Ron Paul: Zero Chance for Big Bargain on Fiscal Cliff

  • Yes. CAPITALISM is the MAIN PROBLEM it originate from childhood game to adulthood playfull mind in human history. some say it starts from CHINA & MONGOLIAN RULER use it to spread MIDASIA to EUROPE like ROME then mainland BRITAIN restablish it again making AMERICAN DOG GOVERNMENT of MONARCHY policize the world using military force then now MAINLAND CHINA rehybrid it to COMMUNISMCAPITALISM. whats next?


    human beings still not equal specially in any form of government interference. No Politicians. No Bankers. No Drug Lords. No lawyers. No Gambling Lords. No Anarchist. No to rebel Politicians. No to Dictators. No Opportunist Lazy People. No King. No Emperor. No Sultanate. No Rulers. No Royal Families. No Criminals. No Elite Evil Minded People. etc. etc.

    We humans need more freedom. We dont need any government anymore.. we are all free.!!!

  • That’s easy to say.. How about back up your words with substance???

  • We need to support Rand Paul, he has a chance for 2016 elections

  • He is right nothing will change.

  • Ron Paul is a phony, grandad, shill, and if you really look into him you will see.


  • People on food stamps are a problem, right Mr. Paul? Better to cut them off as you wanted to do in your budget proposal? Let them starve right? Tarpley os right. Let’s cut the shot and get down to reality. People will die if the social programs are just stopped without the infrastructure being built up, industry to return, and real jobs.

  • “me gold, me gold”… Tarpley is right on! In the Alex Jones interview with Webster Tarpley on election night, it was not what they elaborated on that was interesting, it was the criticism that Jones brought up to downplay. He joked about his link to the John Birch Society, and his support of the Koch Bros. remember the ride back from Bilderberg, where surprise they find a leaked 1966 document where the bad guy was the UAW union head. Hmmm. And he defends Koch on Ventura’s criticism? Hmmm. Wher

  • Ron Paul is a high level Mason. He is a shill of the elite with the same level of patience that he has in the past explained as the strategy of his globalist rulers. He supports the Rockefeller funded controlled opposition group, the John Birch Society. The truth movement was hijacked just like politics before it began. Do you really think the globalists missed this?

  • You sir described communism, not capitalism.

  • Wow, this reporter actually had some decent questions, as opposed to the average braindead sheeple reporters that you normally hear.

  • Are all Ron Paul crazy conspiracy theorists?

  • ^^^ I wrote the good Dr. Paul in on my ballot also! Now the bullshit that passes for mass media want his input. Where was the news when he was campaigning???????????

    Please awakened people of Amerika, forget the DemONcrats and RepubliCONS… they are dividing and attempting to conqueror us. ALL AWAKENED PEOPLE UNITE! The Occupy and Tea Party are all fighting the same enemy!

  • I say cut spending raise taxes, build a colony on mars and keep going. Time to become a multiple planet species.

  • Citizen

    God Bless Ron Paul….

    Is it any wonder that he is the voice of reason in a government gone stark raving mad.

    Government monkey business as usual, whats new?

  • anyone else want to bang the shit out of Trish??

  • Status quo interview. Ron Paul makes the prediction that the dollar WILL crash, and the interviewer moves on as if nothing of importance was said.
    Raising taxes will only serve to raise prices, create more inflation further weakening the dollar and expediting the crash Ron Paul has predicted. But, I think this all lines up nicely with the plans of this administrations masters.

  • Fuck America!

    The only way to stop the radical out-of-control federal government is CIVIL WAR!!!!

  • Same.

  • Do you like living under Obama!!! What has he done so far that makes him better than Ron Paul? NOTHING!!! Millions of people, including myself, are sick and tired of Obama. Secession is the most peaceful (and constitutional) way to get out from under his thumb. If you have a problem with that, then stay in a state that won’t secede and continue to suck that Obama Hope & Change cock 🙂