Ron Paul: The Next Generation Will Rebuild America

  • The real solution is a Resource-Based system. Such as Jacque Fresco’s ‘The Venus Project’. Google it for more info, or continue bickering over political parties and their influence over the ‘economy’. =)




  • Ron Paul isn’t running next year.

  • Capitalism is the best.

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  • do you honestly think they’ll give up their shares;)
    The Bermuda Triangle is filled with oil and gas resources:)

  • Thanks for your comment & specially your awareness; me as a surfer, never minded about politic, but Dr. Ron Paul woke me up too & gave me HOPE for a better way of life… The problem from now on to you is that every time you talk about Dr. Ron Paul; in the obami’s point of view is Terrorist and most others people point of view is that you’re a Conspiracy Theorist or a Truther. Ironic, even in History Channel said very clear in a doc. that jpmorgan bought the gov.; and still, people follow it!

  • Everyone is waking up, we’re seeing that our presidents have been leading us to a brick wall. We’re seeing that the only change taking place is the change that strips away our freedoms and rights. We’re seeing that the poor get poorer, and the rich get richer. It’s time to pick a leader who doesn’t care about the lobbyist, doesn’t take bribes, and pursuits the well being of the people. It’s time for a leader that will protect our rights, and it’s time to stop policing the world. RP-2016 WAKE UP!

  • Never voted in my life either. (20’s now)
    I totally agree with Costa and Randy P. I also believe that voting was a lie. I believed that voting didn’t matter because nothing would change regardless of what Muppets are assigned to be our leader. R.P.. R.P has predicted what is happening now. He discusses what the media controllers don’t want to be discussed. R.P has awakened me, opened my eyes. 2016.. It’s RP or no one. I’m ready for the people’s revolution.

  • this guy should be king of the world

  • There is just 1 programming rule needed in a banking application, and we all have life entrance (some call it basic income, but it is not income). This costs nothing, not even time. Just one programming rule. And let with every transaction the money dissolve automatically for a part, like 1/1000. With this, everybody can make new choices in own life and no dependancy on ‘outside economy’ anymore. Taxes will vanish by itself, 90% of the structures too, all collective problems too. Costs nothing.

  • you know why he wont run in 2016. because he know the last real president JFK was murdered for speaking the truth.