Ron Paul: The Next Generation Will Rebuild America

  • If you re-read everything I’ve said, it could be interpreted many different ways (for or against Mr. Paul). I’m just pulling out people’s assumptions. It’s quite interesting. Again, re-read everything I’ve written, and notice that it could be interpreted for or against Ron Paul 🙂 Don’t let vagueness cause you to jump to conclusions.


  • C-Span is how media should be not the partisan hacks they’re now, sucking up on their respective constituencies that’s politicians job not the media or journalists.

  • Socialism is much older then republican government. So far socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. I wonder if the US will be different? Yeah, me neither!

  • Legend and true gentleman

  • This man is real as fuck.

  • I believe 100% as Mr. Paul does in regards to everything! Think about this for a moment, if you were free to choose everything about your life, don’t you think that would be a much better vehicle for prosperity for you and the country in which you reside? Remember, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention! Freedom to choose drives a thriving and prosperous economy!

  • If the citizens of America had the opportunity to hear Dr. Paul speak we would still be the United States of America because we would have elected him to represent us in the White House years ago. We have been betrayed by main stream media.

  • I will give my life for you Dr. Paul! You are my hero.

  • I would like to thank YouTube for allowing these videos again even though YouTube shut them down during the Presidential Primaries when Dr. Paul was gaining momentum. You have provided a huge injustice to the American people.You have shown your quality in a time of great need.

  • This man inspires me so much. People need to stop thinking of right now and of themselves..We need to think of the future and what we’re handing our children…When the constitution came to be, they were thinking of the future and preventing the federal govt from getting out of control and oppressing the people.

  • Ron Paul is a true American. And a true hero.

  • The two party system is old and out dated and has not evolved like everything else has. We should have a variety instead of the same moldy olde choices, it might make things more fair in the long run, people can run on two tickets, a democratic conservative party, republican constitutional party, democrat or republican libertarian party and so on, why meat and potatoes with GOP bullies or left wing looney’s, and using wall street to finance these party clones creates conflict and suspicion.

  • No matter what he says now, the game is over. He’s lost and the States are doomed unless some of them secede from the union. I’d love to see the strong and powerful united states, but I cannot see that happening any time soon or at all.

  • It’s true the native residents of this land offered Europeans freedom, but many Europeans are born here now and trying to screw it up, trying to claim it as their own and change it into something else. As it turns out the Native people and our ways are winning overall in history. Wars and the white mans way of money is losing credibility in our time just like Black Elk predicted.

  • President Obomney, what is your view on the Israeli situation right now?
    Obamney: Well I believe it is a complex situation. We are working very hard to protect our allies anddd uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we need more jobs.

  • Your comment is *STUPID* on so many levels. Blame the BLACKS. Blame the JEWS. Blame the MEXICANS. Hey! Lets even blame the NATIVE AMERICANS because they weren’t able to successfully defend THEIR land from the “EUROPEANS who had the balls to get on a ship and risk life for freedom!” *Listen for the sound of applause here*

  • I love how many things Dr. Paul says that logically lead to anarchism.

  • Politicians will increase taxes knowing that it will not generate more revenue. We are going up a hill in third gear with a load of wieght. Fourth gear will not help. We need to DOWN SHIFT and throw out the militarism load. Then it will be easier to stop paying people to be poor.

  • Bravo scorpio0251

  • would have been interesting to see Ron Paul on Joe Rogan’s podcast!