Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show: America is Far Gone

  • Alex Jones, the new Generation Rush……

  • i like paul but Alex Jones is a complete nutjob.

  • I believe Alex Jones is a controlled source of alternative media.

  • AJ’s voice is so fukin annoying. It’s like he’s got a twisted cock up his ass. Lol

  • When Ron Paul goes on Alex Jones, you know shit really hit the fan!


  • I didnt vote.

  • One of few petty things I disagree with Paul on is associating himself with this loudmouth arrogant fear peddling idiot.

    I’m still waiting for those Russians AJ.

  • AJ is nothing more than an Internet rendition of Glenn Beck.

  • You’re wrong! By not voting, you have no voice! For 20 years now I have voted only Libertarian for President. This last election I voted a straight ticket! I’m NOT going to throw my voice away even if the guy/gal I vote for winds up dead last with less than 1% of the vote. At least cast a protest vote!

  • Not voting is more stupid that voting for the “0”! For the love of God, at least cast a protest vote for Johnson or write in Ron Paul! If nothing else, at least you have some sort of voice and those candidates will get better ‘visibility’!

  • aw dumb dumb dumb kitten – can you be more specific about which story? Can you give ONE example?

  • 05:44 “It’s a form of Socialism called Fascism.”

    That’s why I wrote in Ron Paul.

  • Hey Budweiser – your movement? All YOU have credit for is a bowel movement. Why NOT – go back to TROLL school – OTHERWISE you will continue being an IDIOT troll.

  • A politician that is doing what he does to benefit the future… we need this man.

  • We heard more of Alex than the Guest!

  • I feel that our sheep bleat the same way the American sheep do though! :/

  • The Conservative Entertainment Complex is a lot harder to say than Alex Jones, although it does sound scary, and makes Conservatives sound like they have a complex.

  • Why do people think facts=fear? There are so many effeminate jellyfish men (who do not read extensively) these days. Thank God for a man who cares about his family and all families.Alex Jones is inspiring.

  • Alex Jones isn’t cool, he doesn’t chill, isn’t trndy, doesn’t know about video games and stuff, isn’t lazy, doesn’t send his babies tp planned parenthood. He has guts and courage. What a weirdo.

  • And ice cream and puppies 🙂