Ron Paul: The Next Generation Will Rebuild America

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  • > Guess what shithead? Lying != not living in reality
    > (also, under Obama the war in Iraq ended and the
    > war in Afghanistan is due to end in a couple years).

    Lying? We have mercenaries in Iraq. Obama just continued what Bush was doing.

    We’ll be in Afghanistan occupying until our bankruptcy. The national debt goes up 9.4% a year and has for 41 years.

    > Has Obama proposed anything batshit insane?

    How about the NDAA? The one he’s in court over for the 3rd time now.

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  • Ron Paul’s biggest obstacle is that the country has been doing the wrong things so long whats right look completely bat shit crazy to an uninformed nut job…


  • Obama says a lot of bat shit crazy stuff, unless your a brainwash commie that likes to be duped.

  • Such a living legend.

  • That’s a great point. The man is a great role model, in my opinion.

  • Step back. I could be referring to people of the “current age” as being “wacky and out-of-touch with reality”. Think about it!

  • Conservative libertarianism is for people who are mature enough to care for themselves and feel no need for big government to watch over them like children. The US is in trouble because most Americans aren’t smart, strong, or brave enough to put on their big-boy pants and fix our problems instead of passing those problems onto their children.

  • Wow. First of all anybody can post anything on Wikipedia; Ron Paul was accused of being ‘racist’ to discredit his presidential run – – that certainly doesn’t make it true! His record proves he’s not a racist, but he HAS said there are no rights for GROUPS, only INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS! Guess what, non-white people are individuals too!

  • Yes, that is all ron paul advocates– except he actually advocates following the articles of federation and taking virtually all power from the federal government. But it’s good that we’re ignoring all his absurd proposals

  • He’s actually 77; but you’re right!

  • He’s actually 77; but you’re right!

  • Yeah… saying the federal government should follow the constitution is definitely ‘batshit insane’.

  • Guess what shithead? Lying != not living in reality (also, under Obama the war in Iraq ended and the war in Afghanistan is due to end in a couple years). Has Obama proposed anything batshit insane? Nope, but ron paul has, rather consistently

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  • Ron Paul, you make me want to be smarter.

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