Poll: Who Is Our Best Hope for 2016?

Which potential presidential candidate is our best hope for restoring liberty in 2016? (choose up to 5 different options)

  • Ron Paul (26%, 6,693 Votes)
  • Rand Paul (17%, 4,314 Votes)
  • Andrew Napolitano (12%, 3,138 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (12%, 3,050 Votes)
  • Jesse Ventura (10%, 2,487 Votes)
  • Peter Schiff (4%, 1,000 Votes)
  • Marco Rubio (4%, 989 Votes)
  • Dennis Kucinich (3%, 754 Votes)
  • Paul Ryan (3%, 709 Votes)
  • Chris Christie (3%, 672 Votes)
  • Sarah Palin (2%, 499 Votes)
  • Mike Huckabee (2%, 459 Votes)
  • Bobby Jindal (1%, 378 Votes)
  • Jeb Bush (1%, 277 Votes)
  • Rick Santorum (1%, 220 Votes)
  • Rick Perry (1%, 130 Votes)
  • Mike Pence (0%, 78 Votes)
  • Bob McDonnell (0%, 43 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,802

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  • lev

    Jesus will be the Gov. at that time

    • Robert Fritchey

      I think you might just be right about that, after all according to my research it looks like we are coming to the end of the 70th week of Daniel which should end Octiber of next year.

      • Robert Fritchey

        October of next year (Sorry)

  • Avr

    I’m not voting unless Vermin Supreme runs again.

  • robin

    Off topic…Just in case you did not hear about the disenfranchisement of large tracks of voters in California to defeat measure 37. 45 million dollars by Monsanto and other corporations to defeat this measure and they pulled out all the punches. Going to try and see what we can do in Oregon. Just heard one of our biggest counties has banned GMO seeds and planting. That’s a start. We are a big agricultural state.

  • French Canadian

    Participate, you are the resistance!

    “Huge new First Amendment project arrives this Thanksgiving”

    New National Anti-TSA Campaign: Opt Out And Film Week

  • Sean

    What about Dennis Kunich?

    He seems to be an ally in auditing the Fed and pulling out of foreign wars.

  • Surfisher


    Today, 11-09-2012, Ron Paul speaks out against all the evils that we are now facing!

    Watch this 30 minutes video and spread it like wild fire!

    (No longer encumbered by having to choose his words, while running for the presidency, Ron Paul NOW speaks his mind — AND ALL SHOULD LISTEN)!

    Mark my words — freed from the confines of playing the NECESSARY TACTICAL Game in the chase of getting elected — Ron Paul will NOW have a much greater impact in reaching all people!

    There cannot be a debate that Ron Paul is the Greatest TRUE AMERICAN of the 21st Century!

    And NOW, his words will reach even greater audiences that will DELIVER HIS MESSAGE OF THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT as our Nation further slides into Poverty and Despotism by the Criminals that are In Power of Our Government Today!

    Watch this video from minute 33:23 till 58:49!

    (Huckster Alex Jones is tolerable — since Ron Paul is talking)



    • French Canadian


      What is it with the “Huckster Alex Jones is tolerable”? You have no idea how you discredit yourself with such ignorant comments. I hope you will see the light one day. I can tell you that if Americans would have listen to the Alex Jones Show, there is no way your country would be in such trouble. Alex Jones is the best after Ron Paul. Give him credit and stop believing the false propaganda that you read on the web. Why do you think Ron paul and Alex like each other so much? I’ll tell you why. Because they are the same. Bird of a feather flies together. Ron Paul has beenn on Alex Show for 17 years. This is how people learned about Ron paul.

      And why do you think that all great minds, like Gerald Celente, Dr Paul Roberts, Max Keiser, Bev Harris, Gary Johnson, Ben Swann, Lyndon larouche, Dr Piezcenick, etc, etc, etc, etc… likes him and goes on his show? Because he is the BEST and they know it.

      Alex is not financed by Wall Street. He is financed by his supoorters and sponsors. His show cost millions of dollars to operate in one years, plus he has a crew of 51 people. And you think he should not advertize or sell anything? His show is on ten of hundreds of radio stations, he HAS TO take breaks for advertizing. Do you know what Free markets are about?

      Stop it, you are working against your country fellowmen by having this stupid attitude towards Alex Jones. Sorry, but I had to tell you this.

  • French Canadian

    Scott R,

    I have to agree with you, it’s probably too late for America to wake up. I came to the same conclusion after reading this today:

    Poll: One Third of Americans Want to be Slaves (7 minutes Video)

    In this case, Scott you have to watch this incredible documentary:

    Strategic Relocation The Film FULL VERSION HQ

    • Surfisher

      French Canadian — don’t know who was polled about the TSA…but, I can tell you that 99% of All YOUNG Americans (and that is our Future) will tell them to GO TO HELL!

      • French Canadian


        It was a Harris poll. They operated like usual. Harris polls has a good reputation.

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul’s 2002 Predictions All Come True – Incredible Video! (6 minutes only)

    We have now lost our Nation to a Government that will have no mercy on We, The People!

    Spread this 6 minute video like wild fire!


    • French Canadian


      Good video, thanks!

      This is why Ron Paul and Alex Jones are my two most trusted people in this world. Everything that they say comes true. It is because they are so involved, so patiotic, so informed and so willing to tell it like it is. Kuddos to both!

  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul 30 minutes interview today on Infowars:

    The interview starts at: 0:33: 12

    Alex Jones Show: Friday (11-9-12) Ron Paul

    • Surfisher

      Great job posting this — I’m spreading it!

