Ron Paul: Hard to Divvy Up Loot When There’s None Left

  • News Man:Ron Paul, Predict the Future.

    Ron Paul has been doing that for 30 years and So far he has been Pretty Dam Good at it!

  • And i may be ;paraphrasing on Rand Paul’s Words about his endorsement, but I believe he said Watch my actions and words.

    If you can get half of the country’s sheep to Follow Rand Paul the way they did Mitt Romney, We could start a Revolution of a Great Awakening to the sheep!

  • Ron Paul is not returning for a 2016 Presidency.

    Of all the Potenial canidates for 2016, It is Ron Paul’s son Rand Paul Who would Set the Liberty Movement Years Ahead of it’s self should he gain the Presidency.

    I know some people are sore about his Mitt Romney endorsement, but remember, politics is a dirty game and I think Rand Paul recognizes that the only way to get to the presidency To Advance Ron Paul’s Liberty movement is to play this dirty game with them.

  • sounds like an angry sodomite

  • sounds like an angry sodomite

  • All I can say is God Bless RON PAUL,I hadn’t before and not again ever believe in another politician as I have RON fed up with this country’s bullshit,I mean goddamn,its like a real life zombie movie,so many non-thinking,kool-aid drinking sheeple zombies(both parties).I dont see a bright near future,4 this fading republic,I almost wanna petition Israel to become An Israeli citizen.ISRAEL has TRUE GRIT,something we havent had since WW2. The Country is divided and shattered. sad but true

  • GOP did not listen? They spat and kicked RP’s delegates all over the country and shut the party down to competitors. So did the democratic party by the way, although they did not have any significant figure defying the status quo to attract spotlights to the process. It is official now- we live in a corporatist regime.

  • Ron Paul has a secret plan !

  • Ron Paul’s children and grand children can be proud having dad and grandpa like him. It is not the case in other politicians family.

  • Ron Paul > Obama…stupid GOP you didn’t listen now we got Obama another 4 years…

  • fuck the neocons (bush) and neoliberals (obama)

  • America has screwed itself royally with the leaders we have elected these past 50 years. The crosses they have built will be ours to bear. Not our Children’s. Ours because this fading, dwindling republic will not last another five to ten years until it will be forced to declare bankruptcy, which it already is. You ain’t seen nothing yet. The real fun will start much sooner than you think. And just a little side note, Ya can’t buy guns/ammo with foodstamps. BEANS, BULLION and BULLETS BITCHES!

  • We can’t stop it, we can only stop listening

  • stossel looked baked

  • “Gimme da LOOT Gimmee da LOOT!”
    Ron Paul is quoting Biggie Smalls Nortorious B.I.G.
    there is no loot to divy up!

  • “Gimme da LOOT Gimmee da LOOT!”
    Ron Paul is quoting Biggie Smalls Nortorious B.I.G.
    there is no loot to divy up!

  • obama and romney are just products of the disease.

  • Love Ron Paul

  • and getting payed for it..winner
    other have to lie rape and steal for that same or less is a shane on you supports…