Ron Paul: Obama’s Reelection Is a Bad Sign for America


Interviewer: Congressman, first off, did you like what you were hearing from Boehner and the Republican leadership on the fiscal cliff?

Ron Paul: Well, there were a couple of things in there that I could say sounded good, but the problem is, there’s no credibility. When I’m going around the country, people that I talk to generally don’t believe anything they hear, they just don’t trust them. Somebody said, “Oh yea, we want to work together, that’s fine. Oh yes, we won’t raise taxes”, they don’t believe that. It just goes on and on and they’re just looking for the truth. And they say, “Well, all we need is a little compromise”. Well, nobody expects that, because they don’t admit the truth, and the truth is that we’re broke. And how do we compromise? The only way we can compromise is by coming clean on what you’re going to cut. But instead, they’re trying to find out how they’re going to agree on what they’re going to protect. So I don’t think I’ve heard the answer. They talk about this fiscal cliff, but I actually, in my mind, work with the assumption that we’re already over the cliff, we’re just wondering how we’re going to land.

Interviewer: Really? So you’re working on the assumption that we are not going to get this solved?

Ron Paul: No, it’s unsolvable, because you have to cut spending. And the conservative candidate for president said we should increase the spending by 2 trillion dollars for the military, and have more drones.

Interviewer: And that was one of the reasons I know, Congressman, why you did not go ahead and endorse Governor Romney.

Ron Paul: We don’t need another war, we are broke.

Interviewer: Well, Congressman, the matter is that this is a minority opinion, what you’re espousing is a minority opinion right now, because most believe and hope that the two sides will come together with some sort of deal. Is there any circumstance under which you believe the GOP and the Republicans would accept any type of tax increases?

Ron Paul: Yes, I do, but they’re not in Washington, they’re outside of Washington, and I talk about it all the time. And the few people I could work with, like Dennis Kucinich and others, have coalitions, we agree to come together, say, on the militarism. Why do we need to spend more than everybody else put together? So you bring coalitions together that are progressives and libertarians and conservatives, and say, “Yes, we have to cut across the board”. But right now they talk about this compromise on the preservation of certain programs. But you have to get together and bring people together of different viewpoints, and I don’t call that compromise because I don’t think anybody should sacrifice their principles. But there’s no reason in the world why you can’t get progressives and libertarians to agree on some of these cuts on the spending we don’t need.

Interviewer: Well, Congressman, there’s your view on this, and what you’re saying is that you need some more credibility in order to agree to any type of deal here on the fiscal cliff. And people have talked about how there are these Ron Paul Republicans, and some of them have gained ground in the House, for instance, in Kentucky, in Michigan, and even in Texas with Senator-elect Ted Cruz. What would they need to see, including you, in order to come together and agree and approve on some sort of deal?

Ron Paul: Well, as long as they move in the direction of less government.

Interviewer: What does ‘less government’ mean exactly, tell me about that?

Ron Paul: Well, maybe taking their oath of office seriously, looking at Article 1 Section 8, and swearing to uphold the constitution and only do those things that are authorized by the constitution. Well, that’s long gone, we’re so far gone, we’re over the cliff. We can’t get enough people in Congress over the next 5 to 10 years who will do the wise things, so we have to prepare for – if we already haven’t fallen off it – the fiscal cliff. It’s like what’s going on in Greece, everyday you hear of a solution and things pop up. But they’re in debt, they spend too much money, and then the people go out in the street and they demonstrate. Just think, Romney was hit because he was opposed. The one issue he was correct on was when he opposed the bailouts, and the people in the Mid-West voted against him and said, “Oh, we have to be taken care of”. So that vote was sort of like what we were laughing at. And in Greece there are almost 80,000 people out there and they don’t want anything cut, they won’t compromise. Well, it’s the people that are that way, and that’s why our revolution is significant. We’re trying to change people’s minds, and that’s why changing the minds of the young people is so important. Rather than saying that it’s Washington’s …

Interviewer: But, Congressman, I don’t think people want to see us coming off the fiscal cliff, though?

Ron Paul: Well, yes, I think there are plenty of us, and probably most of your audience would like to see us come to our senses. But, if you look at the numbers, and if you look at the way pure democracy works, pure democracy is dangerous: the majority dictates against the minority. So, right now, the majority are receiving the check. And that’s why people were sort of surprised that in these conditions this President would get re-elected. But that is a bad sign, in that there are more on the receiving end, people don’t want anything cut, they want all the bailouts to come, they want the Fed to keep printing the money, and they believe … see, they don’t believe that we’re gone off the cliff or that we’re close to going off the cliff. They think that we can patch it over, that we can somehow come up with some magical solution. But we can’t have a budgetary solution if you don’t change what the role of government should be. As long as you think we have to police the world and run this welfare state, all we’re going to argue about is who’s going to get the loot, who gets the money.

Interviewer: I know you decided not to run [for Congress] again because you were focused on your presidential campaign, but is that why you quit Congress?

Ron Paul: No, I just think people had enough of me. I don’t have much confidence in the political system, and never did. My goal has always been to change people’s minds. As long as people demand more government, they’re going to get it. So government reflects the people, and that’s why I am excited about going to the college campuses and I’ll continue to do that, that’s where I am able to get a lot of support. and they say, “I agree with you, we don’t need more government, we want more freedom, we want to be able to keep our own money, we want sound money. And if we had sound money, we wouldn’t have deficits, because you can’t print money.


  • so… much… logic *faints*

  • Guess they’re determined to find out if deficits really do matter.

    Next up, War! Appearing at a local theater near you.

  • Your major export is paper, and that will end. You obviously still don’t get it.

