Ron Paul: The Real Issue Is that the Country Is Bankrupt!

  • that’s only because their agenda now align with Ron Paul’s ideal. Fox agenda is anti democrat, so they go to Ron Paul then hoping what he is saying makes Obama looks bad. What they don’t understand is, it doesn’t matter who is president, neither candidates will solve the problem, Ron Paul doesn’t care and neither do I. The system is corrupt and there is no way to improve it by following its rules.

  • they probably always have in their hearts but now that hes not a threat to the machine politically, they can admit it. I mean, how can a person with intelligence NOT agree with him unless they are told to or feel threatened by him.

  • Bill

    The truth hurts, that the tax increases proposed by class warfare president Obama on the rich will not be enough to cover the debt. Nor would additional taxes on the middle class (or expiration of the tax cuts). Obama increased the debt by over $5 trillion. The fiscal cliff is all about paying for Obama’s socialist spending binge like a drunken sailor.

    But there would be a big backlash by the middle class if their taxes are raised. The 2013 taxes on the rich will probably happen, but when it is shown to have no effect, particularly when the revenue in 2014 is significantly reduced from the 2012 and 2013 revenues, the politicians will be forced to regroup.

    The choices then will be to cut spending significantly or give Bernanke even more power to inflate the currency. Being politically expedient, they will give Bernanke more power.

    His zero interest rate policies have had very little effect but falsely inflate the stock market. It will be a repeat the next few years. But it will really impact gold, silver, and other precious metals, sending their prices through the roof.

    Today, November 25, the MSM admitted Black Friday sales were down 1.8%. This is not good news for the stock market this coming week. Despite the beginnings of QE3.

    The macro solution of course is to significantly cut spending. Eliminate entitlements (but first protect social security), bring all the troops home and no longer be world cop, cut defense spending by at least 60%, end the war on drugs, abolish the Patriot Act. The $1.2 trillion in spending cuts over ten years is not enough – just window dressing to buy time for politicians such as Obama to finish their terms, take their pile of loot offshore, and sip margaritas as the massive urban riots in the USA start up when people are denied their government checks.

    The personal solution is to buy silver bullion and gold bullion. Buy it regularly over period of time, that way you will avoid any major price shocks. Be very quiet about it and be very clever about hiding it in your household in places that are not obvious. Live below your means and don’t look any wealthier than your neighbors. Look poorer than them.


  • After George W. Bush and his cronies go to prison for starting a war on false pretenses and staging of 9/11


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  • theres a couple hosts on fox who respect Ron Paul, this guy one of them, if youve ever seen him on fox youd know this

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul: Obama’s Reelection Is a Bad Sign for America

    Must watch 6 minute video — spread it like wildfire!

  • OMG! OMG OMG! This IS FOX right? “I really like your solution for this” ?? Now that the election is over they can agree with him now?

  • I want to see a live debate with Obama and Ron Paul !!


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