Ron Paul: The Next Generation Will Rebuild America

  • europe should come in and free america like the freed us in ww2….

    the masses are still asleep and to dumb to wake up, its a frog in water that heats up little by little…that’s hitlers strategie, he took years to prep the germans tiil it was tooo late to say something…

  • They say the rich are jobcreators…lets do something that they have to invest in jobs or otherwise pay a higher tax…simple

  • Ron Paul carried the message of liberty. Now its up to everyone else to take it up. Stop voting for the lesser of two evils. The Republicans and Democrats are one and the same.


  • They won’t let taxes rise, the Fed will just print more money and inflation will suck us dry. Obama will come out of it as a hero for saving US taxpayers from the tax hikes.

    If I’m wrong, I’ll buy you all a beer. If I’m right, I want Bernakes skull on a stick, please.

  • ventura and kucinich would be an excellant choice for an independant reform movement.ron paul knows what he is talking about

  • Rand Paul is a sellout RINO. Gary Johnson is the best man for the job that is in the arena.

  • He’s always talking about the Gold standard. He’s right in that you can’t print up money out of thin air, but the problem is we’ve been doing it for so long. It would be like trying to switch from Quarter system to Semester. Shit gets lost. You should be investing in Gold and Silver right now for the record….

  • Sorry Ron Paul will not run.. Rand paul though

  • gaddafi calls for investigation into jfk/mlk assassinations

  • How could you want simpletons to demand something as complex?

  • SEE —– gaddafi calls for investigation into jfk/mlk assassinations

  • haha You’re saying the tradition of war is a good thing? You’re voting FOR global depopulation or what?

  • It’s fine we will know when it comes up, it never hurts to put the family into a libertarian mindset early, even if he decides that it’s to risky to run for President in 2016, lol. I’ll be rooting for him, nonetheless.

  • I’m conservative application the way people need to know the constitution it doesn’t limit people just government quit relying on big brother for everything

  • Mr. Ron Paul do us a favor and make like Mitt Romney! Just go away!

  • You will die someday

  • Who said he wants to switch back to gold standard? People PEG Ron Paul to the gold standard, there is NOTHING wrong with actually pegging your money to precious metals and not necessarily just one, such as gold.

  • No one knows for sure. Not even Rand himself.

  • Ron Paul’s Libertarian son Rand Paul is running for President for 2016, against Hillary Clinton o_ o… I am going to start talking my friend’s and family into Rand Paul early. I hope he doesn’t change his mind. : /

  • no, just ron paul.