Ron Paul: No Difference between Obama and Romney

  • Ever consider she’s smiling because she LIKED and UNDERSTOOD what the man said!!!????

  • Drug legalization is another issue ignored by the two parties.

  • I’d leave you a DM but you’ve blocked communications from the world outside your echo chamber.
    You can’t possibly be that clueless. Blocking messages is a setting you had to actively enable, the default is to allow others to leave you messages on your channel.

  • Richard

    Sheen is exactly right. I would add that voting for Libertarian candidates for the House and Senate that had absolutely no chance of winning was beyond stupid, and cost many conservative seats in both houses. It is really pathetic that so many so called libertarians threw their votes away for–what? You proved nothing except that you are fools.

  • Not only that there were 3rd party candidates to choose from. People vote out of self interest. “I don’t like Obamas policies, but I don’t like Romney so I voted for Obama instead.” This is the reason for no change. 207 million eligible voters, 3rd party candidates are only recognized at the level of thousands. It shows the lvl of awareness of the American public and how naive they are. They are lost in the controlled two party system, yet still vote for one of the two that only exist to them.

  • Ron Paul will never win. :3


  • i voted for him!

  • Someone shut this dumb bitch up

  • I’m not entirely sure you have a point here. I gave you benefit of the doubt and read your nonsense twice. Better luck next time.

  • What the fuck are you? Just a piece of shit? Okay, I’ll move on.

  • Next time you hear someone who didn’t vote for Ron Paul bitch about the current state of economy in the country, please tell them to kindly shut the fuck up. Americans were given an opportunity to elect someone who believes in what he says and doesn’t exclusively follow the interests of those who make more money than me you ever will. Unfortunately our fellow citizens decided that another four years of failed politics and economical reforms sounds like a better option. What a damn shame!

  • He probably voted for Gary Johnson 🙂

  • I Love this Man

  • egg
  • sad thing we are living in the age of celebrity

  • wRONg Paul is the status queer.

  • Congrats to Osama on winning the election.
    God bless and good luck to Americans.

  • You are insane.

  • On social issues they are different…

  • why do I get such satisfaction watching these media clowns get so “educated” while observed.