Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show: America is Far Gone

  • The Banksters are extremely happy and have said that “We are very happy that you participated in the election instead of write ins because we can cheat your ass off easily by giving your votes away to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as well!” All of you people that voted for Gary Johnson instead of Ron Paul as a write in candidate have no one else to blame but yourselves! You could have prevented this problem in the first place if you had voted for Ron Paul but instead you betrayed us all!

  • ron who? lol!

  • The reason why Gary Johnson did not get the 5% votes at all because all of his supporters participated in the election fraud / voter fraud crime syndicate! If people had voted for Ron Paul as a write in candidate instead of Gary Johnson then we would never have this problem in the first place!

    The Banksters are extremely happy and have said that “We are very happy that you participated in the election instead of write ins because we can cheat your ass off easily by giving your votes away!”


  • There’s never any real way to know or prove that.

    Just use Infowars and Alex as any other news source, and never take anything at face value right off the bat, as always.

  • Lol, WA is probably one of the most shittiest blue states with the most blind voters. I’d rather live in a battleground state where folks think harder and dont just look at the letter in front of the name.

  • Lol, well they could have done something about Bush having a second term too now. I guess they were too busy to vote back then.

  • how do you figure?

  • French Canadian

    To all you little snobish idiots who bashes Alex Jones.

    He is the BEST thing that ever happened to America after Ron Paul. But how would you know? You never took the time to listen to his show. The BEST SHOW on the entire WEB. You only like and know how to read gossips , trash and false propaganda on the WEB, that is what feeds and fulfils you. Garbage in, garbage out.

    You hate every successful people. Your only goal is to destroy them.

    I hope you all go to hell, and hell will come sooner than you think for you pitiful envious little nobody. You braindead zombies are the precise reason your country is in such a mess. I despite you all and I withdraw from this site who has attracted the worse of the worse of uninformed evil bloggers lately.

    I will be sitting back and laughing at you patriot haters as I see your country go down the cliff. I hope the landing will be hard for you idiots and that you wont make it out.

    Only Alex jones listeners will emerged fine from the collapse, because they will know what to do. The rest of you will die like idiots, good riddance for America!

    I’ll keep listening to Alex daily show and will pray for the REAL patriots of this country, which you are definately not part of.

    It was nice blogging here for a while, but with the new bunch of slime balls on this site, it would make me throw up to continue to comment on this site.

  • Cite the lie poser.

  • 100% agreed. I was about to post a comment as such. His body language shows that he is fully aware of using deception, twisting anything and everything he can into alarmism. I don’t know his motives but he is definitely a bad egg.

  • I think, from the diction of your post, that I have gleaned a reason as to why you were banned…

  • Obama is either a Social Democrat, or a Fabian Socialist on the surface. Just below that, a imperialist totalitarian capitalist or something very similar.

  • If Ron Paul had half a chance America would too, however…

  • romney was a bullshit candidate. we will never get a president who is legit

  • HAHa. Whatever…You honestly can’t believe that the government would allow something like Alex JOnes if the things he says were actually true..

  • Uuugh, Alex uuuugh, Jones uuugh, needs to uuugh, just breathe.

  • I got banned from Inforwars channel.

    Fuck that fat throat cancer faggot.

  • Yes, I’m involved in the Liberty movement and I don”t like a bunch of zombies within the movement, blindly following a nutcase. I guess you just call whoever disagrees with you a troll because you have no valid counterarguments.

  • The write in didn’t even make the count, they just threw those out. I was afraid they would. I’m surprised They showed Gary Johnson’s numbers, we have RT to thank for that. When we have to rely on foreign media to get our voice out, we are truly screwed.

  • Ron Paul 2012: The future we could have had but gave away.