Poll: Should Ron Paul Run for Governor of Texas in 2014?

Should Ron Paul Run for Governor of Texas in 2014?

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  • Publius36

    Only if he support secession.

  • I said i don’t know,,,Because , i could not bring my self to ask one more thing
    from this man,,,He has Given so much,,,
    God Bless You Ron Paul,,,
    I would Follow you to Hell,, if that is what you ask of me.
    We would both make it out Alive.


  • https://www.facebook.com/HCR.Vanguard

    Live in Harris County? Join the Republican Vanguard. Defeat Socialism within Harris County. Keep Houston from becoming Detroit.

  • Paul Smith

    I voted ‘Yes’ though even though he didn’t make it to POTUS I’d much rather see him POTexas anyway.

  • Frisco

    No, Texas doesn’t have enough room for all us lovers of liberty. Ron should take a year to relax and begin his strategy to run for President in 2016, or perhaps support a great liberty candidate (Judge Andrew Napolitano perhaps).

    • Robert

      Amen, couldn’t have said it better.

  • Lillie

    Ron Paul would have been a great president! He was the only candidate running who could have saved this country.

  • simon

    I agree that we shouldn’t push Ron to run and let him enjoy his retirement.. but I have a feeling that Ron enjoys being a politician. He might just go stir crazy without being directly involved in his liberty movement.

  • Dawnnnny

    I love Ron Paul, but I’d like to see him ENJOY his retirement, it’s well-earned, so unless he really wanted to (which I can’t imagine he would), let’s get other liberty candidates into all 50 governorships and try to stop obsessing on our hero 🙂

  • That Ron Paul COULD run for Governor of this great state makes me even more proud to be a Texan. Yes, Please; Ron Paul, run for governor. Please help us to get rid of Slick-Rick Perry and vote in an intelligent guy for a change.

    Run, Ron Paul, RUN!
    — for GovOfTexas, that is!

  • If Ron Paul were to Run for governor of Texas he would be hands down the best Governor Texas ever had just the same as if he won the presidentcy, I was never interested in politics before just voted with the Firefighters Union for the sake of my pension ,NEVER AGAIN, rippept up an O’vomit sigh they handed me at the union office and told them I would NEVER knowinly vote COMMUNIST,they said I was throing away my pension ,Iinformed them they were throuing away their COUNTRY , repentant O’vomit voter in 2008 ,this year I voted for Mittens just because the other option was unthinkable ,Just signed Rand Pauls petition for the direction of the Republican Party,no more Bushes,no more Clintons no more NEW WORLD ORDER ,no more O’vomit I will NEVER FORGET the MANIPULATION {Bull Sh*t } at the Republican National convention ,and the Republican nominations ,Can Dr. Paul do anything about the ovious voter fraud in the 2012 presidential and others elections some presincts had as much as 140% voter turn out perhaps Ron & Rand can get together with Allen West, maybe Ron Paul & Allen West in 2016 ? or Ron Paul & Judge Napolitano,Ron Paul & Palin ,Ron Paul & Michele Backman one can only dream of Americas future, GOD BLESS AMERICA ,GOD BLESS RON PAUL,GOD BLESS us all with O’vomit in office I pray he will be indicted and IMPEACHED for the GOOD of our country.

  • Rand Coleman

    Ron has been a public servant for many years. I thank him for his service to our country. He is an old man now and deserves to enjoy life and spend time with his family. Hopefully he will continue to speak up as a citizen and patriot though.

  • Donna-Lee Phillips

    It’s time for Ron Paul to hang up his campaigns and quietly retire.

  • Ed

    If Ron Paul wins the race for Governor of Texas… I might have to move to Texas.

  • Rog

    He is a hero and maybe the last true American in Congress, but he has done his part and deserves time to himself. I would however hope that he continues to speak and write and advise others in the good fight.

  • Don Harlan

    If Ron Paul runs for the governor of Texas, he will have my support.

  • J.L. Busch

    Hello Dr.Paul.
    I sincerely hinged all my hopes on the chance that you would be our president. It would be nothing short of a major boost to our morale to hear that you will run for president 2016. Nevertheless, if you choose to campaign for governor of Texas, I would like to make a request of you. Upon your election as governor, please adress the tsa problem, among similar agencies, with haste.
    I propose a watch agency operated by Texas alone be created to stand in as constitutional officers which will enforce the constitution as much as possible, with authority to arrest tsa agents or use deadly force if necessary. I understand the best answer would be to disallow tsa in Texas, but that has been overruled by our oligarchy of a government. Please make an example of some large magnitude for all to see and hopefully take heed. I would hope any incident of a constitutional Ranger arresting a tsa agent would result in the minimum of a felony for the tsa agent, but possibly consider treason among the charges.
    Thank you for everything you have brought to the political arena. Without men of liberty such as yourself, I’m afraid we are doomed to devolve into a violent time of civil unrest.
    Sincerely, J.L.Busch.

  • Birdie

    Dr. Paul, please take the helm of this restoration of the Constitution, aka “secession” movement!!! Lay it all out there and we will back you…we back everyone who is aligned with the Constitution! Steady on – G-d speed!

  • Terry

    He should absolutely not run for TX gov. We need him to bring issues to light
    for the entire country. He needs to maintain a high profile at the national
    level as a guest on national talk/news shows, and his Liberty organizations.

  • David Crum

    He should run for governor of Illinois. We REALLY need him.

  • David Childs

    If Ron Paul wins governor of Texas I will probably move there.

    What better way to prove his platform would be good for a state…and thus a country…