Ron Paul: Obama’s Reelection Is a Bad Sign for America


Interviewer: Congressman, first off, did you like what you were hearing from Boehner and the Republican leadership on the fiscal cliff?

Ron Paul: Well, there were a couple of things in there that I could say sounded good, but the problem is, there’s no credibility. When I’m going around the country, people that I talk to generally don’t believe anything they hear, they just don’t trust them. Somebody said, “Oh yea, we want to work together, that’s fine. Oh yes, we won’t raise taxes”, they don’t believe that. It just goes on and on and they’re just looking for the truth. And they say, “Well, all we need is a little compromise”. Well, nobody expects that, because they don’t admit the truth, and the truth is that we’re broke. And how do we compromise? The only way we can compromise is by coming clean on what you’re going to cut. But instead, they’re trying to find out how they’re going to agree on what they’re going to protect. So I don’t think I’ve heard the answer. They talk about this fiscal cliff, but I actually, in my mind, work with the assumption that we’re already over the cliff, we’re just wondering how we’re going to land.

Interviewer: Really? So you’re working on the assumption that we are not going to get this solved?

Ron Paul: No, it’s unsolvable, because you have to cut spending. And the conservative candidate for president said we should increase the spending by 2 trillion dollars for the military, and have more drones.

Interviewer: And that was one of the reasons I know, Congressman, why you did not go ahead and endorse Governor Romney.

Ron Paul: We don’t need another war, we are broke.

Interviewer: Well, Congressman, the matter is that this is a minority opinion, what you’re espousing is a minority opinion right now, because most believe and hope that the two sides will come together with some sort of deal. Is there any circumstance under which you believe the GOP and the Republicans would accept any type of tax increases?

Ron Paul: Yes, I do, but they’re not in Washington, they’re outside of Washington, and I talk about it all the time. And the few people I could work with, like Dennis Kucinich and others, have coalitions, we agree to come together, say, on the militarism. Why do we need to spend more than everybody else put together? So you bring coalitions together that are progressives and libertarians and conservatives, and say, “Yes, we have to cut across the board”. But right now they talk about this compromise on the preservation of certain programs. But you have to get together and bring people together of different viewpoints, and I don’t call that compromise because I don’t think anybody should sacrifice their principles. But there’s no reason in the world why you can’t get progressives and libertarians to agree on some of these cuts on the spending we don’t need.

Interviewer: Well, Congressman, there’s your view on this, and what you’re saying is that you need some more credibility in order to agree to any type of deal here on the fiscal cliff. And people have talked about how there are these Ron Paul Republicans, and some of them have gained ground in the House, for instance, in Kentucky, in Michigan, and even in Texas with Senator-elect Ted Cruz. What would they need to see, including you, in order to come together and agree and approve on some sort of deal?

Ron Paul: Well, as long as they move in the direction of less government.

Interviewer: What does ‘less government’ mean exactly, tell me about that?

Ron Paul: Well, maybe taking their oath of office seriously, looking at Article 1 Section 8, and swearing to uphold the constitution and only do those things that are authorized by the constitution. Well, that’s long gone, we’re so far gone, we’re over the cliff. We can’t get enough people in Congress over the next 5 to 10 years who will do the wise things, so we have to prepare for – if we already haven’t fallen off it – the fiscal cliff. It’s like what’s going on in Greece, everyday you hear of a solution and things pop up. But they’re in debt, they spend too much money, and then the people go out in the street and they demonstrate. Just think, Romney was hit because he was opposed. The one issue he was correct on was when he opposed the bailouts, and the people in the Mid-West voted against him and said, “Oh, we have to be taken care of”. So that vote was sort of like what we were laughing at. And in Greece there are almost 80,000 people out there and they don’t want anything cut, they won’t compromise. Well, it’s the people that are that way, and that’s why our revolution is significant. We’re trying to change people’s minds, and that’s why changing the minds of the young people is so important. Rather than saying that it’s Washington’s …

Interviewer: But, Congressman, I don’t think people want to see us coming off the fiscal cliff, though?

