Poll: Should Ron Paul Run for Governor of Texas in 2014?

Should Ron Paul Run for Governor of Texas in 2014?

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  • Cal

    Ron Paul should run for President.


  • Rian

    If he wants to continue in the public sector I would welcome it!

  • Fred

    I would love to see Ron Paul as governor of Texas, but, hey, give the guy a break.

  • Will Wynne

    Ron would certainly make sure Texas fiscal house was put in order. He appears to be serious about ending illegal immigration. Don’t like the fact he just doesn’t get it when it comes to the danger Islam and shariah law pose to Liberty.

  • Audie C Gates

    Dr.Paul will be effective in any office he serves since his run for President this year.We should let him choose where he thinks he will be most beneficial.

  • Bill Butler

    Yes. Governor of Texas…Then, President of The Republic of Texas!

  • J Walker

    It’s a shame, due to media blackout that you never got the full coverage you deserved. It’s also a shame that the corruption in the USA now outweighs the good and that the USA will always be making wars and there will be bloodshed.

    The good thing is… people, many people are now aware of what they should be doing and eventhough it’s too late, they may never give up trying.

    You’re so loved.. even in countries that haven’t anything to do with the USA.

    If you ever need a change of scenery, feel free to move to Canada. We support you here also.. more than you know.

  • mike

    Governor, then we secede!!! Yeah!

  • Rosco

    What about Senator for Texas? and another run for president in 2016!



  • I’ve supported Ron Paul since the 70s, when I lived in Houston.

    I voted “Yes, he should run for Governor of Texas,” but only with deep misgivings.

    I feel guilty about asking him to endure any more hardship, about continuing to fight an uphill battle against the entrenched Demopublican establishment, with its rigged rules of the game.

    To me he’s like Rocky in the final Rocky film, “Rocky Balboa” (Rocky 6). If he wants to fight, if he feels the need to fight, then will of course be in his corner.

    But if he wants to hang up his gloves after a lifetime of going the distance, who can blame him? Who has fought harder for America in the past three decades than Ron Paul?

    If there is any justice left in America, no matter what he decides to do tomorrow, he will be remembered as the grand old man, the Benjamin Franklin, of the Second American Revolution.

  • Gershon

    The world desperately needs many Dr Pauls. I am only a little older than he and find finding enough energy rapidly becoming more difficult. Our literature is a little thin. Perhaps he could do us as much good as Marx did the world harm with a well thought-out book. Or perhaps he could combine the existing literature as was done 2000 years ago to help make our direction clear.

  • Robert Tyranski

    If Ron Paul runs for governor of Texas and were to win… guess where I’d be moving.. that’s right.. TEXAS!

  • D.O. Durant

    If he wants to run, I will vote for him. If he does not, I will wish him farewell with fear in my heart.

  • Laurence Burris

    I would most definitely support Ron Paul running for Governor of the great state of Texas. He would most definitely help to stem the tide of Obamaism.

  • Catherine C

    While I would far prefer that Dr. Paul help us to revolutionize politics here in my home state of NH, I will applaud his continued public service as governor of Texas. I envy the lucky residents of the Lone Star State. As we say here in the Granite State, “Live Free or Die!”

    Thank you, Congressman Paul, from the bottom of my heart, for your years of fighting for freedom and the tenets of our Constitution.

  • Dave Fernandez

    If Ron Paul wants to be a governor, she should do it. He’s a grown ass man who can make that decision and you can bet he’d do a fine job of it too. If he did, I would definitely consider moving to Texas. And who knows, if Texas started experiencing growth and prosperity due to his purely constitutional policies, Texas may become an object of envy of other states that will want to emulate Texas. Proving once and for all who would have been the best president.

  • Opal

    I voted no .. .. because I don’t live in Texas .. the greatest statesman of our time doesn’t deserve to be stifeled to one state.

  • Steve Barker

    Dr. Paul is already owed our undying gratitude for his service to Texas and Texans. As far as I am concerned he should do whatever he wants to do and if he wants to be Governor don’t wait do it now. Better yet throw Rick Perry out now, succeed from the U.S.S.A. and elect Dr, Paul our first President.

  • Paulie

    I love Ron Paul and I pray God grants him many happy blessed years! And I hope he continues to work until he drops… visiting schools across the country, giving seminars and workshops, maybe his own radio show, anything to help people understand fully the difference between liberty and slavery/tyranny. He understands the Constitution and the history of this country better than any of the candidates and any of the elected officials in leadership. And I believe Andrew Napolitano does as well. So I would like to see Napolitano run for president in 2016. He’s clear, concise and loud enough to be heard above all the BS. Maybe Andrew Napolitano as president and Rand Paul as Vice President.