Ron Paul: No Difference between Obama and Romney

  • umm. I’m not a congressman with political power. whats Paul’s excuse? lazy? incompetent? just does not give a fuck?

  • Fuck you, what have you ever got done? NOTHING OF NOTE.

  • Barack Obama didn’t ruin your US economy. George Bush did, everyone knows that … just because Obama joined while the economy was ALREADY shit doesn’t mean he is to blame.

  • only 1 million votes for gary johnson 100 mill for the 2 puppets, god our country is dumb.

  • Don’t worry. The idiots that voted Obama and Romney are going to get whats coming to them. They voted for two devils, and hell is what they’re going to get.

  • that whore owes ron paul a rim job for wastin that great mans time


  • Ron who ?

  • she has no clue what she was asking, let alone the resonses.

  • Fuck Paul, what he ever got done? NOTHING OF NOTE.

  • where is he now? did he go back to the future? what type of time machine was used?

  • Yeah that’s right, just tell everyone what their rights are, right? That will solve you problems…

  • If we don’t police the world someone else will. And the two most likely to do so would be Russia and China. To this day Russia wants control over europe and china want’s control over aisa. If we cut military support to our allies they will fall vitamins to Moscow and Beijing. Is it in our best interest to lose our allies to the enemy, that would leave us isolated?

  • Do you really think Ron Paul would even get 30% of the women vote?
    What about the union vote ?

  • Do you really think Ron Paul would even get 30% of the women vote?
    What about the union vote ?

  • It is entirely the Republican Party’s fault that Obama won.

    You can blame Hispanics and blacks and women and everybody else all you want, but the truth is you were presented with a great candidate and a phony candidate and you chose the phony one because his words gave you some sort of warm and fuzzy feeling whereas Ron Paul’s words which spoke the harsh truth were too much for your tiny brains to handle.

    Fuck you Red States and everybody who lives in you…

  • “Your point is that you cannot compehend”. What does that even mean? Is English a second language for you? Third? LOL. You say I “speak from both sides of my mouth”. Exactly how have I contradicted myself?

    “Being nice with disingenuous platitudes don’t move Ron Paul from his principles”. Again. WTF? Stop babbling for fuck sake. Can’t you write a coherent sentence?

    AND, lastly, you or Mitty didn’t know that showing Paul the respect he deserved at the Conv. wouldn’t win him the votes he needed.

  • The GOP is not full of morons. I’m sure they know exactly what they are doing. That is for ulterior motives.

  • Ron Paul wasn’t on the ballot because he was blocked from the RNC when they changed the 5 state rule and made a deal with the Maine delegates. How would his policies be a disaster for the U.S more than the current president?

  • One day, Ron Paul will be big.

  • The only man that could change The World for The better. Mr. Paul