Ron Paul: The Real Issue Is that the Country Is Bankrupt!

  • “I started when it was $35 an ounce”. Clever!

  • I’m so grateful for these opportunities for Ron Paul to inject his singular sanity into our political situation. These snippets of sanity will bite the asses of his deniers very soon…


  • Yeah I know, it’s sketchin me out that he thinks shits going down, even though I want it to, I feel like it’s going to be a struggle.

  • Haha, obviously, but there is not a chance in hell that is happening, worst odds than we had of Paul getting elected which was probably 0 if you ask me. I don’t believe in the integrity of this government, and the corruption runs DEEP.

  • we had our chance america, now we’re stuck with obama

  • um…You’re wrong…both in overall entitlement program expenditures and in per capita carrying costs. Entitlement spending in the US is now over 2/3s of the federal budget. Canada’s is just over 1/2 of it’s federal budget.

    Both countries need to reduce entitlement spendings and more specifically how the money is spent…but that doesn’t change the facts of my comment.

  • yes… move to the country with even more entitlement spending.. brilliant idea

  • Ron Paul is the best !!!!

  • 1-2 years he says. Better buckle up fellas!

  • Look at the scale on the right, nothing wrong with the graph.

  • wRONg Paul is a Ku Klux Klan faggot.

    • steve

      apparently, you cant spell and probably are stupid. keep up being an idiot and you will go far in life!!!!!!

  • “You can’t carry guns in Canada I own land here.”

    You can carry on your property…and with the right paperwork, you can carry most places.

    “Fire the NAZI’s problem solved.”

    What Nazis?

    “Vote third party now and forever.”

    Canad’s 3rd party is the NDP. Sure, the hype is different, but there’s no difference in practice. Politicians are politicians…doesn’t matter what party they’re in.

    • Wow, you obviously don’t know Canada , eh! And I can rest assured you will never carry a gun in Canada but what’s your point?

  • Former trucker I see the fuel wasted just to keep trucks rolling they need to work together to reduce fuel usage. Some foods you have to truck they are too time sensitive. Most of my loads were hauling paper for news papers and cardboard stock. If we reduced the speed limit and allowed loose camping laws and give people more time off for vacations we could save tons of fuel there. The only way the masses want to conserve is if we reach condition critical by then it is too late.

  • You can’t carry guns in Canada I own land here. Fire the NAZI’s problem solved. Vote third party now and forever.

  • This man should have been president. If it wasn’t for the establishment stealing Dr Paul’s Republican nomination we would be working on our debts day one!

  • They seriously thought Mitt Romney was better fit to represent the party than Ron Paul? No wonder they are in shambles. There is no way in hell Obama could have beat Ron Paul. He doesn’t give vague solutions or avoid real issues like the drug trades and free money for the military to literally fuck around. Goldman-Sachs “keeps it in the family with Romney and Obama.” If the government were really trying to find a solution, they would listen to RP.

  • Move to Canada – problem solved.

  • Move to Canada – problem solved.

  • Gotta love that graph at 4:10 clearly everyone ought to know that 16.2 is halfway to 16.4….how could anyone think differently?

  • Ron Paul does not need any rest. He’s not carring around tons of lies. He is light as a feather.
    Now that he is out for a while Bernaki, Pelosi, Republican Gods, Owe Bomb A and the rest of the fools think thy can rest. BUT the FUTURE is CREEPING UP ON the expediant fools. I like to have a list of their Night Mares- something like they are in a swamp up to their knees trying to run and a Anaconda is a few inches behind them.