Poll: Who Is Our Best Hope for 2016?

Which potential presidential candidate is our best hope for restoring liberty in 2016? (choose up to 5 different options)

  • Ron Paul (26%, 6,693 Votes)
  • Rand Paul (17%, 4,314 Votes)
  • Andrew Napolitano (12%, 3,138 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (12%, 3,050 Votes)
  • Jesse Ventura (10%, 2,487 Votes)
  • Peter Schiff (4%, 1,000 Votes)
  • Marco Rubio (4%, 989 Votes)
  • Dennis Kucinich (3%, 754 Votes)
  • Paul Ryan (3%, 709 Votes)
  • Chris Christie (3%, 672 Votes)
  • Sarah Palin (2%, 499 Votes)
  • Mike Huckabee (2%, 459 Votes)
  • Bobby Jindal (1%, 378 Votes)
  • Jeb Bush (1%, 277 Votes)
  • Rick Santorum (1%, 220 Votes)
  • Rick Perry (1%, 130 Votes)
  • Mike Pence (0%, 78 Votes)
  • Bob McDonnell (0%, 43 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,802

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  • Rand does have the appearance of caving into the establishment but that may just be a neccessity and he may retain his fathers stripes but we will see.

    I think Ron Paul (God bless him!) may not have another campaigne in him, atgain we will see but I hope so!

    If Rand and Ron don’t pan out for 2016 and/or the republicans will not budge in the right direction; it’s time for Gary Johnson and he got my vote this time around.

    Best Wishes


  • Nothing short of a revolt is going to change this nation back to its former glory because the government and every institution has been corrupted to the core. The parasites are dug in deeper than a Louisiana tick. None of these guys will win an election because the system is rigged.

  • Jennifer Blank

    Libertarians are for limited government. Period. Once we start regulating what a woman can do with her body, we are on a slippery slope that leads directly to tyranny.

    I personally do not support abortion and I believe it is immoral, but that is my BELIEF! I am in no position, and neither is anyone else, to tell another human being how to live.

    Your rights stop where mine begin. A woman who chooses to get an abortion has done nothing to interfere with my rights, therefore she needs to be left alone.

    God will be the final judge on that.

    Social issues have been the focus of the Republican party and that has destroyed its message of limited government.

    Please do not let the libertarian party go the same way.

  • Cal

    First, America is NOT a democracy, she is a Consitutional Republic. That means we use some democratic methods but our government is the Constitution, not the temporary ‘help’ we put into office to carry out the duties oulined by it for the three branches of the federal government.

    Second, Ron Paul ‘lost’ because of ELECTION FRAUD, and (my belief) threats to those he loves. What we need to do is make sure that EVERY person involved in election fraud is arrested and prosecuted. There are numerous witnesses and videos, plus it is against state (and federal) laws.

    • Dawn

      Very true. I experienced it myself. And that it’s even being allowed to happen and no one is doing anything about it is the biggest problem of all.

  • I hope that Roy Moore runs for President. We need someone who is knowledgeable of the Constitution, has the guts to obey it, and who also recognizes God’s Word as the final authority.

    I will not vote for Gary Johnson because he is not pro-life. All men are *created* equal (not born equal), and endowed by their Creator with the unalienable right to life. (Declaration of Independence)

    But it also has to be someone who doesn’t believe it killing innocent people in unnecessary wars.

    Though born in US, Marco Rubio’s parents were not US citizens at the time. That makes his eligibility under the Natural Born citizen clause very questionable. You should not vote for any presidential ticket he may be on.

    Out of the above choices Ron Paul was my pick, but I don’t think he is going to run. Rand Paul would also be an acceptable choice despite his flaws. I would have to know where Schiff and Napolitano stand on abortion before I could vote for either one of them.

  • Walter

    Ron Paul is a known quantity, and would make a good pres even from a wheelchair or a hospital bed. Rand is our foot in the door in the senate. Johnson is holding the libertarian fort. My friends, life is ALL ABOUT choosing the least of several evils, the only exception being to choose the way of YHWH. To assume otherwise is delusional.

  • First of all, I think lessons need to be learned about why President Ron Paul is not in the White-House this year. It happened due to infiltrators, who abandoned the ship due to the death-threats from Bilderberg-Group meeting.–And the GOP rejected REAL DEMOCRACY winning.

    So, they got away with it, because Libertarians don’t believe in violence or other “illegal” means to correct the problems.

