Ron Paul Leaves Congress – the Revolution Continues!

  • rand paul sucks balls, he supported ROMNEY!!!!

  • No one can fill his shoes.

  • still bein a pee pants about him supporting the republican nominee? we’ll see how you feel in 2016 when they CANT marginalize Rand

  • Gary Johnson > Rand Paul

    ALL DAY!

  • I have lost all hope…for America …. and for the World.

  • Rand does not live up to Ron Paul standards.


  • I cant wait to see the face on every Obot when they finally realize they were supporting their own demise they will starve and i will enjoy every second of it.

  • well said. very disappointed about rand.

  • Goodbye, America.

  • Goodbye, America.

  • I liked your comment, but i still think he would be better then the other options, not to mention the influence his dad would have on him, …got to be better!! peace.

  • 3:23 “Ron Paul was the only person that believed in it”


  • Rand Paul doesn’t stand a chance in hell of the presidency in 2016 because of the demographic collapse of America. Secession is the only way liberty will work in the future.

  • Ron Paul may be leaving but Liberty is rising.

    An opportunity for freedom is racing toward us. As the collectivist system withers away there will be a choice between further centralization of power (which will be propagated as our salvation) or individualized/voluntary power. It will be an exciting fight, and a fight we can win.

  • Thank You Dr. Paul, many many millions of Freedom loving Americans love, and appreciate you……

  • the classic Ron Paul? THERES ONLY ONE RON PAUL!!!

  • The same following? He’d get the votes of the ones that are pragmatic about regaining some liberty. More importantly, by playing the game while maintaining a decent degree of principle, he’ll be in a better position to gain many of the Romney voters as well.

    I love Ron Paul, voted for him more times than most as I’m in his district. It’s true that Rand is not a ideological figure like his father. But Rand has a much better chance at bringing a lot of the message out of the fringe.

  • R♥n P♥ul

  • Rand will not be able to command the following or respect that his father did. He already blew that chance out of the water when he endorsed Romney for the presidency.

  • He should leave the congress right after the rigged election , i guess corporate totalitarism in sheep clothing (obama) will always win