Ron Paul: The Next Generation Will Rebuild America

  • Makes me want to cry knowing this GREAT man never became our President!

  • We deserve the crash.
    We really do.

    Why anyone would not vote for this great man just shows how fall we have fallen.

  • 9/11 was an inside job

  • 28:18 Ron Paul always kept it real


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  • Thank you Ron Paul for all that u have done and sacrificed. if it werent for you back in 2008 opening the door for me to be awake, id still be voting republican.

  • The 30 seconds of him speaking…what a knife to the heart!!!!

  • I hear people complain that we need Ron Paul in office right now. Ron has set out on a very important mission to transform the hearts and minds of the nation, and in that he has succeeded.
    When money becomes worthless, when the power goes out, when food becomes scarce, Ron Pual, you will be in our hearts and minds. It isnt YOUR principles that we will be following, but the Constitution’s. That is what you have been trying to teach us all along. May the next generation Americans be free thinkers

  • i take it you didn’t read my six word sentence correctly.

  • “The greatest president we *NEVER* had”

    “He was never president”


  • From here in NZ it is very SAD to see so much Evil been done around the world by the Bad people. But what is just as bad is the good people around that see it, but do nothing to Stop it.

    Ron Paul should be, it is never to Late!

  • Actually, no freemasons are evil. My grandfather was a freemason and he’s talked to me often about it

  • excellent quote!

  • Legend is correct. This is THE man with the plan. Everyone will get to see that he was correct the whole time.

  • Legend.

  • The ONLY HONEST man in politics.

  • The ONLY HONEST man in politics.

  • The first caller [Democrat] sounded like a complete idiot.

  • Word! Im not wealthy but I agree. No Inheritance tax! You should be able to pass on the little bit that you accumulate for your children without the government taking a piece. For fuck sake!