Ron Paul: Well, yes, I think there are plenty of us, and probably most of your audience would like to see us come to our senses. But, if you look at the numbers, and if you look at the way pure democracy works, pure democracy is dangerous: the majority dictates against the minority. So, right now, the majority are receiving the check. And that’s why people were sort of surprised that in these conditions this President would get re-elected. But that is a bad sign, in that there are more on the receiving end, people don’t want anything cut, they want all the bailouts to come, they want the Fed to keep printing the money, and they believe … see, they don’t believe that we’re gone off the cliff or that we’re close to going off the cliff. They think that we can patch it over, that we can somehow come up with some magical solution. But we can’t have a budgetary solution if you don’t change what the role of government should be. As long as you think we have to police the world and run this welfare state, all we’re going to argue about is who’s going to get the loot, who gets the money.

Interviewer: I know you decided not to run [for Congress] again because you were focused on your presidential campaign, but is that why you quit Congress?

Ron Paul: No, I just think people had enough of me. I don’t have much confidence in the political system, and never did. My goal has always been to change people’s minds. As long as people demand more government, they’re going to get it. So government reflects the people, and that’s why I am excited about going to the college campuses and I’ll continue to do that, that’s where I am able to get a lot of support. and they say, “I agree with you, we don’t need more government, we want more freedom, we want to be able to keep our own money, we want sound money. And if we had sound money, we wouldn’t have deficits, because you can’t print money.


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  • Ron Paul is great, keep spreading the message of liberty Dr. Paul!

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  • What really makes me mad is that he always uses african american. When you are president of this great ccountry, I dont think africa should be first. he is the president of the united states of america. that reall burns my ass.

  • Barack Obama is a war criminal. He was not born in America. He is from Kenya. He is a liar.

  • I was very heartbroken and disappointed that Ron Paul lost this year election. I thank God that Mitt Romney is gone. I am shock that President Barack Obama won this year election. I did not vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. I did write in Ron Paul. I am going to support Senator Rand Paul for President in 2016, if he het his message from his father. If he get his father message, then I will vote for him.

    • Jacqueline

      I, too proudly voted a write in vote for Dr. Ron Paul. However, I would never give Rand Paul my vote for betraying his father and his principles by endorsing Romney. That is unforgiveable on the basis of Constitutional principles. Rand Paul is a RINO, a professional politician who is capable of flowing with the tide and not at all a copy of his father.

  • ? i wasn’t arguing with you. i just didn’t feel like writing a paragraph of text so i truncated my thoughts down to that.

  • When Shit hits the Fan, Make Sure that EVERYONE in this country and across the worls Hears What This Man has to say!

    What scares me is that the problems we face today are coming from more and more big government and Im not sure people fully understand that.

    So When we finally suffer from an economic collapse, The People of America will come running to the same people who helped get us in this mess asking for the very same things that put us into our current situation!

  • is there a cogent thought in you?

  • My only hope is that Ron Paul lives a long, long life, that he may be around to say “I told you so” about a million times, even though his unimpeachable integrity will prevent him from doing so. Don’t worry, Ron, we’ll say it for you.

  • Rock on Ron!

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  • It’s like he’s talking to a fucking five year old.

  • It’s like he’s talking to a fucking five year old.

  • robin

    VETERAN’S DAY…We have been at war 214 years since 1776. As many of you know, most of our wars could have been prevented and were manufactured to create changes that move us one step closer to a one world government. Today let’s not glorify the horrors of war, but please join me in prayer so that more people will wake up and stop our interventionist foreign policy. I’m praying that we bring our troops home and stop this madness. Here is what one veteran has to say who was proud to serve his country, but says we need to stop glorifying WAR..

    Life is not better for the people in the Middle East, it is far worse and we are not there for humanitarian reasons or to defend this country. Time to stop taking orders from Israel and show we value the lives of our armed services and their families.

  • John

    Facebook is part of the fascist agenda.

  • Fedaudit

    Hai. So desu ne. “Barack Obama has won. What do we do now?” – these ads lead to a blank “not found” page, how come? Also, why can’t I respond to any comments on here?

  • Ed

    This isn’t America anymore and you people know it, so why do you stand for it?

    2008 & 2012 elections PROVED beyond any doubt that they will rig the elections to make sure the choice of the people will never get elected unless that choice just so happens to be the guy they hand picked.

    There is only a few options left,

    1/ Wait for 2016 (if there will be a 2016 if they don’t attack Iran).
    2/ Restoration through political demand and protest.
    3/Restoration through any means required.