Ron Paul: No Difference between Obama and Romney

  • I voted RON PAUL in ks!! I wore a shirt that said Romney or Obama is not going to cut any spending and I know you all don`t care!!


  • I bet she cried and was scolded for not having the ability to conquer the interview…NEXT!

  • Ron Paul would have lost as well because half the nation now believes the government must take care of them. Ron Paul would have stood no chance, the country needs education but how can they be educated with the media brainwashing them. America is finished, its going down the toilet.

  • Shaen

    Ron Paul will never have my support again. Thanks to you guys, we have federal socialized medicine now, and everyone’s future will be harder now. Thanks for making sure our children don’t get the chances we had. I have lost all respect for RP and his supporters. I am sorry I ever wasted my money and vote on Ron Paul. You guys are to blame for Obama being re-elected. You smug sickos. For those who see this as you somehow punished the republicans. You didn’t. You punished our children. You punished the middle class. Own this. It’s yours.

  • wtf is that cunt smiling about at the end of the video…I wanted to slap the smug of that whores face…

  • Nobody could attack Ron Paul cause he has nothing to hide. He would’ve won.

  • robin

    Thanks French Canadian,
    I listened to the interview with Bev Harris and posted it for my friends and family and said is this the system you want in this country, if not, get informed and get involved and made suggestions. I will wait to see what else her group of volunteers uncovers. Glad Alex Jones made sure to mention that this is not a partisan issue. This affects every American. No one cares as long as they can get away with it=republicans or democrats..

  • The point, dumbell, is that Romney didn’t know whether or not giving some respect to Paul would gain him some votes from Paul’s people. He stupidly chose to arrogantly snub Paul thinking he didn’t need Paul’s people. And he got beaten by an illegal-alien, fag nigger.

    If you are an example of Republican intelligence then it’s a good thing that the Republican Party is going down. You really are pathetic. Hey, maybe next time you Repubs can run a fag, beaner who just crawled across the border. LOL

  • Dr. Paul has it right: his supporters are not excited about Rombomaney!

  • I think if Ron was chosen for the republican nominee, Obama would be out. Mainly because Romney was an easy target for hate and critical ads. Paul would have been tougher to break

  • at the very beginning i thought he said “in the meantime, pack your bowls…”

  • we are very close to the end of this once great nation. our ignorance and selfishness will come back to bite us.

  • we are very close to the end of this once great nation. our ignorance and selfishness will come back to bite us.

  • Mr. Paul should definitely be the president…

  • Citizen

    Guess what people…

    The Republicans got what they deserved… after dissing Dr Paul, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of dimwits

    Rand Paul 2016!

    • RNC sucks

      I thought Rand Paul was persona non grata among the Ron Paul folks since he endorsed Mitt Romney…

  • met to say cain. nice of u painting me as a person who h8s old people. Also ur mad cause a fagot who goes around sucking dick.

  • Your point is that you cannot comprehend. There for you speak from both sides of your mouth. Intellectual dishonesty runs hard with you no? Being nice with disingenuous platitudes don’t move Ron Paul from his principles. And being nice to him would not get his supporters(even enough to win your party anything).


    Good Day = Pitty Zip is contending with a fool and thus needs to move on from casting pearls in front of swine.

    I have learned! (*^__^*)

    Good Day!

  • John “Creampie King” Karl

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  • Romney’s job wasn’t to beat Obama. He beat Ron Paul and served his purpose.

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