Ron Paul: Zero Chance for Big Bargain on Fiscal Cliff

  • Learn how to use the ‘reply’ button, ass wipe.

  • Rosco

    I and a few friends here in New Zealand are big supporters of Ron Paul.


  • Surfisher

    ***ALL 50 States have started Secession Petitions!***

    The cracks are beginning to show — Secession is but a precursor!

  • john edwards

    There he goes again making sence, speaking the truth, real salutions, No wonder the GOP would not nominate him. God bless Ron Paul.

  • Yes Ron Paul! Follow the constitution more closely, gold standard, get rid of the feds. Owing back a debt that follows with debt only made by the fed themselves is impossible to pay off due to they only make that money. It’s quite easy to pay off some of the debt as you’ve said before, the politicians, the big men, they should pay more in, the poor and middle class shouldn’t pay at all. Overall the tax standard from 1913 should be abolished and I know Ron Paul you support that.

  • We went over the fiscal cliff when we cut taxes, invaded two nations, kept interest rates artificially low, and told the public not to worry – just go shopping. Thanks for nothing Party of Ron Paul.

  • Texas did secede and got their asses kick.

  • id move to texas

  • No matter who and how much we tax, unless we cut down severely on Government Programs and Spending, the USA is headed the way of Greece and Spain. To avoid that, ALL demographics are going to have to suffer a bit. For an entertaining video dealing with some of the issues facing the Obama administration as it enters into a second term, search the following in YouTube browser, then click on the picture of Katy Perry dressed in the American flag: ‘State of a Nation Obama.

  • I’ll pack my luggage when that happens. (:

  • If he does I’ll be moving the day it happens.

  • Same

  • What was wrong with her?!? She wasn’t rude, or get this bitchy little smirk on her face every time he spoke. Nice interview for a change.

  • If Ron Paul became the President of Texas I’d leave New Zealand and go to live there.

  • New Constitution Amendments (suggestions)

  • Everyone has respect for Ron Paul, just not during campaign season.

  • i like how my local news and CNN tells the people that the Fiscal cliff doesn’t exist lol bullshit

  • Time for secession!

  • Israel just attacked a Factory in SUdan, attacked the humanitarian ship called Estelle and Noam Chomsky said that they have the biggest prison in the world when relating to Gaza, concentration camps.

    Thanks god that Obama does not buy their lies to attack Iran, we don’t want WWIII this is the only planet we got.

  • once the fact that central banking system controls and minipulates the entire world is common knowledge… thay will fall only to rise once it is in the past.

    andrew jackson defeated the cntral bank because everyone agreed central banks are not a good idea…US backed currency