Ron Paul: The Next Generation Will Rebuild America

  • > Yeah, not gonna happen. We have always had a national debt

    > except for one year….and?

    You are aware of maybe 20 or 30 years of US history, and you think anything that has not happened in that time frame is something that could never happen. That if it did, it would mean “this time it’s different”.

    Believe what you like. The consequences are yours alone, and I’m perfectly fine with you lying in the bed you’ve helped make. Good luck.

  • Obama is a tyrant and war monger like Bush.

  • What….the….hell….

    If anything Obama and the Democrats have made things worse. Have a genuine dissemblance with the mans politics and you are a racist. If it’s a woman you’re a sexist. Come to the defense of the unborn you’re a religious fanatic. And so on and so forth. I am white and uneducated but I have my opinions and I know right from wrong. That does not make me a bigot just a person with a different view. Just a point of view from a dumb hick from a “flyover” state.

  • Ron Paul – American hero.


  • Lol… addition??? Your dumb.

  • what do you think about subtraction? is that damaging as well?

  • Look, I’m in favor of Ron Paul proposition of not putting in jail some of drug users. kids in their 20’s are not guilty of being junkies or amateurish drug users, is the bloody culture with its “glorification” of drugs that has shaped their mind to think that drugs are sort of “cool”. Those kids should be put in rehab centers, so they can overcome their addition. Now, with regards to marijuana being harmless IMO anything that causes addition whether it is psychological or physical is damaging

  • That’s the look of someone with integrity and self worth. πŸ˜€

  • It is very likely that you are the one thats uneducated.

  • Of course, he is going to deliver the baby- otherwise he wouldn’t be a human being. But your story of how the woman in labor was shunned by all the other doctors and nurses because of her hubby shows how much the world needs Obama as a sign of tolerance & fair play- to show how far America has come since the days of lynching, & so forth. Still, ron paul hailing from red-neck texas is going to carry far more prejudices than Illinois-Obama. The only people that hate Obama are uneducated ‘whites’.

  • Libby is sexy.

  • He’s actually over 70, he’s 77 years old.

  • You obviously haven’t even read your Messiahs owns books he wrote about his contempt for “Whites”.. Maybe you should watch the video of a Black man telling his story of how him and his white wife were at the hospital while she was in labor and all the Doctors/Nurses ignored them because she had a Black man as a husband & what do you know? The racist Dr Ron Paul was the one & only Doc to come & deliver the child at no cost. Actions speak louder than words. Remember that..

  • You deserve to be smack you idiot. Ron Paul is the reason why you still have your freedom! You must be an Obama supporter who are obviosuly on government support. Educate yourself before talking about something you don’t know.

  • Well, look, now you know why I don’t like Ron Paul. I could even detect the overt hostility and aggression he showed towards Herman Cain during the Republican primaries. How can Obama be racist when he absolutely adores his white mother and his maternal grandparents that raised him in a loving home. Plus, Obama will never be connected to something as harmful and insidious Ron Paul’s newsletters. Ron Paul can go to a special hell- that reserved for three-time presidential campaign losers!

  • pause at 00:04 πŸ™‚ ……..Ron Paul is one of the best politicans ever.

  • Only 38,000 Americans.

  • Lets call a spade a spade there was no Afghanistan war, there was no Iraq war, there was no Vietnam war.

    It’s the American wars.

    One million Vietnamese died in the American war.

  • if the FED Reserve gets audited tomorrow and the people find out America has no gold and is flat broke, the confidence of the dollar will destroy the current american economy (confidence is the only thing going for the USD). scary, but necessary maybe?

  • you explained the ” Biggest political dillema problem” .. i am from belgium (flanders), i wish that the americans would not take step further to the european model which that the reason why many european left the country. explaining libertarianism to people is like to stab yourself in this world nobody of our lovely hippie parents want to recognize the monstrosity he endorsed. and we the new generation have to pay for their preach of high taxes and enslavment.