Ron Paul: No Difference between Obama and Romney

  • tell that to the old people with cains who cant use scanners. U mad bitch? suck meh dick.

  • No i meant that republicans are racist and hate women and gays

  • Hip hip hooray 4 more years of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho !

  • I voted for Ron Paul 2012 as a write-in (btw, how insulting to such a great candidate).
    No regrets. Same old corporate ass kissing crook won over the other bought out drone.
    Maybe Israel will drag us into WW3 soon! Good bye America. Thank you.


  • lol, hilarious. Better to be a nerd than an ignorant asshole like yourself.

  • You’re a nerd. Go smoke a joint, eat a cupcake and go jackoff again.

  • Surfisher

    Bye, bye, birdie…let’s hope this chicken hawk — Rmoney— is never heard of again!

    Ron Paul’s supporters want to thank you “dear” Mitt for the way you trampled us on your blind path to become the next Dictator — it’s called Divine Justice, and we served it to you cold!

  • o cmon, we all know obama is racist, but just cause he supports gays doesn’t make him a woman hater

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  • This is CNN. CNN FOR CHRIST SAKES. Don’t believe Fox News either

  • Your words mean nothing, only go to show your ignorance. I am sorry for you and hope you don;t have a family to bring down with you.

  • Ughh I really thought we might change something this year.. 4 more years of lies and bullshit, and a generation dependent on government.

  • You know what’s a joke? Romney’s party picking him… He has no fucking clue how to run a country and Obama is just a tool.

  • You’re just a dumb joke without a punchline. Go dig a hole in the woods, fill it with army surplus junk and lots of water and bullets.
    In the ‘real world’ we take care of each other and help each other for survival, we don’t KILL each other for it!
    It’s always gonna be just you chuckleheads against the big bad world, huh? I pity your sad soul.
    God bless you!

  • Romney and the RNC cheated on vote counts in the primarys it was easy to do the RNC counted the votes and is a private organizatuon so they can cheat legally and they did . Its grear that Ron Paul people brought ROMNEY down . Paul would have won this election easy .

  • Both men lead to Americas downfall. I do preferr the worse president in history to be at the helm when it happens we got that.The only reason Obama won was because of sandy. Gods will .After all the anti-christ has to be in office to make prophecy occur. Strange to use a 2edged sword to do the deed . Meaning sandy.The Demons could have seen it as a warning , No just nature they think . But instead they took hold of it and used for photo shot.This is a winter the northeast will never forget .

  • fuck modern fascist-socialist Obomney

  • We need more people like Paul in the house & senate

  • I do not quite like the euphemism, but I wholeheartedly agree with you, neither is worth their salt!…’O’ won again..:O(

  • Fail! You are socially, emotionally, psychologically, and spirituality bankrupt. You have no soul and the worst part of it is, that you think it’s a virtue! I truly feel sorry for you. I pray that you will somehow see the futility of your pursuits.
    God bless you.