  • Scott R

    Once the cliff arrives and the entitlement system fails there will be a wake up for a majority of Americans. Proof comes right from my home city… Detroit, where the city is failing due to poor management and economic woes. Ron Paul WON the primary election in Detroit. Interesting eh?

  • French Canadian

    Poll: One Third of Americans Want to be Slaves (7 minutes Video)

    “The logical conclusion of a new Harris poll is that one third of Americans actually want to be slaves. We are in a lot of trouble and we’re running out of time.

    Poll: Nearly One Third Of Americans Would Accept ‘TSA Body Cavity Search’ in Order to Fly –

    Poll: 35% Of Americans Would Wear “Electric Shock Bracelet” in Order to Fly – http://www.infowars.com/poll-35-of-americans-would-wear-electric-shock-bracel…

    Opt Out And Film Week – http://infowars.com/optout

  • Michael s

    Where’s Gary Johnson

  • txp135

    Rand Paul has already compromised himself. We will have to wait a very long time for another like Ron Paul. If Rand Paul can’t even be 100% behind his dad – who taught him the values which he shared, then hell will freezes over before I would dare to think that he’s 100% behind the American People. I would vote for Obama or Romney before I can bring myself to vote for Rand. There’s no point in supporting a person who betrayed his own dad over any other traitors.

    Rand should apologize to his dad. His dad will forgive and forget. As far as I’m concerned, he should serve out his term then go get a steady job. I was really full of hope that Ron would have someone following his footsteps and I’m not saying all this because I’m bitter. However, the reality is that Ron saw what was wrong with America 40 yr ago while Rand can’t even see who’s back he just stuck a knife in. Ron stated repeatedly that there’s really no difference between Obama and Romney, while Rand saw enough differences to turn away from his dad and his supporters.

    • Scott R

      Guess I was wrong! You’d really vote for Obama over Rand Paul??? lol I’d vote for Mickey Mouse before Obama. The good news is that Obama will be done in 4 years and we will have… gulp… Joe Biden to defeat?? lol seems easy in that case, but, that’s what the republicans all said in the debate… “any one of us can beat Obama”. So much for that!

      • Surfisher

        Scott R —

        A blind man with a walking stick — that spoke truth — would have beat Lil’ Hussein.

        The problem was Rmoney is an open-eyed Liar, Defrauder, American Business Destroyer, and the GOP Establishment choose him over Patriot Ron Paul (because these fat cats do not care about anything, but PRESERVING their own Little Fiefdoms, and the monies they get out of their positions as Republican Feudal Lords)!

  • French Canadian

    “There will be nothing left of America by 2016. Wake-up people! ”

    I should have add: Unless people wake up NOW.

    • Scott R

      I’m afraid it’s too late for America to wake up my friend. The cliff is fast approaching. Our best bet now is to stock up on food, guns and ammo I’m afraid, and to invest in HARD assets that will be worth at least something if the currency goes to 0.

      By 2016, maybe America will see why lots of entitlements coupled with low taxes leads to debt and printing and thus the hidden inflation tax. As the entitlement system fails, the Democrats will wish they didn’t buy votes with entitlements with no way to pay for them. We may even see the entire debt based monitary system collapse. GULP.

      • Very well said sir! This is the painful reality we live in now. As much as I hate to sound pessimistic, the American people have proven that there can be no redemption for this divided nation.

        And you are dead on about stocking up. Smart people ought to stock up on as much canned food as they can, learn to make your own ammo and use a bow and arrow. Everyone should also invest in a Survival kit.

        There will be riots and anarchy in the cities so people are better off finding a home in small towns and rural areas (The mid-west and places like Montana/Idaho are ideal IMO).

        When the US dollar becomes worthless in the Financial Armageddon, the only “currencies” that will be valuable are cans of food, water bottles and fuel.

  • French Canadian

    There will be nothing left of America by 2016. Wake-up people!

  • Scott R

    I’m not sure if we will see Gary Johnson again… but you would think he’d be on the list. I say that because does anyone know where Bob Barr is?

    Ron is probably retiring for good folks, he’d be over 80 in 2016. Rand seems like our only hope at the moment, but he lost something when he endorsed Romney. It does seem kindof hopeless atm doesn’t it?

    Not that I support her oversea’s policy, but Michelle Bachman might be a good choice for the GOP to rally behind in 4 years. That may at least increase the female vote%. Plus I thought she was great in the debates.

    On the other hand, if the GOP actually decides to embrace some the Libertarian’s view points… Rand would be the ideal choice. I bet most Paul supporters would support Rand despite what happened.

    Now if the GOP does something foolish- like elect Santorum in 2016, that would be the best chance for the Libertarian party to “try again” to get to 5%. So maybe a Rand Paul run as a 3rd party in that case.

    • Bachmann is not a constitutionalist. She votes for garbage like federal funding of local schools.

      Bachmann is more of warmonger than even Bush. She criticized Obama for pulling out of Iraq too soon.

      This makes her unacceptable.

      • Smoovious

        Bachmann always seemed even more fake than Romney did… no way I could trust her… I think the only honest moment I saw of her was on one of the TV shows, when they showed her the BadLipReading video of her, and she laughed saying it was great.

        She’s too much like too many relatives and supervisors and teachers I’ve had in my life, who could only talk AT you, and not TO or WITH you…

        No thanks… I need better than that…

        — Smoov

  • Ty

    Ummm, Gary Johnson???

  • Jan

    No option for me to pick Justin Amash?

  • FreedomsReigning

    (Andrew Napolitano’s like bar) + (Rand Paul’s like bar) > Ron Paul’s like bar

    I see a good partnership, IF Rand is done endorsing puppets and ready to make the case for liberty.

    Napolitano/Paul 2016

  • Daniel

    So this is a Republican only party? No Gary Johnson option?