Ron Paul: Hard to Divvy Up Loot When There’s None Left

  • Thanks Dr.Paul for talking sense ! ..why others seem unable to grasp your clear vision and concepts , is beyond my comprehension .

  • Thank you RonPaul2008dotcom for continuing to post Ron Paul clips! Please do not abandon us 😀


  • Ron Paul 2016

  • Ron Paul 2016

  • A very wise man !!!!

  • #haters ryde thumbs down

  • it really doesn’t make sense,the government is like a lying whore, sometimes it f’s you sometimes you f it. either way, after you still think its just a bitch you wanna choke.

  • the last man of the costitution….incorruptable and we threw our chance away to elect him. hello four nore years

  • They cant tax the people anymore cuz they have no more money. They dont want to cut spending for their pals. Simple answer… Print print print…

  • Alex Jones is fighting for our future!!!

  • I concur pizzanbeer11

  • Great interview..nice to hear R.P.’s whole thought..without being talked over by bimbos !!

  • i agree. i wanted ron paul to take 2012. but really i feel like until he decides to run as an independent he does not have a chance in hell. im not obama fan but i would take him over romney every day of the week. the best thing now is to try to progress the country with what he have instead of blaming the president for everything that goes wrong in the country.

  • you actually sound like a Obama voter,

  • you actually sound like a Obama voter,

  • That is how we know USA is fucked, when there is actually a honest politician available for President we blow it and fuck him over so bad so a drone can step in and lose.

  • Dr. Paul is a few things sodomite is not one!

  • I’m sad that Ron Paul didn’t get a stronger chance… instead we got Romney -_- but now that Obama is elected, give him your support and try to influence his decisions positively instead of sitting around whining about and having such an air of negativity. It is not constructive. Hopefully Paul decides to try again in 2016, but until then I’m supporting Obama and hoping he makes better progress this time around.

  • By Breaking there Grip Over it. By awaking People, by educating and informing them, by trying to get them to understand that the true nature of the news Media Is Mass Mass Media News Propaganda Machine designed to manipulate your behavior and actions to how they want it.

    let them know that the internet is harder to control and holds a larger variety of news sources that are not as biased and hell bent on spreading propaganda.

    turn off your TV and never go back.

    I know I have.

  • Rand still has my full support dude 😀