Ron Paul: Zero Chance for Big Bargain on Fiscal Cliff

  • That woman is super sexy.

  • I find it typical, such has been going on for quite a few years at this point.

  • Can anyone tell what he says between 4:00 and 4:05? I cant understand him but he is talking about something very important that is happening with the banks and their excess reserves.

  • Ron Paul starts getting on the media after election… i find that odd


  • we are at a point of no return….isn’t that a good thing? i don’t want to return to a vapid government.

  • If Texas does secede, I will move there.

  • Ron Paul fo President of Texas after it secedes!


  • Loved the vid, i’m happy this man is around. Ron Paul will go down in history, and we the people will be apart of it, 2016

  • episode 2
    The old union of the USA has fallen apart and the once great,liberty,freedom and democracy has fallen into the control of the Sith lord Obama and his minions!

    The resistance continues to fight with constant blows being taken to retain what little freedom they have left.

    at this moment, the sith lord Obama prepares his Army of Drones and foreign clones in an attempt to crush the resistance once and for all.

    if anyone thinks they can do a better star wars parody,be my guest.

  • lol, funny, I could make a star wars parody out of the USA.

    War! In an effort to fight of the separatists of America, High Chansiler, I mean President Obama has been granted Emergency Powers though things like NDAA and the removal of the need for Senate approved for presidential appointments from the constitution and declared war without congress and increase military force. to fight the ever growing threat of the American separatists!

  • YES. Thank god I’m Texan, and also signed the petition 😉

  • Because it is a law of nature that we take the path of least resistance. When we are not required to use our brains to survive we become less intelligent. You may note that fiscal conservatives are in the majority in rural areas where wits and hard work are required to survive. Whereas in urban areas, where everything is practically handed to you without much effort, are dominated by fiscal liberals. And the population disparity is growing every year towards urban life. In 500 characters or les


  • The Grand Betrayal

  • I hear Texas wants to secede from the Union. Since Ron Paul couldn’t be President of the United States, maybe now he can be President of the Republic of Texas 🙂

  • This man will always give us the truth. Thank you Dr Paul.

  • I’m ready for the $%*= to hit the fan. So ready.

  • Better an end with tears than tears without end.

  • For once, a non-ignorant interviewer. WE ARE THE RESISTANCE!

  • The public education system.