Ron Paul: The Next Generation Will Rebuild America



  • Jew, Romney & Ron Paul

    1. Jewish neocons served under Bush were on Romney’s campaign.

    2. Ron Paul had no Jewish neocons.

    Conclusion –

    No Jew can manipulate Ron Paul to send Americans to war & death for Israel.

  • o man thats cold lol

  • … really? You are very fearful.

  • That dem NH caller is delusional!

  • If we go on the gold standard it would only deflate our currency and it would be harder to go back to black again,

  • Every time I see a car with an Obama sticker on it I always look in that ride and they usually have a certain physical look to them; like down syndrome kids….I think liberals are born that way. Another example of left “wingedness” being physically manifested is simply…blacks! Theyre almost all democrats. Weak insecure constitutions that are afraid or incapable of fending for themselves.
    This country was founded by Europeans who had the BALLS to get on a ship and risk life for freedom!

  • We have Obama? We’re good right? Wrong. If we had Mitt Romney he’d be just another fake quack spewing crap from his mouth like South Park states. If only Ron Paul were president!!

  • Ron Please lead the Sucesseion movement! We need a motivating intelligient political leader such as you to help us with the movement! Please help us one last time 🙂

  • soon americans will be living in bunkers going to work in tanks eating bullets with oil for breakfast instead of milk and cereals, eating grenades instead of apples, chewing on a nice Kentucky Fried Drone.. an so on… i never taught such a country like america would go down the toilet like a peace of …isht.. fightin against cave people for more then 10 years.. cost them probly 10times more 911 lives an invested even the money they didnt have in more weapons against cave people.

  • America is lucky to have had Ron Paul, I’m Canadian, all our politicians are just different levels of socialist.

  • the one man who would have told the international bankers to fuck off politely

  • people get confused between old ideas and time tested solutions

  • So, because the world is complex, we no longer need the Constitution to protect us? It’s okay to make protest a felony? It’s okay to detain Americans indefinitely without charges, access to an attorney or even a phone call? It’s okay for the President to murder anyone by executive order?

    Please tell me you’re kidding.

  • Ron Paul was the only congressman on the side of small business and people who work for themselves. The system is already rigged against self employed people who have worked just as hard as anyone else, and Ron Paul stood firm against that type of social engineering.

  • allot of people argue that Ron Pauls ideas come from a different time. even if that is true that dosent mean that the old ideas are bad especialy when they yet havent been even tried.. im sure the obama administration an all them tryed all the new ideas from our times an ..yea this is the result… they keep trying new stuff new weapons more weapons for last 10 years an yet america is going down the hill an still hasent won a war against people that live in caves an are shooting WW2 weapons..

  • Bullshit. You’re dealing with the same problems today that were prevalent in the past.

    Human nature and greed…..

  • The reality is that current issues have been building up for centuries,
    as soon as the government has overgrown with power and broken its own laws.
    Clearly Obama and Romney supporters are the ones out-of-touch,
    on the highway to hell, sayin that people trying to save us are wacky…

  • REVOLUTION! This will most likely require, and result in actions of physical force. If saving our country and the futures of our children results in physical confrontation, be it…The “prostiticians” in DC have FAILED the people they were sent to represent. They’ve sold them out, stolen their money and resources, and wasted it ! They’ve allowed foriegn bankers to oppress and rob honest,hard working Americans and their families, and forced tyranny down their throats! Action is required !!!

  • Ron Paul is the only true American politician left that stands for what America is truly about. Ron Paul is not the champion on liberty, Ron Paul is Liberty it self. People need to open theyr eyes wider to see better who they are voting for and look over the cheesy stupid patriotic speeches an listen closer to what realy matters listen to reality and head towards it. Lets hope Rand Paul will follow hes fathers footsteps. RON PAUL IS AMERICA