Ron Paul: Zero Chance for Big Bargain on Fiscal Cliff

  • Thanks you Dr Ron Paul for all you do!


  • Thanks you Dr Ron Paul for all you do!

  • Help us Obi Wan Kenobi,….you are my only hope. The evil banking empire must be stopped.


  • Good interviewer.

    You could tell she had respect for the good doctor.

  • I wish so much that you were president Dr. Paul.

  • Now that’s a great comment!

  • Dr. Ron Paul Should have been up there debating with Obama instead of Mitt Romney it would have been a diffrent story had that happen. Dr.Paul is one of the wises people we have in goverment and still people don’t listen, its sad.

  • Presidential like NO OTHER

  • There’s my president!

  • Dr. Paul states the common sense solution to what is absurdly complicated in our society: cut spending. However, who’s going to do this– certainly not the politicians who are seeking re-election rather than a remedy for America’s financial crisis–it’s too vote costly. I guess our representatives will appear to be working hard to hammer out a solution that will be more palatable to a lot of Americans who embrace the status quo. Only the status quo is quickly leading us to financial disaster.

  • They are trying to amend the constitution – at move to ammend Dot Com

  • Obama joins the UN – and the UN is coming after the internet – and wants to charge for skype and email – they want too charge a fee ! The states are getting ready to secede form the UNION and OBAMA says that any one who SECEDES will loose their citizenship !

  • i think every human does. Here in Europe, it’s even worse….

  • Americans hate to face the reality.

  • The core problem with the GOP is that they may be white, but they think and act like a bunch of Nigerians. I apologize if I have insulted any Nigerian.

  • i keep doing what i have been doing since i opened MY eyes: waking up people! Such videos like this one help a lot!

  • Bad news for us 🙁 Damn taxes gonna rise ;(

  • Can someone tell me why bloomberg tv likes to have ron paul on so much?

  • yes, why Republicans would change leadership>? That scum Boehner, who openly lied to American people in Tampa, fits them well.
    they are killing GOP (and i’m a Rep.))