies but over the fact that he was black.

    Funny how CNN blames the “unsophisticated” Tea Party movement on Ron Paul….a while Fox takes all of the credit for carrying and supporting the Authentic Tea Party movement

  • Again, could you point me to a link where he supported indefinite detentions, assassination lists, and suspension of habeus corpus? I have no idea if you are correct. I just don’t know.

  • Lol…she was bitch slapped!

  • How has it been bought by the Koch brothers? How is a message of liberty and anti-war anything near what they want?

  • I cant stand that annoying anchor

  • We fucked up. Yet again.

  • So he’s a flip flopper too. Of course it’s easy for him to deny his previous support for the NDAA as written. It is law and a President has no power or authority to make law or cast out bad law. A fringe candidate has even less authority to do so.
    You really need to listen more carefully to his speeches. He promotes many Marxist based approaches and couches that support with buzz words and talking points diametrically opposed to the policy objectives he is defining.

  • You’re the one wasting your time by doing NOTHING. This country only became a one party system because of useless unmotivated cowards who lack any spirit, like you, who bitch about the system but fail to do anything to change it.

  • Oh, oooops.
    KOCH (Freudian slip.)

  • Why the fuck does he waste his time talking with dingbats? He is a more patient and better man than I. May the principles he speaks of Live On.

  • No, it does not mean more votes for Rombama. It means more votes for Paul.
    And Johnson is part of the “new Libertarian party”, which has been purchased by the Kock brothers- you really should take a look before voting (too late, I am sure.. and too ridiculous).

  • I’m the black dude that wrote in Ron Paul today.

  • Ron paul is a republican and Gary Johnson is liberal, a Republican cant endorse another party.

  • I’ve heard this all before, what was his name, you know big ears, from Texas, EDS….:)

  • America needs more people like Ron Paul. Watching the American elections has been like watching days of our lives. Shameful drama and silly characters. Plus we all know what will happen. War war war. I feel truly sorry for the countries that will be affected by the American military. Wankers

  • Now i question whhy i voted for last election. Didnt you birth over 1000 babies as a dr.??