Poll: Should Ron Paul Run for Governor of Texas in 2014?

Should Ron Paul Run for Governor of Texas in 2014?

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  • Hatice Kursat

    I am resident of North Carolina. It would be honor for Dr. Ron Paul to serve governor of Texas. He was not chosen to be our President, what a shame our people did, at least he should run for Governor of Texas. Texan’s are lucky, very, very lucky to have a great Congress like him to be their Governor. If I lived in Texas, I would love to Vote for him. I’ve never been in Texas, I heard a lot of good about Texas. Dr. Ron Paul, please be Governor for Texas. You are priceless gemstone Congress, that the Americans would never have, again. You are our favorite Congress of U.S.A. I wish I had known you in 2008, I would have Voted for you in 2008. I am glad I Voted for you in 2012, no regrets.
    Allah bless you for caring, life’s of all humanity, race, religion, that is why we love you.


  • Dustin

    Ron should obviously do whatever he wants, but there is no reason for him to continue in politics. He has accomplished quite a bit. I’m sure he is a tad weary, and he is getting a bit old. I have no doubt Ron will live to see 95, but give the man a break.

  • Matt Carpenter

    Watch the Republican party BEG Ron to run in 2016. In fact, they’ll even demand that Fox News kiss his butt and call it “ice cream”.

  • Ron Paul should be and may be the greatest president the USA has ever had so it is for this reason I would like him to only focus on being our next president!
    “GO RON PAUL!”

  • Barbara J Struble

    No, please do not run for governor of Texas. Dr. Paul, you are bigger than that. If Texas becomes a separate country, please run for president of Texas. Peace,

  • brooks wilson

    I would like to see you run for president in 2016 Dr.Paul,I believe in your ideas and morals.I believe you may be the only politician that we (the people of America) could trust to always do the right thing in bad situations,which i think are many to come.Since the election is over now,we all shall see for ourselves,As far as running for Texas governor,i believe you will do great things for this country in everything do,thanks for being true and staying true to us Dr.Paul.

  • Brandon

    For the poll to run as Texas governor if he wants….he would be great. I would like to see him run for president in 2016:)

  • Allan

    Dr. Dr. Paul,

    You have served the country with honor and integrity. I wish you great luck in the coming years.

    Unfortunately our other leaders have not had the same honor and intellect. They have made our country poorer in spirit, as well as lowered our level of prosperity and freedom.

    You have helped lead the way for those who love liberty and believe in limited government, as defined by our constitution. That is your best legacy – helping others to remember the principles that made our country great (and that we have lost or are in the process of losing.)

    Many thanks for the many years of service to us all.

    Thank you.

  • Mic

    Let’s get Ron Paul TEACHING people what he knows so that his knowledge is spread. It’s obvious that he KNOWS things that have caused him to see things for what they are. This expanse of knowledge and understanding should be taught to everyone.

    • Mic

      When we stop looking at politicians as the solution to the problems that Ron Paul keeps harping on, only then will we be able to actually make things right.

      Everyone is looking to replace the engineer on the train. The tracks end at the edge of a cliff… so isn’t it time for the passengers to just hop off the train?

  • Kelly Murph

    I think he would be an excellent governor…But I think we should, more appropriately, consider Dr. Paul for the Presidency of the Republic of Texas!


      LOVE IT! GREAT COMMENT!!!!!!!!!WOULD MOVE TO TEXAS IN A HEART BEAT(being a life long Fl. res) Have and extra room?

  • Jimmy (libjim)

    He should go for governor and then promote secession 😉

  • Casey

    He should absolutely run if that is what he truly wants to do…the only issue I see is our personal selfishness of wanting him to…Ron Paul has been a role model of what a citizen and government official should be…he has served our country better than most…he deserves to retire and enjoy his family and life at this point. I would support Ron Paul no matter what he runs for!

  • There are three reasons I believe he should run.

    First one is that he is always consistent and his principles far outweighs any of Perry.
    Second is.. ehhhh… I.. ehhhhhhhhh…. because he ehhhhhh…

  • Johannes58

    I voted yes even though I am sure he will not be tossing his hat in that ring. But I am sure he would do a far better job than ol what’s his name is currently doing.
    I feel Ron can do more for the cause of liberty by going around the nation and speaking to our young people and educating them with the truth!
    Keep the Revolution going!

  • Lilie Awsumb

    The Republican and Democrat Parties are the Socialist and Communist in Russia before the 1917 Communist take-over. One without the other would have delayed the take over. But as soon as the Communist took over, they eliminated the Socialists, that is why in this county it appears that they are not partners in the destruction of a governent that serves the people. This pattern has repeated itself in every communist country, socialist and communists playing good cop bad cop.
    Mr. Paul, if I lived in Texas, I would definitely vote for you for governor.
    I wrote you in for US President.

  • DLSkinner

    Just to correct Lilly Fox who doesn’t even know that Ron Paul is not a Senator, It is those likeminded or nominded individuals who despite the fact that the Republican party, which is now just another faction of the Government Party, (with the Democrats being the other faction), would not allow other candidates to speak or be a part of the election process and who’s obvious interest is not the interest of Free Americans, she and her mindless cohorts voted for Robomney! Instead of putting America First she and others put the GOP first….Lilly you should be ashamed for not supporting America. BTW Ron Paul could and should be the First President of the New Free America when Texas and other freedom loving States Secedes from the Tyranical U.S. Government.


    Senator Paul, I voted for you in the past, but this time I thought it was so important to have a Republican in the WH, I voted for Romney.

    I feel you should have rallied for Romney (and all of America).

    Becuase you did not support the GOP elected candidate, I will never support your son (moving to KY in fives months); nor will I support him for President, if he ever runs.

    Shame on you and all Reps that do not support our candidates……………the Dems support everything Obama says……….no matter what he says……….we have to do the same.

  • Rob


  • Keith Schloneger

    Personal liberty, & sound money is what he is all about and I for one want to leave that in his lap. …But to again spread that message, whose responsibility is that?? Dr. Paul’s or ours?? Hmmmm. He’s real good at it though!!!!

  • Mark Cosentino

    Mr. Paul – Please run for Governor of Texas – you are the only way to save our state from the corrupt government currently in place destroying the country. I have been a staunch republican my whole life but I now know that neither side is worth voting for. I will never vote again unless it is for you. You are the real deal and Texas needs you. If you decide to run I would gladly volunteer my services to help your campaign in any manner you see fit.I thank you for all that you have done and awakening me personally to the mess we are in. Texas needs your leadership and visions. It’s the only chance we have.

    Mark Cosentino