Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show: America is Far Gone

  • “…because 12 million decided not to bother (not vote) which isn’t all that bad. They looked at Romney and they looked at Obama, and decided it’s not worth the effort. And they know the whole system is rigged against us if we try a 3rd party, so they said to heck with it!”
    Ron Paul

    That just about sums it up.


  • Go to David Duke’s channel everyone! He is the one that really tells the truth about what’s really going on in this world!

  • To a point I agree…but Dr. Paul’s message must be distributed by every outlet available and must be heard by as many ears as possible.

  • Alex Jones is one of the worst radio talk show host I have ever listened too. Ron Paul should not even be on this clowns show.

  • Actually, I know quite a bit about the info wars audience. I watched info wars for years and was part of Paul’s 08 campaign. I was heavy into the whole Zietgiest thing and it’s surrounding counterparts for years until i realized how inaccurate most of the information the movement is based on was.

  • same, he comes up with real stupid conspiracy theories involving justin bieber etc that just discredits other more important ones

  • Stan

    Ron Paul is still a man of the establishment. He truly wishes for the present system to be guided by the Constitution, but this is only the very tip of the iceberg. The root of the problem rests upon the whole of the establishment, because the very idea of our present day governmental system is simply a mis-creation. It is an invitation to complete and total failure, because this is the very reason why it was created. It was not created for the betterment of humanity, but rather its very own destruction. In reality, there is no real entity working for the betterment of humanity, and this is what we truly need. Ron Paul has good intentions, but his focus is still based on correcting a system that was created to fail. Money is a fabrication, it is not real. Gold is a precious stone that, in truth, has no monetary value. The whole idea of monetary value is the very reason for our present day predicament. As long as there remains the possibility for ONE to be of more value than the other, there shall forever remain manipulation and greed within our world. The root of the problem has absolutely nothing to do with the government because, in reality, to our knowledge, there has never been a true governmental system in our world. Within a world governed by a true governmental system, there is only peace and love. Where there is peace and love there can never be manipulation or greed. Ron Paul is a wonderful politician with good intentions, but he lacks the most basic fundamentals as a human being. A true human being is not interested in what is good for America, but rather for the entire human race. The focus of any governmental system is peace and unity with all as ONE, anything else is simply a figment of our imagination; it is a fabrication, an illusion.

  • Why all I see is hardcore truth from if you wanna see controlled alternative media id check everywhere else like the young turks.

  • robin

    VETERAN’S DAY…We have been at war 214 years since 1776. As many of you know, most of our wars could have been prevented and were manufactured to create changes that move us one step closer to a one world government. Today let’s not glorify the horrors of war, but please join me in prayer so that more people will wake up and stop our interventionist foreign policy. I’m praying that we bring our troops home and stop this madness. Here is what one veteran has to say who was proud to serve his country, but says we need to stop glorifying WAR..

    Life is not better for the people in the Middle East, it is far worse and we are not there for humanitarian reasons or to defend this country. Time to stop taking orders from Israel and show we value the lives of our armed services and their families.

  • Paul could have been the president of the Republic of Texas.

  • the only politician i listen to im not even american

  • Michael

    Dennis Kucinich? This guy is a communist. His problem with Obama is that he isn’t liberal enough. He is for single payer health care. He is NOT a libertarian. Do NOT put him in the same sentence as Ron Paul.

  • i listen to my tv too, but i dont delude myself into believing it will ever be president

  • Read a book called “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas di Lorenzo and then tell me why Obama says he wants to be like Lincoln so much.

  • When Alex says (1:38) that the election was not so much a mandate for collectivism that Obama got reelected, that he sees it as it was a mandate that people have been dumbed down, I tend to disagree. He completely skimmed over the election fraud, that he brought up, which has been documented over and over during the nomination process. Collectivism may not be a mandate from the “collective” but it was the only choice allowed by those who pull this country’s strings. It was an imposition.

  • i belive that is stupid

  • tell us who you voted for

  • You are correct.

  • You are correct.

  • we will teach those zionest pigdogs a LESSON