Ron Paul: No Difference between Obama and Romney

  • Amen brother.

  • This reporter is not firing on all cylinders. The “tea party” has become an abortion of what Ron Paul started. Ron Paul is the only politician I know of that has big enough balls to tell it like it is. People actually like being told the truth. Republicans try to force mitt romney on us? You don’t fix a rat problem by getting a poisonous snake. Dammit I really hope people wake up soon, the crap your being spoon fed is icky.


  • robin

    French Canadian,
    I watched the Alex Jones show and a few of his guests made some excellent points. One that our secretary of states should be non=partisan otherwise there is a conflict of interest. I really was surprised that Obama won by a landslide, but Dr. Roberts compared the two and I agreed with his analysis. Divine justice has been served because Romney sealed his fate when he treated Ron Paul supporters with such disdain. My liberal friends are so elated, so I will continue to post to wake them up. There were three areas one friend said made her completely support Obama=Supreme Court selection, abortion and taxes. She also said she was concerned about civil rights, so I shared everything he has been doing, but these seem to be the only areas this person cares about. I really thought Romney had it in the bag. I certainly was wrong. We had a 78% turnout=democrats won across the board even in state elections. It appears the third party did not do as well as expected. Our marijuana initiative failed. That surprised me by a large margin, while Washington’s passed I believe. Not sure about Colorado. They talked about the death of the ambassador in Libya(most likely a CIA operative). We happen to believe that Mossad was responsible for the killing of the ambassador and why Obama did nothing for 7 hours. It could be they were hoping to discredit Obama and give the election to Romney=not sure, but liberals are asleep, but I will certainly do my best to try and wake my friends up in the next four years. People like their entitlements and taxes were a big concern besides the fact I have met very few Americans that understand what is going on in the economy. I’ll be very interested in seeing what Bev Harris has to say about the election and voter fraud, but it appears that Romney’s control of the voting machines did not give him enough votes.

  • If only they had given Dr. Paul more respect at the convention. We didn’t need them, but it looks like they sure needed us.

  • you only had to listen

  • Ron Paul is a political gandhi

  • Dear GOP,
    During the primaries, and in Tampa, you worked so hard to blackout any mention of Ron Paul, and actually broke your own rules to keep the Ron Paul people out of the primary proccess. You did this even though Ron Paul pulled in upwards of 3 to 4 thousand people to hear him speak. Instead of trying to bring that energy into the fold, you alienated a lot of very enthusiastic people, in a very tight race. How smart was that…YOU IDIOTS!!! Oh, I voted Gary Johnson and feel great!

  • Dave

    Our right to vote shouldn’t be trivialized to voting for one of two candidates we don’t believe in, this is America where there are 1000s of flavors of ice cream to choose from but only 2 people to be elected as commander in cheif. It makes me sick to know how many people flat ou don’t vote, but what is more appauling is that every four years the bulk of the country is suckered into believing that they have to choose sides, all we are doing is playing there game. Vote for who you think is best if that means a third party or even writing in someone’s not on the ballot than so be it. I will always vote for who I believe is right for the job even if that means “handing the election” to the guy I like less. The only true “throw away vote” is the one cast against convictions

  • He speaks the truth!!!! America is OWNED by daddy big bucks behind the curtain.

  • I believe we can still make a difference if Dr. Paul leads us through the next 4 years- behind the scenes. I trust him to lead us. Whether or not he is Crowned King of the Country! He is still in my book” The True Hero!”

  • i voted gary johnson…wife wrote in ron paul

  • i voted gary johnson…wife wrote in ron paul

  • I feel you. =*(

  • You can’t complain about shit because you kept your mouth SHUT when you had a chance to open it. Continue living in your fantasy world where bowing down to the establishment, keeping your mouth SHUT, and staying home will somehow bring any positive change. There’s no such thing as a silent revolutionary. You’re even more delusional than the sheep who voted dem or rep. I suppose they can thank people like you for getting out of the way and keeping quiet. Keep up the good work!

  • Voting doesn’t change a damn thing because because the only people that vote vote for the same thing. Everyone who pretends to be so enlightened who want actual change just sit in their rooms and complain on the internet that shutting up and keeping quiet will bring real change. Evolve? Oh please, you need to evolve. Do something. Stop sitting in your chair and bitch about how things are run. Yea it sucks, but it’s people like you who make it suck.

  • He voted? 🙁

  • Well now, those are just outright lies….

  • Both parties are controlled it’s ashame American citizens are so distracted by trivial pursuits to notice when these traitors vote they are the best of friends destroying Liberty piecemeal, hand in hand with bills like NAFTA undermining the U.S. industrial base to the point that all that’s left is the destruction of our currency to bring up under the N. American Union as a broke, once great nation! Obama 4 more years, God help us!

  • hey romney, karma’s a bitch.

  • Your vote didn’t count, you dumb mother fuckers your just playing their game.