Secession: Are We Free to Go?

Is all the recent talk of secession mere sour grapes over the election, or perhaps something deeper?   Currently there are active petitions in support of secession for all 50 states, with Texas taking the lead in number of signatures.  Texas has well over the number of signatures needed to generate a response from the administration, and while I wouldn’t hold my breath on Texas actually seceding, I believe these petitions raise a lot of worthwhile questions about the nature of our union.

Is it treasonous to want to secede from the United States?  Many think the question of secession was settled by our Civil War.  On the contrary; the principles of self-governance and voluntary association are at the core of our founding.  Clearly Thomas Jefferson believed secession was proper, albeit as a last resort. Writing to William Giles in 1825, he concluded that states:

“should separate from our companions only when the sole alternatives left, are the dissolution of our Union with them, or submission to a government without limitation of powers.”

Keep in mind that the first and third paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence expressly contemplate the dissolution of a political union when the underlying government becomes tyrannical.

Do we have a “government without limitation of powers” yet?  The Federal government kept the Union together through violence and force in the Civil War, but did might really make right?

Secession is a deeply American principle.  This country was born through secession.  Some felt it was treasonous to secede from England, but those “traitors” became our country’s greatest patriots.

There is nothing treasonous or unpatriotic about wanting a federal government that is more responsive to the people it represents.  That is what our Revolutionary War was all about and today our own federal government is vastly overstepping its constitutional bounds with no signs of reform.  In fact, the recent election only further entrenched the status quo.  If the possibility of secession is completely off the table there is nothing to stop the federal government from continuing to encroach on our liberties and no recourse for those who are sick and tired of it.

Consider the ballot measures that passed in Colorado and Washington state regarding marijuana laws.  The people in those states have clearly indicated that they are ready to try something different where drug policy is concerned, yet they will still face a tremendous threat from the federal government.  In California, the Feds have been arresting peaceful medical marijuana users and raiding dispensaries that state and local governments have sanctioned. This shouldn’t happen in a free country.

It remains to be seen what will happen in states that are refusing to comply with the deeply unpopular mandates of Obamacare by not setting up healthcare exchanges.  It appears the Federal government will not respect those decisions either.

In a free country, governments derive their power from the consent of the governed. When the people have very clearly withdrawn their consent for a law, the discussion should be over.  If the Feds refuse to accept that and continue to run roughshod over the people, at what point do we acknowledge that that is not freedom anymore?  At what point should the people dissolve the political bands which have connected them with an increasingly tyrannical and oppressive federal government?  And if people or states are not free to leave the United States as a last resort, can they really think of themselves as free?

If a people cannot secede from an oppressive government, they cannot truly be considered free.


  • yes we have failed so far, but it’s not too late to succeed.

  • I like Ron Paul but states wanting to secede? Don’t agree with. Besides, this same thing happened when 2nd Bush was re-elected. The blue states wanted to leave the United States.


  • that would really suck but if it does happen then we would be just like China. The Chinese government acted the same way during 1989 when the students wanted liberty in Beijing, they brought in troops from different providence when the local troops refused orders from their officers.
    I guess I am still in denial that this great country I once I gave my oath to protect from foreign or domestic threats has been hijacked by corrupt politicians and goldman sachs.

  • Thank god for men like Ron Paul who still believe in individual liberty.

  • That’s why they deploy the American soldiers to foreign soil, keep them in the dark as to what’s happening here and deploy UN soldiers on our soil. They won’t have a single problem dropping every American they see who puts up any fight at all.

    They’ve got this all figured out and to not see it means you’re thinking wishful thoughts. Time to embrace reality bro.

  • I do not think any state will secede from USA but I doubt if one did the Federal government would just blow them up. How many of our soldiers have family living in different states? How many of our troops would be willing to pull the trigger on their loved ones? As a veteran I have faith in our troops to rather put down their guns than to fire on their brothers. If the Feds really do commit such acts then it proves to the world that USA is just like China, a tyrant in disguise.

  • Ron Paul is a True Patriot! God Bless him.

  • wow, you really need to think things through before you start typing. You are comparing skin color as if that is the end all be all. Black or any colored skin are more dominate trait than the white skin, so any combination between a white person and a non-white person the dominate gene will show more but not gone. When black and white mix they get a brown baby, the baby is not “black”. In the future we will all disappear, we will all eventually be beige. Live with it.

  • “They are for the most part only affecting terrorists, and there are only a hand full of stories that say otherwise”…. lol they ARE the terrorist! Name one case where the NDAA and patriot act ACTUALLY affected a REAL terrorist. There are none…

  • Ron paul telling it like it is

  • or being euthanized. isn’t that what happens when your tyrannical, commit secretive war crimes and have a plan to put us all in camp FEMA… ” ohh but that’s only for emergency and natural disasters.” we can seed a hurricane and make it stronger and then steer it…. using everything we have available. and by we i mean our Fed Gov.
    imprisoned sounds good too tho.. with daily mandatory ass rapes

  • No, but I do not believe this is as big of an issue as everyone is making it out to be. I am well aware of how things like the patriot act, and NDAA hinder our liberty. However, they can only theoretically do these injustices. They are for the most part only affecting terrorists, and there are only a hand full of stories that say otherwise. Let us not forget that we still live in America. Things don’t suck THAT bad here. What we should be doing is fighting for reform. This is childish.

  • Unfortunately secession may be the only answer. Decentralization is the only way to guarentee representation, like city-states.

  • how the hell are so many people onto the governments bullshit, still we elect a professional bullshitter to lead it?!?!?

    the dumb vote is a potent fuckin vote man! been beating us every fuckin time!


  • Jail is too good for them, hemp rope is the solution.

  • down with the fed!

  • considering Teddy made unconstitutional deals with the Japanese and the Koreans, and we acted extra-constitutionally for at least the 20’th century… we’re probably more adherent now to the constitution than we’ve been for 150 years… don’t just make stuff up!

  • tyrannical?!

  • oh yeah, this is what I want to hear!

  • fail