Ron Paul: No Difference between Obama and Romney

  • Every video ron gets more balsy with what he says

  • I think (not for sure) but I think it’s because having the 3rd party will actually dilute the liberty movement and give us less of a chance of winning in 2016. If, on the other hand, the repubs get their heads out and become truly traditional conservatives in 2016 and nominate a candidate like Ron Paul then we might have a chance at simply reforming the republican party instead of having to throw a third one in.


  • Because he wants people to think for themselves, and decide for themselves who they should vote for

  • I am happy the Republican lost after the way they cheated Ron Paul

  • Well I am not sure and this is just my opinion, But I think a lot of it has to do with his son. I think his son Rand Paul endorsed Romney so he would be able to run in 2016. And if Ron Paul comes out and says for sure that he did not support Romney to help beat Obama it could hurt his sons chances. Just my guess.

  • Maybe liberty movement is dead politically, cant say. Personally I have a nice piece of land Im going to start farming this spring, very fertile and high isolation. Thats liberty. I have a relative who works for the assessors office in an Arizona county. They got over 30 militia compunds and an entire town and surrounding land that they will not go to, sheriff is not willing to engage in a firefight with the local populations. Thats liberty. You are not we, you lost I am preparing

  • Aaron R.

    The Republic is dead….
    7-4-1776 – 11-6-2012
    May Honor and Dignity Follow you
    May the Lords light shine on your face
    May angels laughter and rejoicing find you
    May your Sacrifice be rewarded with everlasting Grace.
    Rest In Peace

    …. long live Democracy (mob rule).

  • He quit. He isn’t leading anyone anywhere. He’s gone. You need to find someone else to identify with.

  • No matter how you slice this, we lost. You can’t cut this in a way that says Ron Paul (who quit politics, and thus doesn’t care) wins. He lost at the convention, he lost ground with Republicans, and now we’ve all locked ourselves into 2 more years of disaster. The liberty movement is waning. I don’t believe it will recover.

  • He quit dude. He’s gone. He’s left the building. You better hope you can find some other messiah.

  • I don’t care if she is dumb or not. she is hot

  • Both parties are controlled by the same banking interests hence the overall policies remain intact regardless of what puppet is in power. Paul was never supposed to win but ONLY to provide some level of hope as a small level of hope is acceptable. Fear can only control for so long. A little hope provides the necessary pacifying element. To much hope becomes a dangerous motivator for revolution. Paul was the perfect amount of hope to pacify.

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  • This is the dumbest bitch on TV. Total skank too. I think I saw her in a porno one time.

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    Ron Paul was the last hope for this trainwreck of a country. We’re going down folks.

  • and it would be a 2nd american revolution

  • that could be to late

  • Hey ron paul supporter I hope there will be a 2nd american revolution so be prepared and bear arm yourselves and fight aganist this tyrant pigdog.

  • Ray Storla

    I can only guess that fear struck many of us here and went for the lesser of two evils tactic. It is a powerful pressure to worry about. I did that last time in 2008, since Ron dropped out, I had to make sure McCain wasn’t getting my vote.
    But I did NOT do that this time.

    I wonder had all the Ron Paul people stuck to their guns and stayed with Paul or Johnson, what that percentages might have been for both.

    I still think the GOP really didn’t care to win, for they would have in a landslide with Ron Paul. Obama is doing their bidding anyway so why not throw in the marbles for a possible goose egg? Win win. And now they don’t have to worry about a Libertarian Party.

    Thanks folks.

  • STFU you mindless daft fuck. Back up your words, or shut the fuck up.

  • Every time Ron Paul is being interviewed on TV, he HAS to get interrupted during every sentence. Unless it was Freedom Watch and we all know what happened with that.