Ron Paul: The Real Issue Is that the Country Is Bankrupt!

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    Faced with a MANDATORY Response to the Secession Petitions — two top chickens from the White House have flown the coop — Barack Hussein left for Asia, and Hiltlery Clinton is Israel bound!

    These two may run, but won’t be able to escape how their underlings respond!

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  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul: You’re Not FREE if you Can’t Secede from an Oppressive Government

    “In a free country, governments derive their power from the consent of the governed. When the people have very clearly withdrawn their consent for a law, the discussion should be over. If the Feds refuse to accept that and continue to run roughshod over the people, at what point do we acknowledge that that is not freedom anymore? At what point should the people dissolve the political bands which have connected them with an increasingly tyrannical and oppressive federal government? And if people or states are not free to leave the United States as a last resort, can they really think of themselves as free?”

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    My Take:

    The District of Columbia (Washington, DC) — where the White House and all Federal Governmental Agencies reside — have passed the point by their anti-American-anti-Constitution ACTIVITIES that they have FORFEITED THE RIGHT to be called the USA. De facto, THEY have already SECEDED from the Union by constitutional default, and any State that wants to secede from THEM is a State that wants to RETURN BACK to the original CONSTITUTIONAL USA!

  • michael

    how ron paul can still be elected president of the us in january of 2013: Barack Obama has not yet been re-elected president. Yes, the election is over – but remember, a presidential election in America is not by popular vote. We vote for the candidate, but what we are really doing is voting for the electors who will meet on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December. That is when the actual re-election of the president occurs. Is there a way to stop this? Yes, there is. And the best part – this is totally constitutional. The 12th Amendment of the Constitution as well as Article II of the Constitution govern the Electoral College. According to the 12th Amendment, for the Electoral College to be able to select the president, it must have a quorum of two-thirds of the states voting. If enough states refuse to participate, the Electoral College will not have a quorum. If the Electoral College does not have a quorum or otherwise cannot vote or decide, then the responsibility for selecting the president and vice president devolves to the Congress. The House of Representatives selects the president and the Senate selects the vice president.
    Since the Republicans hold a majority in the House, presumably they could vote for Ron paul if people phone then and email them telling them they want them to vote that way , and if they do he would be elected president. Can this work? Sure it can.Democrats have actually set this precedent of refusing to participate to deny Republicans a quorum. They did this in Wisconsin and in Texas. Why can’t we do this with the Electoral College? So how do we do this? Mitt Romney carried 24 states. We need to have conservative activists from all over the nation contact the electors, the Republican Party and the secretary of state in all of these states and tell them not to participate in the Electoral College when it meets on Dec. 17. If we can get 17 of those states (just over one-third) to refuse to participate, the Electoral College will have no quorum. Then, as the Constitution directs, the election goes to the House of Representatives. That is how we can still pull this election out and make Ron paul president in January of 2013.

  • They’ll raise taxes so high we’ll have another American Revolution. Bring it on!

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul — Secession Is an American Principle!

    It is not a question of IF, but WHEN, a State will secede!
    And the first viable State to secede will garner the most benefits (with the next States getting a bit less).

    The benefits of Secession are:

    1) The First State (that has a balanced budget) — let us say it’s Texas — will attract all freedom loving Americans. We will move lock-stock-and-barrel in the Millions to Texas in order to escape the impending Doom that is the Welfare-and-Military Tyranny that’s now known as the Washing DC Federal Government.
    Meaning, Texas, will have an influx of Liberty minded people, the REAL Americans, that are the producers, and not the takers.

    2) All GUN-TOTING Federal Agencies will cease to exist in Texas (and that will apply to all other States that eventually secede, equally)!

    No more of these PERNICIOUS Creations of a Government that IS NOW Against the People (and not For the People and Of the People, as our Original Constitution decreed)!

    The alphabet soup of these Federal Agencies was created not to protect us, We The People, but to belittle us, to condition us to obedience, to take away our rights and our individual sovereignty over body soul and private property, to rob us of our income, to give us Promissory Paper Notes and beguile us that that is real money, to tax just about anything and all that we earn or purchase, to take money away even when we are dead (picking a dead man’s pockets Tax), to pay tax on our private property that we own and have developed and improved, to force people without children to pay School Tax, to tell us that to travel is not a right but a “privilege” (drivers license “laws”), to tag us like cattle with a Number (SSN), to intrude so far into our private lives and homes as to tell us how much water we can use to flush down our poop in our toilets, to invade our sanctity as sovereign and free individuals to perpetrate invasive bodily searches at airports, to…and the sad list of our subjugation by GUN TOTING FEDERAL AGENTS goes on, and on, and on….

    Any State that secedes will be rid IMMEDIATELY of ALL these anti-American PERNICIOUS Federal Organizations!

    Here is MSN latest report:

    The Texas petition says the United States is suffering from economic troubles stemming from the federal government’s failure to reform spending. It also complains of alleged rights abuses committed by agencies like the Transportation Security Administration.

    “Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union,” it said.

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  • That was the idea behind the joke – the graph starts at 16. Point is, rather than starting it at 0, which would visibly show the debt is almost at the arbitrary maximum, it started in a place where, visually, it looks as though there’s still 1/2 way to go.


  • What was “all the bullshit about Abraham Lincoln that they kept pestering him about during his campaign”? I never heard about that.

  • Dr. Paul is a genius on economic! I hope that all of you understand the fundamentals of what he’s saying in this interview.