Poll: Who Is Our Best Hope for 2016?

Which potential presidential candidate is our best hope for restoring liberty in 2016? (choose up to 5 different options)

  • Ron Paul (26%, 6,693 Votes)
  • Rand Paul (17%, 4,314 Votes)
  • Andrew Napolitano (12%, 3,138 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (12%, 3,050 Votes)
  • Jesse Ventura (10%, 2,487 Votes)
  • Peter Schiff (4%, 1,000 Votes)
  • Marco Rubio (4%, 989 Votes)
  • Dennis Kucinich (3%, 754 Votes)
  • Paul Ryan (3%, 709 Votes)
  • Chris Christie (3%, 672 Votes)
  • Sarah Palin (2%, 499 Votes)
  • Mike Huckabee (2%, 459 Votes)
  • Bobby Jindal (1%, 378 Votes)
  • Jeb Bush (1%, 277 Votes)
  • Rick Santorum (1%, 220 Votes)
  • Rick Perry (1%, 130 Votes)
  • Mike Pence (0%, 78 Votes)
  • Bob McDonnell (0%, 43 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,802

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  • Gov. Johnson is the obvious choice, although he could use some coaching, both in terms of strict libertarian ideology and as a candidate. His 1.173 million votes (and counting!) was a major psychological boost, but in 2016 the LP needs to win over those who just couldn’t quite make the move to voting for a non-duopolist.

    Jeff Daiell

  • Mike

    I like the top 4 winning candidates, but my choice is # 5 : Peter Schiff!
    Peter is the smartest guy out there! He was an adviser to the Ron Paul campaign.
    Peter predicted everything that has happen, 2 + years before it happened.
    I love Ron, but he will be too old to run and Rand is no Ron!
    I like the Judge and I think he would do a great job.
    I like Jesse, but I’m not sure what a Ventura Presidency would be like.


  • I can’t support anyone who’ll endorse & campaign for Mitt Romney.

    Also, the defection of Jesse Benton is a serious violation of trust. The liberty movement needs to do our version of a grand jury investigation as to how Jesse took 40 pieces of silver, and sold us out to the Establishment.

  • In 2016 Ron Paul will be 80 years old. But, he’ll be a young vigorous 80, ready to outcompete much younger men in bike races and other athletic competitions. I used to be an anarchist. I’m now a believer in (very limited) government. I think government should have only ONE function: to FORCE Ron Paul to run for president in 2016. (Libertarianism is ok in theory, but if you want to get things done, you’ve got to violate the non aggression principle. Ergo, the government should compel Ron to run in 2016; hey, I’m just kidding). As for the others I voted for (Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, Andrew Napolitano, Peter Schiff), they would all make great VP candidates, on the Ron Paul in 2016 ticket!

    • Dawn

      I completely agree. He should run with his son or Gary Johnson as VP.

  • jesusknight

    I don’t want to vote for ANY of the candidates you listed; they are ALL establishment Repubs, and we need a new, clean slate of REAL candidates we can vote in.. Most of these guys had their chance, and they blew it big-time. NO MORE going for the ‘lesser’ of two evils, or just ‘going along to get along’, or ‘at least he’s better than the other guy’ type of voting! We need REAL candidates who actually love this country, and respect and follow our Constitution, who will bring an end to NDAA, allow the right to bear arms, and will get rid of the U.N. and illegal immigration.

    C’mon… you gotta have a better listing for candidates than this…!!!!!

    • 1776is the answer

      Really so You truly believe that Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Gary Johnson and Judge Nopolitono are establishment? I can see how you would view Rand as establishment and Rand was the leading voice in the senate against the NDAA but he has played politics to some extent. But the other 4 I listed are Champions of Liberty and the Constitution.. Please show your list of candidates!!!!!!!!!!

  • Philippe Desrameaux

    Whoever gets it going in 2016, not only needs to run as NEITHER Dem or Repub, let it be Independent, Libertarian or WHATEVER…he or she literally needs $$$$$$$ to make their name a contender with the GOP. Once someone outside of the GOP exposes their crutch to neo-con beliefs, the party will shatter and people within the GOP will flock. Independents will catch on as they see another party form and more people discuss these ideas OFF the internet. Working from within the GOP is what should be done as of right now. After that, the composition of not only good candidates, but a solid understanding of this party’s goals are all thats needed. That’s my 2 cents about 2016 (as of now). I voted Ron, Ran, Gary J, Judge N and Jesse Ventura.

  • Buzz

    People do not understand the importance and reasoning behind Ron’s campaign stance. Tyranny has to be suspended through abolishment of the UN; too, $6 billion dollars to help with debt! NATO, frees us from the tyranny brought on by it; NTU, no more indoctrination of homosexual teachings in our schools, Muslims dealt with fairly but not to overrun ther USA and same with illegals! Ron is a Christian, morals, values,etc. These are the values, plus being a lifelong supporter of the Constitution , made him the ideal candidate to beat O and he would have. I think many were discouraged by two candidates with the same views

  • Richard Filinson

    Ron Paul, I really cannot see how you continue to align yourself with the list of moral degenerates whose names accompany yours on this list of putative future candidates. Republican “ideals” are what turn off the public being utterly bogus and opportunistic. They overtly muse over how they might use opinion polls to fashion their next campaign in a manner that will mislead enough additional fools to edge them into office. Meanwhile, they continue to work on rigging the electronic voting machines in the absence of any real hope for victory. Everyone who does not reside in a cemetery sees through the Republican ruse. Ron Paul, just extricate yourself from these fools and form an honest Independent movement.

