Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show: America is Far Gone

  • You are misinformed. Communism is a type of socialism. It is fascism and socialism that are more polarized, but even so they both involve the state taking control of the economy, just by different modes and to fulfill different ideals.

  • Socialism and Communism are two polar opposites and completely incompatible.

  • You’re correct that both are fucking us up. The vaccines and water bit is patently silly and uneducated.

    The research is conclusive regarding vaccines, they pose a risk to some and tremendous benefits to most. Dental health is at it’s historical best thanks in large part to fluoride, with almost no side effects recorded in peer reviewed studies.

    The sky is in fact falling, but not from silly shit like that.

  • should we listen to you or are you a member also? think for “yourself” , yet you want us to listen to you?

  • well sir, i have done just that
    i have been a alex jones listener for three years. i am only 17 years old.
    get your vaccines drink the water and eat your aspartame idiot. surrender your rights, be trained by our government. when shit does go down the patriots will still fight for your sad soul. i wish things were not this way. but the dems and repubs are fucking us up

  • ron paul cant change anything because he is a member. alex jones cant change anything because he is a member. wake up and THINK for yourselves. dont believe these people. listen to them and think criticly about them. and RESEARCH what he is talking about.


  • For those 23 who Disliked this. Try this out: Grab a Turban, Koran, and AK-47. The time has come for you to unveil your intentions!!!!!

  • Same here 🙁

  • OBAAMA!!!!! 4 more yearsh

  • By the way yes you are correct I did not vote precisely because Ron Paul was not top on the ballet.


  • Smack dab on the money.

  • First Election I ever voted for a President. I wrote in Ron Paul.

  • Can i move in with you? :p

  • i know its just sad to see..

  • i know its just sad to see..

  • however, I do think you can have some 10000-40000 square mile part of earth to president with a bunch of other emigres.

  • sorry Ron, you are far gone.

  • Too many problems, none of which have even begun to be fixed. They just keep accelerating us over the cliff. We can’t count on these assholes anymore, kick their asses out of office and strip them of all their benefits/pensions.

  • I didn’t vote for none of them. I was an Obama guy, until I opened my eyes and did research.. Ron, we need a change! Please help America get its liberty, rights, and constitution back like it was before…or we will fall to this tyrannical government