Ron Paul: No Difference between Obama and Romney

  • They insult you personally because they have been conditioned to “cheer” for their “political party” like its a sports team. To support the team whether its right or wrong. To adopt “packaged” beliefs on all the issues, even though those beliefs are just different technicalities of the same belief.
    Most importantly, and most disappointingly, they dont measure the quality of a candidate by his integrity, consistency or faith in liberty. They measure him in how many wins he gets, like an athlete.

  • Yeah, how many votes (millions?) did the Repubs throw away because they shit on Paul and his MANY supporters? If they had just given Paul and his people the respect that they deserved at the Convention the Repubs could very well have gotten enough votes from them to win.

    But, of course, the 1 party/2 faction system must be protected and giving any respect to real Constitutionalists would jeopardize the Grand Scam. Both the Repubs and the Demos would rather lose than do that.

  • robin

    Scott, A lot of people did not vote, or wrote in Ron Paul. I realized it would help Ron Paul if he were to run as a libertarian in 2016 to have that 5%, but many just could not vote for Johnson. The legalization of marijuna did not pass in Oregon=not sure why when it did in neighboring Washington and Colorado. That really puzzles me. Looks like the women issue probably helped Obama-talked to many liberal friends and why they were so concerned to get him reelected. Now it’s time to work on our congressional leaders to get them to deal with the deficit. They are already trying to get out of making cuts across the board in January..

    • Scott R

      Hey Robin,

      It is just hard for me to believe that Ron Paul supporters just did not vote… such an important election. As a Libertarian, I am absolutely crushed by the lack of support for Johnson considering the message he had and what I thought was the begining of a real movement with the showing RP had in the primary.

      There’s nothing to do for me now… there are more folks on the entitlement wagon now then ever before, and they out number us. Obama has one of the worst records ever, some of the most radical socialistic policy and yet he was re-elected. I’ve lost a lot of hope for this country, and the future that my son will have.


  • Funny thing is Mitt Romney lost exactly where Ron Paul would have won, and thats with the minorities. Ron Paul had a much better chance of winning then Romney if he had been selected as Candidate by the Republicans. I truly hope the Republicans collapse now.

  • Scott R

    Very disapointed this morning to see Gary Johnson only get 1%. What happened to the 6%? I guess a lot of you at the last minute decided that you wanted to vote for the lessor of the two. This is a huge blow for our movement. I mean, HOW, I ask you, HOW can so many Ron Paul supporters vote for Romney or Obama? Have you learned nothing???

    There was better news locally in Michigan as all 6 props were voted down, so I was 5/6 there as I wanted #5 to go thru. Also, prop M passed and you can now smoke pot in Detroit w/o being arrested!

    So lets break this down… we still have Obama… all 6 props failed… and you can smoke weed in Detroit. Status quo! (joy)

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  • Exactly – such disrespect towards the Ron Paul delegates at the convention is why I voted for Gary Johnson. Romney and the rest of the Republican party losers can take a hike.

  • Well now my friend we have 4 years to open peoples eyes and minds. Ron Paul will win 2016

  • Nonono, with ‘Murica. Not with the world.

  • Sadly this is true, I believe that Ron Paul would have been able to defeat Obama with relative ease because unlike all theses candidates Ron Paul has maintained his policies through his entire political career and has not changed really at all. He may have ran under the Republican party but he is Libertarian at heart.

  • Haha, stupid news anchor

  • I am so sad. Mr. Ron Paul was cheated. If he had a lot of money & was shown on TV constantly he would have won. I lost my trust is our system. If they have only let his name on Voting Pole he would have win. I believe one thing, those did not win in the Race, in our hearts, they did. Now, people have no right to cry what is heading to our nation. All Holy books say; This is our creators word: Do not vote for ruthless & godless leaders. People always learn hard way. America will go more in debt.

  • damn right. 🙂

  • robin

    Looks like we did not get the 5%. That is disappointing and that the GMO labeling in California was defeated by a huge margin. Disappointed in Californians for buying into their lies and scare tactics. I guess people would rather be poisoned.

  • Agreed. I found myself wanting to tell her to “shut the fuck up and let the man speak, bitch!” not even halfway through. Fucking socialists.

  • I still love Mr.Ron Paul. He took his chances did best he can. I guess Americans wants President Obama for second term. I am very curious, what are we going to face in another 4 years? Yes, I do feel, the system has cheated Ron Paul. They did not put down Ron Pauls name on voting pole. Mr. Ron Paul, you are still valuable to us. Mr. Ron Paul you are right, it is the power & money, will get you where you want to be. It is whom you know, not what you know. This is world wide rule, it always works.

  • i almost choked laughing at this

  • Declan

    It’s not just Americans that are dumb fucks. They’re all over the world. I live in Ireland, and believe me, the people over here are just as retarded. Sheeple.

  • this mainstream media hack couldnt handle ron pauls light of truth.

  • well said!