Ron Paul: Price Fixing is Anti-Market and Anti-Freedom


Jeffrey Chiesa: New Jersey has a tough price-gouging law, and we have it so that we ensure that profiteers will not take unfair advantage of people at their most vulnerable times: those who have been displaced from their homes due to a major disaster, those who have limited resources, and those who desperately seek out fuel, shelter, and the basic necessities for them and their families.

News Anchor: After a distinguished career in Congress, spanning more than 30 years, Ron Paul has decided to hang up his legislative spurs and return to Texas. But, as you might have expected, the feisty Dr. Paul is not going quietly, and the Congressman joins us right now from the Russell Rotunda in Washington. Congressman, we’re delighted to have you with us, I want to talk about price-gouging and gas prices and things I know you have on your mind in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Before I do, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you about the scandal being called ‘Benghazi Gate’ by many. Do you think, first of all, that there really is a scandal there, or do you think that this will sort itself out?

Ron Paul: Well, it may sort itself out, but I think the real scandal is how we get ourselves involved in messes like this and how we get our people in danger spots. Here, we first helped some people who didn’t like their dictator, and we get permission from NATO to go in there and bomb their country and put somebody in charge. And then it looks like they might well have turned against our people and killed our ambassador. And I think we get ourselves into these messes that we shouldn’t.

News Anchor: Are you disappointed in General Petraeus?

Ron Paul: I’m more disappointed in our policies that allow us to get into these predicaments, and people die over it, that’s what bothers me the most.

News Anchor: President Obama is visiting New York on Friday, touring the damage from Hurricane Sandy. One of the things all the elected officials were very keen on, was the exploitation of the victims by the businesses or unscrupulous hustlers. You had an interesting take, though, on price-gouging when it comes to the gasoline prices, something that virtually everyone considers abhorrent. But you had a different take, what is your take on price-gouging?

Ron Paul: My first gripe is that it’s automatically granted as gouging. Well, under certain circumstances, prices go up, and prices go up for certain reasons. To prevent prices from going up, that’s called price fixing, and this has been around for about 2000 years, it was known in the Roman Empire. And one thing that happens if you don’t allow prices to go up and send out the information to increase the supply, is you get shortages, and when you get shortages, you get rationing. And look at what happened? It makes no sense at all, it’s so anti-market and anti-freedom, and it ruins things and delays the inevitable, and that’s why we’re still struggling to solve the problem of shortages. The market works, and the most important time to have a market, is in periods of crisis and when there are shortages, and then the market will adjust for it. But, people, out of emotion, say, “Oh, you can’t have it, he’s charging too much, he’s gouging people”. No, he’s trying to alleviate the problems, and if the prices go up, all of a sudden, supply is increased automatically.

News Anchor: Even if it’s $10/gallon or $20/gallon?

Ron Paul: Sure, the higher they go, the faster they come in, but it would only be for a day, because people would have the supplies go up. But once you freeze it below the market, the shortages expand and the problems are not solved. But, no, the market will dictate who’s going to pay $20/gallon. And if people are going to pay $20/gallon, somebody is going to come in and somebody is going to automatically have a truck full of cans of gasoline and they’re going to sell them, and all of a sudden prices would go down. But it would only take about 24 or 48 hours to have the supply increased, as long as you get the government out of the way and allow the trucks to move.

News Anchor: So, is that why you’re leaving: the inability of Congress to solve our problems?

Ron Paul: Oh, no, that isn’t it. I think they’ve had enough of me up here in Congress.

News Anchor: At least we’ll still have your son to kick around.

Ron Paul: Yea, there you go. But treat him nicely.

News Anchor: Is he going to run for President?

Ron Paul: Oh, I don’t know, I never had that discussion with him, but time will tell.

News Anchor: Alright, so nice to talk to, Congressman Ron Paul, always engaging, always so thoughtful, I appreciate it.

Ron Paul: Thank you very much.

News Anchor: We certainly wish him well in his retirement, that’s it for us tonight.

  • Ron Paul also admitted we have past the point of no return (economically). That is probably why he is retiring. Are we now in the preparation phase? I think we are looking at death by 1000 paper cuts (A slow bleed out collapse).


