Ron Paul: Zero Chance for Big Bargain on Fiscal Cliff

  • Ron Paul For Speaker of the House — NOW!


  • Ron Paul For Speaker of the House — NOW!

  • “It’s not a bugetary problme, it’s a government prblem” ~Ron Paul 2012

  • I voted for Ron Paul.

  • The talking head is probably not even from the u.s. Wonder what her “home country” really is, and why she is not on the side of the American System versus the fascio-communist hybrid of “right” (militarist-corporatist-medicalist big business and government in alliance) versus “left” (kickback programs to the people who have become impoverished to support fascist medical systems, and so on). Where is the talking head from? Does she have any Generational Americans in her family?

  • people get a real “payoff” for not listening. They “want what they want.” That’s as true for the neo-con Militarist-Corporatist-Medicalist t.v. talking head types as it is for the “left” people in the streets, arguing for Statist “programs.” Both the “right” and “left” “leadership” just want control of the money that is already collected. As long as the people arguing for “right” or “left” get enough kickback, they don’t care about the structure of the system. They aren’t honest people

  • just shut the federal government down they are useless anyways,

  • Ron Paul still a boss..

  • Isn’t it amazing that fools can listen to O’Bomb’a and claim that his ideas make good sense and then call Ron Paul’s statements “crazy”?
    All the cuckoos aren’t in the nest and the village is missing their idiot.

  • Sanity now! Sanity now! (Fiscal) insanity later…

  • Hey! We have plenty of money; We just gave a few million more to the opposition in Syria.

  • My “Crazy Uncle” is one smart guy.

  • So, let me get this straight…during the election process the media blacked the good doctor out, ignored him, laughed at him, and now they want his advice on the fiscal cliff? He should tell these so called journalist to shut their pie holes and pack it in!

  • Dr. Paul , even tough I live in Europe , i consider you to be one of the foremost up front politicians that can possibly make a difference . Although many shall not agree with you , you still continue to fight for the truth of the MATTER ..therefore I respect you and support your visions . Tactical moves are made daily that one may not agree with or make sense at all , i am glad that some one is keeping an eye on developments and voices their opinion . Bless you Ron .. wish you well cheers Gus

  • yay more videos!

  • Yeah, that’s typical. He was on the air all the time before he announced he was running for president. And now that the election is over, they’re bringing him back on for advice and no longer slandering him.

  • Hes not running for president anymore. Hes not a threat. Now we can talk to him like a normal human being instead of putting him down.
    Fucking establishment ball suckers!

  • I like the way you said this and put it all together well said pretty good ,And No you said it best !!

  • From the meetings I go to they really what the Collapse to happen and The new world order types do need this to go down so badly You guys just have know way to know You should see them speek and when they talk about the american people you should see the spit fly from their mouths God its sicking. what filth they are.The N.W.O. types are already sheeping what they have done under the bed so it all can`t be seen. God how they hate you all this is what keeps me up at night.

  • The irony is now that they know he won’t be running for president anymore, they start to have a high regard for him