Ron Paul: The Next Generation Will Rebuild America

  • you are wrong and have lost your emotional control.

  • you are wrong and have lost your emotional control.

  • It clearly obvious who is the one that feels raped. Although I only meant to educate your political understanding. Also because we disagree on policies and ideologies this does not mean that one of us is evil and the other good. My friend truth is complex.

  • Your last response proves that you are wrong and have lost your emotional control.

  • I think you’ve proven you’re nothing more than a fool, i’m done hurting your feelings. I’d upload the convo to pornhub but they dont accept rape.

  • Hahahaha yeah for sure, do you know what lobbyists are? Now you look like an idiot. hahahahahahaha….. Everything you say is embarrassing! Take a political science class, hahahaha

  • 17:12 when Ron smiles so big and looks at the host due to the guys comment on her being beautiful… I lost it!

  • we cannot be the greatest country in the world if Everyone is not informed. we care about american idol, Teen mom, Not politics

  • And so has the status system done so many great thing. 95% of our system is pure good with the exception of naturally 5% corruption. This proves that we are the greatest country ever. Everything you say is wrong.

  • You’re right, under any other circumstance for a crime in which a person steals your belongings they are held accountable by the law. I guess people are oblivious to as you say the fast one that the government & fed pull off or they just don’t care about their rights……sad, sad situation indeed

  • Ideally, they should do this, but again the government is not the private sector. I assume this is more of a smart remark rather than a legitimate question, as it’s obvious that they simply don’t do it because they don’t have to. No one notices, so why be honest with us? The government is known for pulling fast ones, and the Fed may not exactly be a government program but it operates like a similar bureaucracy. .

  • Washington also did*

  • Ideology? That is irrelevant. Constitutionality of ones actions is supposed to be sworn to when taking any oath to an office, fool.

    Washington also created did great things, no man is perfect. Is that what you are implying? Pointing out a fault of a Founding Father is a moot point. Clinton committed adultery, perjury, and so forth. What’s your point? Your argument is irrelevant, no leader is perfect but they are expected to uphold any oath they take, as an OATH is just that. Educate yourself.

  • The constitution is not an ideology. It is a legal document. We the people want a productive system to create wealth, inflate away our loans, and seek justice. There is morality vs immorality. Ethical vs unethical, the us constitution is unproductive in doing so and we voted Paul out of work justly. Remember one morning Washington took his slave out, tied his hands to the tree and cut his toes off because he wanted to run away. Everything you say is wrong!

  • Real solutions are definitely discussed. That’s why congress always uses a ‘raincheck’ when balancing the budget, talking about the unconstitutionality of our actions, and so forth. What an idiot. Stock market boost? Interest rates low? Dear Lord, it’s like you picked up a ‘Big Government for Dummies’ book. hahaha


  • The real solutions are discussed. They are called effective government regulation, mild inflation, stock market boost, stimulating exports, and keeping the interest rates low. However we do not discuss lunatic ideas, Austrian scams, or Texas conspiracy theories. Everything Ron Paul says is wrong!

  • Hahaha reading all the fools who bash the ‘racist’ Ron Paul is great.

    Ignorance is easier to come by than intelligence, just let the fools go on thinking they know what they’re talking about. Ignorance and stupidity is a plague in America, and these people bashing Paul are just spreading the disease.

    Guess who gets the most donations from Vets? Who stands up for the minorities? Who stands up for individual liberties? The most consistent politician ever? Not Obama, Bush, Romney, Clinton.. RP.


    Can an economist explain why when the Fed prints money from nothing(guise of credit) that for the proportion that they increase the money pool, why I don’t receive a similar proportional increase in my monetary worth, you know, in the same way that when a publicly list company does a stock split say 2 for 1 which halves the value of the stock, I am compensated for the dilution of value inherent in the increase of supply?? PLEASE!!

  • Bullshit, he isn’t a career politician just because he has been in politics for a long time. He is a doctor and has served in the military for five years. He also started a business called ron paul and assosiates in 1984. I wouldn’t call that a career politician

  • He wont even take a Congressional Pension… He doesn’t get paid by the big banks like Goldman Sachs, unlike both Obama and Romney.

    Do you think redistribution is the way to success???