  • Nicholas Rivera

    I support Jesse Ventura.
    I am a Minnesotan who voted for Jesse the first time and was pleased with the job he did. Mainly because he was more concerned with doing the right thing for the state and not worried about getting reelected. Until our politicians stop think like republicans and democrats and start thinking like Americans we are going to continue to have a government that is unresponsive and in chaos. The first step to taking back control of our government is the passing of hr 25. The fair tax laws so that government can no longer use the tax issue as a way to promote class warfare and buy votes through scare tactics and empty promises. We need leaders that will speak the truth and Jesse is that man.

  • John Adams

    The very essence of the Republican party as expelled by most of their spokespersons is to control and limit the liberties of the majority in order to extract the most wealth from the country. After the Bush election I believe this country has finally learn the great lesson of democracy. You must support (vote) en masse for
    what you know as right and just for everyone and not just for the few. And, you
    must value that voting participation as if it means life or death.

  • pjerin brucaj

    I think Peter Schiff is a very smart man and conservative enough to run America,

  • Mary Myers

    Sorry folks, but demography is destiny. There will be no chance for us in the future. Unlimited immigration, illegal immigration and a godless secular culture have taken over this nation. Government is the new god upon which everyone will owe their allegiance. Instead of being dependent on God, we will be dependent on the State.

    Just as Old Testament Israel failed to listen to the prophets and fell away from God and suffered the consequences, so too will America.

    Ron Paul is a prophet, and his success in turning this nation around will be similar to the success of the prophets of the Old Testament. Human nature hasn’t changed since Adam and Eve.

    • Dawn

      No need for all that negativity and hopelessness. It is pointless and will most certainly get us nowhere. Not everyone believes what you do, but some of us still believe that life is what we make it. Hope is not even close to lost, but people need to be woken up. Hope is something we can’t afford to lose and that sort of negativity is the last thing we need.

      • jesusknight

        no, we need REALITY… we LOST this election.

        Its not negative to tell the truth. People ARE waking up, and people went out in droves to vote; but many votes did not get counted at all. Its not just ‘waking up the people’ that is the main problem any more; Its government control that is getting stronger and its tentacles are getting longer, because government is aware that if they do not ‘tighten’ up the ship quickly, they will lose it all; precisely BECAUSE people are waking up.

        SPEED is the issue here.. everyone knows what type of President we actually NEED.. Constitutional to a fault.. someone who actually gives a dang for our rights.. someone that is unafraid to balance the budget and hack government spending.. someone who’s voting record is actually constitutional and consistent, and someone who will ACTUALLY cut big brother government in half.

        Give us a candidate like that, and the other side won’t stand a prayer…or a vote!

        • Dawn

          I never said it was negative to tell the truth. But read over what was written and maybe you’ll get my point. It was actually Extremely negative and also very biased. I cannot consider it Reality or truth either.

          I do not disagree with you. Nor did I disagree with some of the thoughts Mary was attempting to express. Just her way or doing it.. her “attitude” that she expressed.

          I don’t view that sort of extremely negative attitude as helpful, I feel it only discourages people and makes them feel hopeless.

  • Pat

    I am currently taking in all opinions as to why we lost the election and do not want to express a candidate preference at this point. I am very concerned, however, about total campaign lies, media bias and voter registration/voting corruption.

  • Dawn

    You guys, please quit with the age discrimination against Ron Paul! Look up a woman named Annette Larkins. She is 70 but biologically closer to 30. Age has nothing to do with anything. Why I say this is because I think most the people who voted for Rand would rather have Ron, but they think he’s too old. Ron Paul is very healthy, he is a talented doctor, and will probably live as long as Jeanne Calment!

    As Ron said himself, this is age discrimination.. It’s just as bad as racial discrimination or any other, and it is ignorant and wrong! Biological and chronological age are not the same thing, and this can be proven! Just run a search online for Annette.

  • Lyn

    Before you give Rand Paul too many votes, go onto your search engine and type in “Rand Paul tries to get journalist fired and arrested”. This is not the only thing he’s done to make many people question where he actually stands. Haven’t we been deceived and lied to, to many times. Rand was going directly after freedom of speach. Please watch the video and you’ll come away from it being sickened my him just like I was.

  • Deb

    Please add Tom Woods as a choice, he would probably get lots of votes.

  • Please add Justin Amash to the list! He’s my top choice!

  • J. E, B. Stuart

    I favor RAND PAUL!
    I was hopeful he would have been Romney’s Running mate.
    He took a stand to uphold the Writ of Habeas Corpus while overwhelmed by opposition both Democrat and Republican.
    With Habeas Corpus gone (using terrorist threat as reason) you can bet Obama will incarcerate more innocent Americans than Lincoln’s tens of thousands locked up on mere suspicion during the time he suspended Habeas Corpus.

  • dawn bryan

    The problem is twofold. The two-party system is flawed. Other parties need to be a welcomed presence. Any dialog from outside the rigid two-party system is black balled by the corporate owned media. This leads to the second problem. Our entire political system and the media has been hijacked by corporations. Until citizens united v. supreme court is overturned nothing can change in this country.

  • @Tim: Dennis Kucinich is on the list (in my opinion the only decent democrat existing, yet even he changed his mind to vote for something stupid, can’t remember if it was Patriot Act or something else, after plane-ride with Obama about a year ago)