Ron Paul: The Next Generation Will Rebuild America

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  • Not the “oposition”, a voice of reason! Stop worshipping idealogues, words are cheap, sheep!

  • Good work sir 🙂 on point

  • if you are talking about social security you need to watch the video to the end. He is STILL PAYING MORE INTO IT than he is getting out of it. Its funny how opposition will try to trump up idiocy like this. If you can’t beat him, smear his good name.

  • A nation attempting to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket trying to pick himself up by the handle. -Winston Churchill

  • ?bonus? lol..Don’t be foolish, the man made all his wealth in Washington, especially since 2007 on(donations and etc), preaching against Washington. Very hypocritical. Watch this too: /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jJHakkNBZbA

    Just because he has few core principles, that he is not even willing to apply on himself,,hardly makes him a saint. In capitalism, people that have morals and integrity are most likely poor! Remember this, son!

  • Well Ron Paul discussed the solutions, but people just aren’t going to give up entitlements. Plus switching from the Fed Reserve back to the gold standard would hurt!

  • Im never going to get tired of hearing ron paul speak the truth!!

  • He put his retirement bonus towards the National Debt. How many career politicians would do that? He didn’t need that money, because his career was as a doctor. The man delivered babies for a career. Actually, he just read the Bill of Rights in the delivery room and the babies crawled out in anticipation of freedom. lol

  • 5%…

    95%, other percentage is half truth 1/2.

  • Personal Liberty and Responsability!!!!

  • Personal Liberty and Responsability!!!!

  • Ron Paul / Jesse Ventura / Dennis Kucinich 2016

  • Truth is not complex. Truth is oh so simple, you’re just dim-witted.

    I feel raped? I feel bad for you, everything you’ve said has made no sense. Our government is 5% corrupt? You’re so lost, it’s absurd. I thought I was being trolled, but then remembered that there are people that are sheep still, listening to whatever someone tells you because you don’t have the intelligence or fortitude to go out and educate oneself. Seriously, you have no clue what you are talking about. Stupidity is common.

  • North Koreans think the same way as you do about their leader. That’s how it all starts.

  • you use federal reserve notes, you use the banking system, we are all forced to use it or we are on the street. you use technology assembled by slave work. I’m sick of punks like you making statements as if to imply that he is discredited for everything he says because he is like us. When you pay into something, like investments, pension etc you are allowed and supposed to collect moron

  • people are receiving what? also obama’s gift was he played his cards right rather than the stupid ass republicans who are still stuck in the tea party mode which screwed their party up

  • of course he did.

  • If you retire as a politician after 30 years and get the government pension, guess what. Lol, I bet it sunk your dream boat when he sold the party to the RNC this year.