Ron Paul: The Next Generation Will Rebuild America

  • i have no idea how ron paul fought this cause for so long. i have had my eyes open now for about 4 years. I’m now completely depressed.


  • Exactly

  • Paul was first defeated by Romney in the primaries because Republicans couldn’t turn off the Fox News and Rush Limbaugh garbage which told them to hate Ron Paul.

  • JennieWalsh

    Ron Paul’s optimism is well founded. On Tuesdays at 1 PM eastern standard time, listen to the one hour radio show at: Patricia Diane Cota-Robles teaches about the Divine Plan for America, the earth and all mankind which is coming to fruition. All sons and daughters of God are soon uniting in love, to serve God’s Purpose from above.

  • Chomsky admits he’s a Internationalist Trotskyite, that’s not what the American people want.

  • Everyone would rally around him and he would win if people would simply turn off the damn Fox News garbage that tells us to hate Ron Paul. Ron Paul lost in the Republican primaries because Fox News told their viewers to hate him. And that’s a FACT. Fox News also intentionally made the entire election about ISRAEL and IRAN and their audience actually thought this fixation was acceptable.

  • JennieWalsh

    I still wear my “Ron Paul” sweat shirts, vests and jacket in hopes that people will want to have freedom, support freedom and know about, understand, appreciate and cherish freedom.

  • It’s nice to see unbiased media. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

  • JennieWalsh

    Peace, friendship and trade relations with all nations is what Ron Paul advocates for foreign relations. Of course, the globalist, Satanic war-mongers (military-industrial complex) object to that because they make trillion$ selling armaments to both sides of wars. The globalist Satanic crime cartel also owns and controls the mainstream media so you get nothing but war mongering propaganda on the media. See:–heres-why.html
    Also see, to overcome mountains of lying propaganda:!

    Ron Paul is regarded by the Satanists’ propaganda as “fringe”. How far has America sunk when following the constitution, the supreme law of the land, the document of freedom that allowed prosperity and abundance to flourish and to create the greatest nation on earth, is regarded as “fringe”?

    I voted for Ron Paul and every Libertarian that was on the ballot. I know that I did the right thing. I felt the Holy Spirit very powerfully for hours after voting. I deeply regret that the majority of the American people were buffaloed into voting for one of the 2 evils when we had the chance to actually have a GOOD

    Satanic organized crime controls and makes Big Buck$ off of the unions. Satanic organized crime controls and makes Big Buck$ off of the current oval office.
    Since organized crime owns and controls most of the corporations and most of the American government, the people find themselves between the frying pan and the fire.
    SEE: ———- to see where taxpayer money goes, to see the lie of the “national debt”, to see the lie of the “fiscal cliff”. The American people are being had and lied to, Big Time.

    Thank you, Ron Paul, for all of your wonderful work and efforts in awakening the American people and people throughout the world to Freedom, Truth, Justice, Common Sense and Principles of Prosperity. You have made a TREMENDOUS difference in America and throughout the entire world. You have made giant steps in uniting the world in love, truth and peace. I regard your presidential campaign as a HUGE SUCCESS! I pray that many others will follow in your huge footsteps. Best wishes on your college speaking tours. I pray that your work will be Divinely supercharged, enhanced, expanded, maximized, magnified, multiplied, intensified, amplified, doubled each and every hour, empowered, strengthened, guided, directed, protected, defended and reinforced by all the Powers of Heaven. God Bless You, Forever, Ron Paul.

  • People know ron paul can’t be bought. No big corporations were donating to his campaign to help promote him. The people have to get behind a candidate like this and rally for them on our own.

  • HalleluYAH! if that isn’t the truth I dont freakin know what is..

  • What’s the difference? “Pandering” is selling oneself out to get votes and influence. Establishment politicians, “liberal” or “conservative” do it the same. I came up with Romney because his flip-flopping political career exhibits classic pandering that characterizes career politicans, whether Dem or Rep. Niether Paul nor Chomsky pander out to the masses; they both remain in the relative fringe.

  • you said “romney-esque pandering”. i said liberal.

  • Pandering is pandering, doesn’t matter which side of the aisle.

  • If you are broke, do you steal rich peoples wallets and build drones with the money to kill children in other countries while winning peace prizes? no. you don’t. so why support Obama?

  • no i said liberal pandering

  • Ron Paul, the best. Too bad for the 19 complete morons who disliked this video.

  • If you mean by Romney-esque pandering, no, certainly not. He is not another Michael Moore. And I don’t think he is the average Joe’s definition of a “liberal”, either. I guess left-libertarianism/left-anarchism would fit. But a very skillful debater, he is. Many underestimate his outward frailness.

  • Simple fact, this guy just wasn’t enough of a lie and a cheat to be liked by the American people. Add to that the fact that he wasn’t Hollywood enough.

    We like fuckups as politicians, for the simple fact that we are fuckups ourselves.

  • i dont know, kind of a pandering liberal. party before country type of guy. some stuff he says is ok but too many people put party before issues.