Ron Paul: Hard to Divvy Up Loot When There’s None Left

  • if god was really running the show their would have been alot of power hungry people struck by lightning by now. its unfortunate that god gets as much done in the world as Ron Paul in th usa when it comes down to changing the power structure only because Gods power lays else where


  • i guess the loot should be taken from the ones that have fleesed the country.
    love you RonPaul you are the Jesus of congress

  • love Ron Paul. we need more leader like him. all around the world

  • I love Ron Paul, but this country is so far gone that nothing short of God could save us now.

  • that’s what they told you..

  • robin

    French Canadian, Forgot that I watched that Alex Jones show with the two men who made the doc. A Nobel Lie, but somehow did not watch the entire program and missed her interview. My husband told me the premier of her movie came out in July and it appears was buried. Will have to try and find it somewhere..I want to see it…

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    Yes, I did read that article, but still believe there’s more to this story. As far as Mossad, they are very active in our country, but the coalition that is orchestrated all these changes is waiting until we are ready. The goal is to have Jews and Muslims wipe each other out and make people so disgusted with the main religions that they will turn to a new world religion.

    • French Canadian


      Not sure of that. Israel will never be wiped out. Neither will the Arab countries. I think they are only trying to distract us from the coming financial collapse. Nothing like a World wWar to blind us all and to get us together our governments.

      As for the World religion they have already started it , but it sort of backfired on them. Their new religion “Save The Earth”… not too many people believe in it anymore…lol. We all see behind this Global Warming scam.

      • French Canadian

        Sorry, I meant:
        ” Not sure that Israel will EVER be wiped out.”

  • Shows your intelligence.

  • Holy shit, that was refreshing……..

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul — Secession Is an American Principle!

    It is not a question of IF, but WHEN, a State will secede!
    And the first viable State to secede will garner the most benefits (with the next States getting a bit less).

    The benefits of Secession are:

    1) The First State (that has a balanced budget) — let us say it’s Texas — will attract all freedom loving Americans. We will move lock-stock-and-barrel in the Millions to Texas in order to escape the impending Doom that is the Welfare-and-Military Tyranny that’s now known as the Washing DC Federal Government.
    Meaning, Texas, will have an influx of Liberty minded people, the REAL Americans, that are the producers, and not the takers.

    2) All GUN-TOTING Federal Agencies will cease to exist in Texas (and that will apply to all other States that eventually secede, equally)!

    No more of these PERNICIOUS Creations of a Government that IS NOW Against the People (and not For the People and Of the People, as our Original Constitution decreed)!

    The alphabet soup of these Federal Agencies was created not to protect us, We The People, but to belittle us, to condition us to obedience, to take away our rights and our individual sovereignty over body soul and private property, to rob us of our income, to give us Promissory Paper Notes and beguile us that that is real money, to tax just about anything and all that we earn or purchase, to take money away even when we are dead (picking a dead man’s pockets Tax), to pay tax on our private property that we own and have developed and improved, to force people without children to pay School Tax, to tell us that to travel is not a right but a “privilege” (drivers license “laws”), to tag us like cattle with a Number (SSN), to intrude so far into our private lives and homes as to tell us how much water we can use to flush down our poop in our toilets, to invade our sanctity as sovereign and free individuals to perpetrate invasive bodily searches at airports, to…and the sad list of our subjugation by GUN TOTING FEDERAL AGENTS goes on, and on, and on….

    Any State that secedes will be rid IMMEDIATELY of ALL these anti-American PERNICIOUS Federal Organizations!

    Here is MSN latest report:

    The Texas petition says the United States is suffering from economic troubles stemming from the federal government’s failure to reform spending. It also complains of alleged rights abuses committed by agencies like the Transportation Security Administration.

    “Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union,” it said.

    Spread this 4 minute video like WILDFIRE!

  • Nothing Ron Paul could have done would have fixed this country.

  • French Canadian


    I gave you a reply below on your previous c omment… and also a link to Julia Davis last interview on Alex Jones.

    Did you read this article?

    David Petraeus ordered lover Paula Broadwell to stop emailing Jill Kelley

    Apparently, Paula was asking Jill to back up of her man. So I believe these emails were sent out of jealousy.

    The Mossad is surely powerful in your country, but not as much as you think. If they would be that much powerful, Obama would have not win the election.

    • robin

      Thank You…I’m going to listen to them now…

  • He would have made a damn fine president…damn fine

  • the State = violence

    the State = theft

    the State = institutionalized evil

    the State must not be allowed to exist, and a volunteerist society and economy is the only method that can decommission the murderous beast that is the state. So it can stay the lifeless husk of a barbarous relic that it is gathering dust and passing scorn in the halls of “the unfortunate follies of man” in the natural history museum.

  • “It’s hard to divvy up loot when there’s none left to divvy up.” -Ron Paul
    Such a simply reasonable quote!

  • Damn and Dam have two different and distinct meanings, learn them. As for your comment about Ron, you are spot on.

  • *damn

  • So many problems in the usa, I’m happy I live in the best country in the world canada 🙂

  • robin

    Hi French Canadian,
    We have been talking a lot about Petraeus and the bigger connections. First, it is still possible that Paula Broadwell is a Mossad agent no matter what her father says. Not sure on this one…Next, do you remember Julia Davis former Homeland Security Agent who blew the whistle on a huge national security breach in 2005 and was told to shut up. When she didn’t, they stormed her house and had helicopters and surveillance on her. Her father had a heart condition and it killed him. That day her neighbor decided to video record it but when he noticed they saw him, he ran inside and continued recording. His wife was some kind of an actress and apparently he was a screenplay writer. After this incident, she no longer got any good parts in film. Well, the turn of events on this incident makes you raise your eyebrows. 4 people linked with this all die shortly after. The wife who brought this up died of mold, although at first they said drugs. Then the husband who made the videotape died of mold from their house and there were several others. Julia was given this tape for protection and why she is still alive=may have had something else as well-want to learn more about this story. She has made a documentary called Terror Within which is coming out if it hasn’t already. My husband said Alex Jones had her on his program. Now the link to the Petraeus story is Julia was neighbors with Jill Kelly the women who said she received threatening letters from Broadwell. The plot thickens-both these women could be working for the same people????So, we believe if Paula is not a Mossad agent this couple is Mossad and wining and dining the top brass to get information and make connections.

    • French Canadian


      I remember Julia Davis very well, because she looked so young and was really cute. She is a frequent guest on Alex Jones and the last time she was on the show was in July 2012.

      Here is the interview where she talks about all that. You will be please to find out that the Show is not hosted by Alex Jones…lol… but by: Holland Vandennieuwenhof and Chris Emery who produced and wrote the blockbuster documentary A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995

      The interview starts at: 1:30:56 and is short.
      But start listening at the beginning of the show for the first 5 minutes where they present themselves… than switch to the interview.

      The Alex Jones Show 2012-07-27 Friday – Andrew Griffin – Stephanie Sledge – Julia Davis

    • French Canadian


      You can also listen to the rest of the show where the two guests presented a Ben Swann video.

  • Thank you Ron Paul for all that you have done, you will be missed.