Ron Paul: Hard to Divvy Up Loot When There’s None Left

  • Dave

    Ron Paul should have been our next president and may have been were it not for the blatant vote fraud committed by the Romney Campaign and attorney Ben Ginsberg.

    If you agree that Romney should be held accountable, consider signing this petition on the White House website:

    Investigate Mitt Romney and campaign attorney Ben Ginsberg for
    vote fraud committed during the GOP primaries

    The Department of Justice should investigate and prosecute Mitt Romney and
    campaign attorney Ben Ginsberg for the blatant vote fraud they committed
    during the Republican primaries against the Ron Paul campaign. Elections in
    communist China are fairer than this year’s GOP primaries. Since Romney
    supports the NDAA, no trial is necessary so we can save taxpayer dollars by
    just locking him and his attorney up and throwing away the key.

  • That kind of budget only works when you are spending other people’s money. See Milton Friedman for the different ways to spend money. America has fallen from grace.

  • Stossel has had him on plenty of times but i agree with you regarding FOX. They cut him out of the debates in ’08 to prevent him from getting any traction. MSNBC and CNN area absolute leftist trash but FOX always gets credit for being the one network that will give time to other opinions…not so much in the case of Dr Paul.

  • Dr Paul is a great man. He stood by principles instead of worrying about legacy. In doing so, I think he secured his legacy as a truth teller and Prophet.

  • That good man was robbed by the GOP and “Main Stain Media”. The fix was in from Iowa strait through to the convention. What a shame.

  • We don’t see it much anymore.
    It’s what we like to call… CONSISTENCY.

  • Sure now they give him proper coverage.

  • it seems like no one is going to believe anything until the disasters really happen.

  • Even if a person visits us from the future and informs us of truths, problems, and resolutions, still nothing will happen until the people believe it first.

  • I just got served a buttload of truth! but i was already all full so it keeps spilling out!

  • i love how the media and majority of the population wrote him off as nut job but truth of the matter is he cares and loves this country and isn’t a fart in the wind. People are going to look back years from now and realize how bad we messed up on our one and only chance for true change. I didn’t vote for either candidate because i made a promise to myself if he wasn’t going up against nobama then i was voting. Polls also showed a far less turnout this year then last year. God bless you Ron Paul!


  • Many people have learned the truth.

  • When I worked in the California public university system, this was how they did it. They build in expected increases to the budget – usually in the form increased salaries – (non)merit raises and cost of living adjustments. Only in times of recession did they look at cutting anything. I guess that’s how the state differs from the fed, lol. But it was always assumed they would spend more money with each successive year.

  • Stossel’s MUSTACHE OF TRUTH will educate us all! He is a wise man. You should listen well son.

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    Thank you for posting the program on GMO’s. I shared it with a few people I know who are working on this in our state. Europe has been ahead in terms of banning mercury fillings, and how they deal with people’s health. I unplugged from conventional medicine many years ago.

    • French Canadian


      Yes so did I. I don’t take any pills at all. I only take minerals and vitamins supplements. And I also eat organic and drink water with no flouride in it.

      By the way, did you see my “reply” on the another thread about Petraeus?

  • but how’s that been any helpful in the last 30 years?

  • nohegelianeconomics

    It will be most useful to see the pattern of laws in response to crisis and other economic events, what type of laws, where, the results of them, etc.

    Because I think this snap picture over time and events will provide useful data for economic policy and for reforms. No?

    Maybe some of these laws will show contradictions or not needed, so that the politicians will learn that there is no need to write a useless or damaging law to get a promotion or keep the job. If things are ok they don’t need to justify their seat with overcrowding of unneccesary that makes them to screw up even more what they should be paying attention to. There’s too much information every where and that is part of the problem, I think, kind off like deceiving, distractionr, misapplication of talents and energy that is causing more than solving poblems.

    That is part of what I mean by social evolution in the correct direction.

  • nohegelianeconomics

    I believe that one of the most productive use of internet and techno habits of this era will be the application to analysis and undrestanding of what economy is and its constructive role in society.

    So I think a campaign of economic literacy for the masses is needed as the prevention for more of the same economic pathology or sindrome (phony stock and market behaviors, adjustments to prices and money supply according to some kind of mystic event, safety net with invisble but well defines holes, hidden taxes in every node of the economic mesh, etc).

    Maybe a virtual discussion table and data gathering and analysis of a group of diverse people that truly represent the spectrum of people. Something simple and in laypeople’s language. Like a big picture of what the economy is, using actual numbers already known and public, and applying the known concepts of economy but relative to population number.

    I think is important to bring down the current myths of overpopulation, hegelian methods to develop new sectors of fake productivity, and to optimize the sector of investments which to me means more mid term yield rather than a quick and risky gambling of somebody else’s savings (by law or volunteer).

    Prevention Dr Paul, prevention is important here too.

  • sounds like Paul has a cold

  • I love you Ron Paul true Christian values right there!