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  • God bless you Dr. Paul

  • I just think Ron may Think that the joke about them “Kicking around his Son” is not worth getting into and that Rand Paul Running for President is something that needs to come from Rand Paul, Not another Person, even if that person is your father.

    If he did, it would be putting words in his Son’s Mouth that Rand Paul never said and create unnecessary attention from those who want to make there own fails assumptions and rumors and spread them as fact for there own agenda or pleasure.

  • So, now that Ron Paul Is Retiring from Congress, he Has Promised to Give His Movements such as the Liberty Movement his FULL attention.
    He Has Promised to Continue fighting, only this time,he is attacking this problems from a familiar but different angle
    He is taking this fight to the People full time now, to educate Them and spread his message
    He is smart enough to know that that unless the People wake up and take action,the problems we face, big part of our problem is government, will continue

  • Ron Paul Admits to being the guy on congress that has shouted the true and having very few people listen to him, thus he also admits with his position in congress, getting very little done.

    he is old, time is short and his attempts in congress have proven ineffective,

    Ron Paul admits his goal was always to educate people and spread his messages of liberty and the likes.

  • “The problem is not “the strength” of “the dollar”, because the present dollar is not only a facade, it is a process which can only multiply debt to collapse. It is not that the dollar is “weak;” it is that the dollar *inherently* weakens itself, as ever more of every dollar is inherently dedicated to servicing an ever greater sum of debt, versus sustaining the commerce which must pay for that debt”

  • Woahh… I apparently missed the part about Ron Paul RETIRING. Thats probably the most depressing news I’ve ever heard in my life. If Ron Paul is no longer seated in congress.. we literally have NOONE left in congress that can help salvage our liberties. Does anyone know if there is anyone else like Ron Paul in politics? Is Ron Paul now going to croak from old age and America is going to collapse? With the retirement of him… congresses last bit of morals seem to have left the building.

  • Thats a very “thoughtful” point! =P

    But seriously, you are right. I honestly think that public figures are taught certain secrets of communication. Like NLP for one. NLP is a very covert way of communicating with people. You can diminish credibility without being obvious, almost by accident. You can steal peoples credibility and again, make it look like an accident. You can shift frames, paradigms, mind states… NLP is one of the strongest forms of communication to master.

  • Obviously, most people watching this video are fans of Dr. Paul, and while we never cease to be amazed at Dr. Paul’s brilliance and his ability to answer tough questions posited by the pundits, you gotta tip your hat to the anti-“brilliance” of Geraldo and his ilke.. Notice they never acknowledge the accuracy of Dr. Paul’s answers. Even when he makes an ironclad case that they can’t refute, they will simply say something like, “you’re always ‘engaging’ or ‘thoughful'”. Never “Gee, you’re right”.

  • Obviously, most people watching this video are fans of Dr. Paul, and while we never cease to be amazed at Dr. Paul’s brilliance and his ability to answer tough questions posited by the pundits, you gotta tip your hat to the anti-“brilliance” of Geraldo and his ilke.. Notice they never acknowledge the accuracy of Dr. Paul’s answers. Even when he makes an ironclad case that they can’t refute, they will simply say something like, “you’re always ‘engaging’ or ‘thoughful'”. Never “Gee, you’re right”.

  • I honestly didn’t notice that. That’s surely interesting, but i don’t think that they disagree on a lot when it comes to policy. I really don’t understand why Ron sorta evades the Rand questions…

  • Any time an anchor asks a question about Rand, Ron always gives this short answer where he doesn’t know. And Ron hasn’t affirmed any of Rand’s politics that I’m aware of either. It’s strange.

  • That’s funny…Congress has had enough of Dr. Paul, but we’ve had more than enough of congress.

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  • That’s not true at all, Free markets work just fine. The argument would be that a central bank can prevent economic faults, such as the one were in now, better than the free market can.

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  • why is fox always messing with the audio feed when paul is speaking.

  • not all fox is bad, if you look around you’ll find (literally) 2-3 good hosts, but most are terrible :\