Ron Paul: The Next Generation Will Rebuild America

  • haha, you’re not a voice of reason, your a voice of treason. I agree with something, that’s not “worshipping idealogues”
    TitolsTheGreatest you’re not a real person are you. You are a half troll propaganda machine. You are far too idiotic to be human.

  • No it’s not. THE R3VOLUTION was back in 2008 if I remember correctly.


  • Have you seen G Edward Griffin Creature From Jekyll Island A Second Look at the Federal Reserve


  • Dennis Kucinich sold us all down the river by voting for Obamacare after an Air Force One ride with Hillary and O’boyo in spite of his earlier stances against Obamacare. I used to respect Kucinich, but he has proven himself to be a coward most recently.

  • Hahaha I feel retarded now. That was the first insult that popped into my head….I meant to say he is More John Boehner type than he is Ron Paul type.

  • At 19:50 he was gonna go off. lol

  • At 48:50 this is like in the municipal budget here in Montréal = the budget for snow removal is based on the cost of the previous year so to maintain the same budget we see in the month of march sidewalks being scraped and salted regardless of weather, look on youtube for to see sidewalk being scraped while being dry ! Pathetic

  • The Truth…

  • yes!

  • Every single Ron Paul supporter should immediately take up a career in politics. That’s how we win.

  • AMEN

  • You’re right, Rand is a RINO. He is a Libertarian who runs as a Republican.

  • You’re right, Rand is a RINO. He is a Libertarian who runs as a Republican.

  • The resemblance between him when he was younger and Rand, is striking.

  • It’s time for the revolution.

  • simple and dumb

  • simple and dumb

  • rand paul makes sense, it would have been a blessing if he had made it
    and this is comming from europe

  • yeah, save yourself and fu the rest..also invest in food..let the bomb go off??
    Who cares? they found annothermite all over 9/ we agree it was inside where are all the passengers of the planes? who killed them and how??