  • Not broke. We have plenty of natural resources, we have 2 trillion gallons of oil sitting underneath us which is more than the whole middle east oil combined, we have schools, we have technology, we have smart and educated people, still strong economy, still exporting, this is what our monetary system is backed by. This is why the 16 trillion debt does not matter because we do not need anything from the rest of the world it’s the other way around, the rest of the world don’t have a leverage.

    • Ken

      Not to sound pessimistic but 2 Trillion gallons of oil with 16 trillion dollars in debt
      That’a about 8 dollars a gallon then we will be out of debt and then have no oil left.
      Obama won’t allow it to be drilled. He is a Jack Ass. He would not allow the pipe line from Canada because he is Still a Jack Ass. We have a bunch of educated people here I agree. They have no jobs because thousands of people are getting laid
      off because of Jack Ass Care. The other people here are so stupid that they watch
      shows like Honey Boo Boo and really care about dancing with the stars. The others are talking on their Jack Ass phone wanting more. How about 74 million people on food stamps because Jack Ass won’t change his policies be cause he is a Jack Ass.
      Mitt Romney he suck but Jack Ass is still a Jack ass. We really needed Ron Paul
      this time but the Presstitutes would not give him recognition and they cheated on the primary’s by hiding the votes he got. Its called fraud. Because the establishment already knew that Jack Ass was getting back in.
      So in closing let me say that I hope Jack Ass does something really stupid to
      get people really angry. And he will because he is a Jack Ass.

  • “most believe in hope” who is that dumb bitch polling?

  • “most believe in hope” who is that dumb bitch polling?

  • You mean like the 220 billion total in corporate subsidies? 600 billion for the military complex? 8 trillion bank bailouts? Not to mention billions to unions which by the way operate and act like corporations. Right, but when it comes to feeding people the conservatives go ape shit. The majority on food stamps which accounts for 73 billion this year goes to kids, senior citizens, those employed but hardly making anything.

  • I love watching Ron Paul on Youtube because there is hardly any arguing in the comments sections! 🙂

  • Because too many people want government hand outs. It is funded by the place on your pay stub that says FED Deductions.

  • Why is this reporter so fucking annoying? Why does she have all these annoying high pitched moments?

  • Like many other times Ron Paul is right on in what he is saying. Many many of the past issues he has spoke about have unfolded just as he said they would. The nation needs to wake up and start taking most everything Ron Paul says seriously. He is very intelligent and well read and knows what he is talking about. He cares nothing about being peoples favorite or winning a popularity contest he cares about informing a dumb ed down nation. The news woman is a trouble making aloof uninformed troll.

  • Because your opinion is worth less than shit.

  • I Love Dr. Ron Paul

  • It sounds like Ron Paul is even giving up on America lately.

  • Ken

    At the risk of this post being read by the internet spy’s. LOL ohh! Im so scared. All I have to say about that is come get me but watch what you walk into for taking my liberty. Be advised that’s the opnion of a lot of Americans. More than you can handle. Liberty lovers are laying in the shadows. America can not fight a gorilla war and win. American’s will lay silent and when the final push comes like trying to
    restrict our Gun rights, its then that the shit will hit the fan.

    We will eventually return to the Republic that we once were. I hate the idea that it will come to that but people have been brainwashed to be the way that they are.
    We can’t even discipline our children in a reasonable way without going to jail.
    We don’t teach in our schools what is important to maintain Liberty. Liberty means to live and let live. Liberty does not invade other country’s. Liberty shares
    with other country’s if they ask. Liberty is not a Democracy.

    If the powers that be think that they will come out ahead in the end then they
    are as ignorant as a box of rocks. The people have all the power. We call the shots when we say 4 magic words. ” I will not comply, collectively. Its really that simple. Just think about the leverage truckers have. Suppose they all came together and refused to drive. That alone would create a problem that would bring the government to their knees. That statement alone proves what I say is true. It just takes getting people on the right page. As things get worse then people will unite and see the light.

    To fix this country not one shot has to be fired except out of the muzzle of a Government gun. We have all the power. We can just simply not comply. How about not paying our taxes . How about getting more self sufficient by storing a little extra food and ammo just in case. How about talking to our friends to prepare for an all out non compliance event. To hell with protest. You can watch video’s on youtube all day long to see how that works out. It goes no where.

    Just say. I WILL NOT COMPLY.

  • It’s not bigotry to be confident that we’re correct; but it is presumptuous to be unable to imagine how we might have gone wrong. Actuality hurts… amazingly it’s not the inevitable awareness of things [but] all the time squandered without resolve; adding the depth entrusted guardians/officials have gone to to distract us …so we’re ignorant of the truth. ~Those who infer deter.

  • Bandara

    Heh..Im working in Qatar (Currupt country run by US puppet) and i had a big hope for this man.

    As usual, majority of US people proved that they are smart !! I was the one who was stupid to think about Ron paul.

    Sorry for the rest of nearly 20% of US people who knows the truth. America will never wake up. Its people have proved it. The zionism has reached to its highest piont and Israel will use and abuse US in every other way they can.

    Thanks to those voters, the US yougsters have to prepare for all the future Zionist wars and spill the blood for Israel. The other brainwashed people will keep paying taxes so obama can spend more for Lockheed Martin and serve for the Zionists untill the people will become poor and miserable.

    So keep voting for thugs…..walk around the Walmart and compare the iphone vs galaxy……….Senheisser vs Beat headphones..Dont read books. Forget about the country.

    God bless to you (sorry theres no god exist)

  • Of course this woman doesn’t give it. If she understood what Ron Paul was talking about they would NEVER hire her to begin with.

  • 20 states already signed secession petitions to withdraw from the union we had the chance to fix this peacefully but now that the our system is really fucked up I think it’s time for a 2nd revolution.

  • intentional dumbing down of the education system was in place a long time ago man