Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show: America is Far Gone

  • The Bible has the prophecies about nwo, HAARP, project blue beam, IBM chip commercial, secret Babylon Illuminati scum, and how God is going to destroy the Illuminati as well as the rest of the evil lawless criminals. The great tribulation is at hand, wake up world.

  • RON PAUL was our only hope


  • pathetic

  • Rigid or not the cause of liberty has to be on going, So to say i am not going to bother to vote is a cop-out. we will never get 3rd party regonition until it has a real voice, and 12 million people is a bigger voice than one million, Gary got just over one million votes 0.5%

  • Yes. Jones is as much of a “controlled” source of media as CNN. His opinion is controlled from changing and growing, as it will over time if you really are thinking, studying, because he is beholden to an audience. His message needs to be static to sustain a margin of profit because he is a business like any other; he is selling a product, and that is entertainment.

  • Yet again, you dance around it. Must be nice living in your psychotic bubble where you block out people that you don’t agree with. I never said it was his sponsors. It was him doing a live read in which he falsely advertised the product.

  • Did you not read that quote at all? If you read it you’ll see it answers your question completely.

  • Yeah, just grow up. Now you’ve gone from Alex tells lies to some of his sponsors tell lies. Thru it all you refuse to cite the lie. That is childish. Plain and simple. If you won’t grow up then go away. I’ve no time for this nonsense.

  • How were the links I posted hyperbole or imagination? That was as literal as it gets. It was not a segment on his show it was an advertisement for food that was a misrepresentation. I’m not posting another source because every time I do you nutcases just deny it outright. You are convinced and nothing will change your mind. “Just grow up” sounds a lot like a defensive person that is having their god discredited and is not addressing the links I posted.

  • No genius, just lots of hyperbole and imagination.
    Got ya.
    So you are jealous AJ has so many sponsors.
    Seeing how Alex doesn’t talk about specific ingredients in any food item on his show, besides the GMO crops sold by Monsanto, I call BS on your whining. So do a search on what? You never say. You never tie yourself to a citation. You just make derogatory claims and leave the details for us to flesh out without a clue to what we are fleshing out. Just grow up will ya.

  • You’re the one that is in denial. I gave valid links to Alex’s lies and fear mongering that helps him sell merchandise. Therefore he is a greedy fear monger. Got it, or do I need to go slower?

  • Greedy. The claim you made was that Alex Jones is a *greedy* fear monger. You don’t ever say what it is he is greedy for. You don’t ever give any evidence that he is greedy at all. Apparently you think all you have to do is make a claim and it should go unchallenged. Wake up Buh’ wheat, you got challenged and your hedging and denials don’t do your case any favors.

  • Usually links to his other sites with info pulled out of the ass. Most of what he says is pure opinion backed by no evidence whatsoever. I’m done talking to you. You are the real troll and haven’t come up with anything even resembling a counterargument. All you have done is name call without bring up any real points. Go jerk it in your mothers basement to more paranoid nonsense and wonder why no one takes you seriously and you don’t have any sane friends or a girlfriend.

  • Hey Budweiser – What’s useful about the Alex Jones format is that he sources the information with links – so that even glue-sniffing LOW I.Q.TROLLS like YOURSELF can’t utilize SOUND BITES OUT OF CONTEXT.

    Sorry – you haven’t redeemed yourself – YOU are STILL AN IDIOT.

  • meto!

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul schools Barack Hussein:
    “If you don’t know the Constitution (the one you swore to protect) you shouldn’t be in Office.”

    10 minute video — spread it like wildfire!

    (also, note how without a teleprompter Lil’ Hussein can’t put two words together without mumbling, bumbling and stumbling)

  • WHY do YOU feel the NEED to CAPITALIZE random WORDS?


    Here you go. Now go put on that tinfoil hat and avoid them chemtrails, psycho boy. I’m done with people that do nothing but say “TROLL, TROLL”

  • As far as misrepresentation goes for money (other than the countless number of blatant lies he tells on his radio show that help him sell books and other merchandise) he has lied about what was in some of the food items he advertises on his show. A quick Google search should bring that up. I know all about InfoWars and Alex Jones. It doesn’t take a genius to see through his bullshit.

  • I did provide evidence if people cared to look at my previous comments. And the only guy that requested it, got it. No one else has asked me so I don’t know where you’re getting “repeatedly” from.

    Here’s some of his fear mongering bullshit that you would have seen if you read my previous comments,


    If you see those and still say Alex is a rational man that is so awake, then you are worse than the people that you guys call sheep.

  • Amen to that!