    My point for years, is that due to the perpetual increase in power every year by the NEW-WORLD ORDER, both by violations of Constitutional-Rights and Liberties, intimidations, psychological and physical violence and murders, as well as the increase of weapons of mass destruction, Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign was overthrown.

    Although Ron Paul’s supporters far outnumber any other Republican’s supporters, the lawyers are not winning by taking legal-action against all the crimes committed.–Just as many lawsuits have been filed since August 2008 against OBOMBA, over not having an American birth-certificate, and several lawsuits were filed against OBOMBA for the forced H1N1 vaccines in 2009, the courts refuse to give priorities to any of the lawsuits.

    As a result, Libertarians are not “defending” themselves adequately. All our enemies get in return for their crimes, including media smear-campaigns is street-demonstrations, verbal responses and lawsuits which Judges refuse to deal with.–Because they are part of the NWO.

    Remember a former president’s quote:

    “when people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is Liberty”–Thomas Jefferson.

  • douglas

    Ron Paul is a patriot; willing to lead the country by stating correct but unpopular positions, and explain why. I think Gary Johnson comes closest to follow in Paul’s footsteps, despite relationship with Rand.

  • Ed

    We’re just making our point voting for Ron Paul in this poll, he still gets the top votes yet somehow was way under represented in the polls the only answer to that is election fraud, which is what I assume Romney is thinking just happened to him.

    The Karma boomerang is doing well these days huh!


    • Smoovious

      The poll here is weighted to Ron Paul, because this is Ron Paul’s website…

      This is hardly a scientific poll, and shouldn’t be used for anything beyond entertainment value of what the people who watch this site think.

      Beyond that limited use, the poll here doesn’t have a useful purpose.

      — Smoov
      — ex pollster

  • Patrick M

    Gary Johnson is my top pick. Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney and that was just stupid. Ron Paul is retiring.

  • Sean

    99 Votes for Sarah Palin. Really now. Y’all must be trollin’.

  • Until we can assure the election results are valid and not rigged, it matters little how hard a candidate presents the best agenda for the Country.

  • Pete

    Paul / Paul 2016 on the Republican ticket. Campaigning on end the fed and pot decriminalization for the sake of revenue would be enough to win popular vote AND the states with higher electoral numbers. Time to play the big cards and that’s the best hand you’ll get.

  • Jonathon

    Repeal of the 16th and 17th amendments would be a good place to begin restorring our form of government. Voters can be made quite happy by giving back $1.50 for every $1.00 taken from them as long as wages are increased for those who are working, and benefits are raised for those who are not. Everyone feels they are benefitting as we become less and less competitive in the world.

  • Jonathon


    I would reword that one quote to “When liberty is taken away by force it can ONLY be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can ONLY be reclaimed by force.” Liberty cannot be permanently lost, but can be very difficult to reclaim or restore once lost.

  • Jonathon

    The primary problem is that the Republican party seems to make a greater effort in attracting Democrat voters by governing like Democrats than keeping Republican voters by providing a real choice of how we are governed, which I think would appeal to a large number of Democrats as well if properly presented to them.

    • Smoovious

      They think that they don’t have to worry about “their” Republican voters… after all, who are they going to vote for, a Democrat?

      They’ve become too cozy with their evangelical wing, thinking they got their block of voters locked up, and judging from the amount of people who seem to have blinders on to the fact that there are more than just 2 parties, I’m not sure they’re entirely wrong about that…

      But too slowly, more people are taking their blinders off and taking a good look around…

      — Smoov

  • Ron Paul 2016 ! 2020 ! Ron Paul 4 Ever !

  • Don Folkers

    We must focus on the United States Congress and on the United States Senate. Only by re-asserting their Constitutional rights can these bodies avoid becoming as irrelevant as the House of Lords — and before that — the Roman Senate. And we have a better chance at the Congressional level against the lobbies like AIPAC who control our two parties at the top. (They proved that at the Tampa Convention this August.) Each Congressional candidate must be willing to Impeach and Convict for treason and other impeachable behaviors — no matter which party the person belongs to.

  • D Tyrone

    Didnt see that you could pick more than one. Well Gary Johnson and Rand Paul. Non of the others can even talk to me.

  • TheMidnightOwl

    I meant RP and Johnson in 2012.. guess I forgot what year it was. Haha. 😀