Ron Paul: The Real Issue Is that the Country Is Bankrupt!

  • Brad Erenberger

    Dear Ron:
    Your farewell speech was outstanding. Even though you are retiring, I do hope you continue to speak, and teach.

  • I wish we had a rail system that was affordable and connected every city. Why can’t I build a house on my property my way why do I have to pay these inspectors to come check out what I want to build when what I want to build would be stronger and more efficient than anything they would approve.Concrete Dome home uses 1/3 the energy are near disaster resistant I have no love for FEMA I want to ride out the storm in my MDI home. Banks refuse to lend for these homes the home is too good.

  • I think he made a big enough impact that the media will continue to have him comment even after he leaves office. Lets not forget, The libertarian party may gell into a major factor in 4 years with Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, and Jesse Ventura. Gary needs more exposure, at this time its Ron and Ventura that motivate the most people.


  • We will fight also for you freedom. People like you need help (voluntary from other people, not from a Government beaurocrat), I want to help.

  • Another GREAT LEADER is leaving… Is anyone out there that can take his place? Doubt it.

  • emigrating

  • Thank God for Hitler!!! Eugenics is the greatest idea ever. Kill all people who aren’t perfect.

  • Ron Paul and so many others warned if we dont change course all of this happening today would come to be. We are far past the point of no return and now America will reap the rewards it so deserves. Good luck to you all we will need it.

  • Let’s not forget the money drain from the two wars in the middle east.

  • 2:03

  • 2:30 who is they FOX? c’mon really

  • ron paul is awesome but fox news is fake news scum

  • Smart man. Listen to the guy who had the foresight to buy gold at $35/oz.

  • Media = slow, stupid and ignorant. Paul = intelligent, peaceful and courageous.

  • Ah, I see.

  • Ron Paul makes a lot of sense and always has . If some of his ideas on economics were adopted , it would be beneficial to the country .

  • Stupid dumb bitch is asking him questions that everyone should ALREADY know what he means by “real solution.” See, this is what’s wrong with America; dumb-asses like her play dumb and fuck with the real-deal Hollyfield, Ron Paul that is, by asking him dumb-ass questions that she, along with every other dumb-ass who doesn’t KNOW Ron Paul but SHOULD know his “real solution” by now. Stupid dumb bitch. Fuck You.

  • Ron Paul makes sense now, just as he did before the election.
    obama is only good for an internet meme, i dont understand how the people want to change anything with the same president. LOL.
    Sad that the media empires contolling the opinion of the masses so well.

  • $35 an oz gold. WoW. He knew what was coming. Wish I was that smart..

  • Such a great man….I love you Ron!!!!